Diary of a Low Volume Grinder Part-9 $48.00 Needed for $100K Badge

By: willmccoy
Published: Sep 22nd, 2014
Not much time to actually blog about my OPS Series ATM. But really looking forward to reaching $100K in tracked cashes tonight. For the entire 7 years I've been a member here, I never really actually thought I'd ever get it. I mean when I registered here pre-black Friday, Poker was just something to pass the time. I was still very much into other things at the time as well. Obviously the part I am most proud of is the fact 75% of my cashes were post black Friday. And imo says alot more about my game imo with the much smaller prize pools.
Who's to say though if PokerStars was here maybe I'd be on my way to 200K instead. But at the end of the day. Tonight when I log on will be a very special moment for me. I've worked very hard to reach this goal. And just as I fought to win my first MTT here, Now comes another goal on my Pokerz to do list. I'm probably somewhat fishy to others, and hey that's a good thing, because I'll keep busting your ass and you can keep telling me I'm a fish. And once I hit that $250K, $500K and one Millirion Mark....... Then What?
Special Thanks to one guy who made it all possible. Showed me it was more to life than, selling drugs and being in the streets. And that would be STEVE LEWIS AKA............. ArzCardzfan who I admired way back in the big PLB days. Where he held his own vs. Gigabet and others in one of the biggest and most publicized PLB comps here on Pocketfives. Steve was very inspirational and a motivational asset at the time. I was fresh out of Texas (TDC) in 1997 and met him through a friend R. I. P Bill Shifferdecker who died recently too young and I've worked and played, as well as loved poker ever since.
But without a doubt and without question!!!!!!!!!!! I owe this entire blog to the man himself. The guy who took me under his wing. The person who has and continues to transform my game! Also one of the best guys you will, and I have ever met in my life!!!!!

4to1dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for everything! Until I met you I was never able to buy anything I felt was worthwhile from poker! God was nice enough to allow me to donk $25,000 on Stars and $11k there at one time. But that was about it!




    1. Nice shit bruh! Congrats u earned that badboy! Good Luck on dem feltz
    2. Congrats man, you got that 100k tonight. Keep on trucking away.
    3. lot of hard work and you get a shiny badge for it... :) keep it up and that milly badge just around the corner
    4. hey man keep it up wish the best of luck you got dis....ill be on my way soon need more volume to get there and still building roll should be able to hit bigger scores once i get to 1k....but im doin ok considering i got on mtts like a month and half ago....thank you also for insight and inspiration brah =OP
    5. Congrats on the badge Will! Huge accomplishment! Thanks for sharing this story. I think most us poker degens have interesting stories of how we got into this game, I'm glad to hear some of yours! KEEP ON KILLING bro!
    6. Oh yeah can't forget about Wubanga who's still my friend to this day. Cmoney3 and Utterczar whom I have no idea where these two are at now. But Money was the first guy ever to help me with mtts. And Czar as well. And Jason Roberts from Pokerstars,who is also still a friend today and from back home. Just incase you read this so I don't have to hear about it LoL.
    7. congrats sir, you get that 100k badge tonight and many more badges i'm sure, the hardest working guy in the game that i know of.

      as all ways best of luck in the game and life :)

      good luck team421dogs
    8. congrats Big Willy
    9. Great post, hope you get that 100k badge tonight man!! Keep working hard!!
    10. good read.. keep giving back to the community.. makes it easy to root for ya
    11. Great story you have in creating a better life and being appreciative for those who helped. Nice to see your hard work is paying off! Early congrats for reaching the 100k Badge on P5s, always enjoy playing with you at the tables and reading your blogs over time.
    13. Hey Big Will, i've known your for awhile now and i'm a better player because of it. Your work ethic is one of your strongest personal traits. I can only begin to stress how much you deserve to reach all of your poker dreams. One thing i have to say is replace bitches with fishes in this song!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etMpCz8eql8
    14. seen u at the tables on merge, nice story yo, glad u made it out of the rough life. Keep up the good work and gratz on the badge!
    15. Motivation and goals are a huge part of life and success in poker. Badges are a fun accomplishment to have but more importantly is money management and increasing your roi. Focus on edges and fixing leaks and many badges will come.
    16. Goods stuff bro. Can't wait to see your 1 milly badge :)
    17. Thanks to everyone and the 100K badge and the "Bink" to go wiT it! Work will be great tommorow for a change. I am blessed to have a good job, but I love poker so much more! But gotta grind on both ends. Really appreciate the knowledge that's being dropped in here. Only the best to all the friends I've made here at Pocketfives. Now hopefully it's not another 7 years to reach 250k "wink"
    18. 100k!!!...congrats my dude!! So happy and proud of you bro. Now on to $250k! #TeamDog
    19. Good Job Will
      Originally Posted by ATL29

      Good Job Will

      Your next Pete!
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