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Welcome to the PocketFives Coaching Directory! Our goal with this directory is to provide coaches with a high-visibility spot to promote their services while also providing potential students with a great starting point to make their decision when choosing a poker coach. This is NOT an unbiased review area so please always do your research on any coach as you would without a directory such as this. PocketFives does not employ coaches in the directory nor do we screen coaches for poker skill or teaching ability as such screening is highly subjective. We encourage you to look around, test out coaches and find one that meets your needs.

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Username Rec Types Hourly Rate Games Raises Contact
mstark87 mstark87 (Coach Profile)
Ranked: 849th
0 MTT $100 NLHE 0 mstark87
rtinnion rtinnion (Coach Profile) 0 MTT $750 NLHE, Other 0 rtinnion
Greenstone25 Greenstone25 (Coach Profile)
Ranked: 37th
1 MTT $150 NLHE 0 Greenstone25
Rihard4a Rihard4a (Coach Profile) 2 MTT $50 NLHE 0 Rihard4a
jbrown8777 jbrown8777 (Coach Profile) 0 MTT $225 to $250 NLHE 0 jbrown8777
SSSMforlife SSSMforlife (Coach Profile) 0 MTT $80 NLHE 0 SSSMforlife
MindSlaver MindSlaver (Coach Profile)
Ranked: 167th
29 MTT, SNG $150 to $200 NLHE 0 MindSlaver
WALMARTcnxn WALMARTcnxn (Coach Profile)
Ranked: 774th
0 MTT $45 NLHE 0 WALMARTcnxn
theginger45 theginger45 (Coach Profile) 0 SNG, MTT $50 to $75 NLHE 0 theginger45
killingbird killingbird (Coach Profile) 0 MTT $50 NLHE 0 killingbird
khanrava khanrava (Coach Profile) 1 MTT $60 to $80 NLHE 0 khanrava
22anygood 22anygood (Coach Profile) 18 MTT $35 NLHE 0 22anygood
elliot10181 elliot10181 (Coach Profile) 1 Cash, SNG, MTT, Other $225 to $300 NLHE, PLO, LHE, Omaha 8/b, Razz, HA, Stud, Triple Draw, Mixed Games, Other, Stud 8/b 0 elliot10181
sniper sniper (Coach Profile) 0 SNG, MTT $33 to $40 NLHE 0 sniper
fooz fooz (Coach Profile) 0 Cash $33 to $125 NLHE 0 fooz
DrewPeacoq8 DrewPeacoq8 (Coach Profile) 48 MTT $40 to $60 NLHE 0 DrewPeacoq8
24caliber 24caliber (Coach Profile) 2 SNG, MTT $185 NLHE 0 24caliber
untaktik untaktik (Coach Profile)
Ranked: 106th
2 Cash, MTT, SNG $80 NLHE, Other 0 untaktik
dadams588 dadams588 (Coach Profile) 9 MTT $75 NLHE 0 dadams588
itssuited aaaaaaaa (Coach Profile) 2 MTT $110 to $140 NLHE 0 aaaaaaaa
betgo betgo (Coach Profile) 0 SNG, MTT $50 to $60 NLHE, PLO, LHE, Omaha 8/b, Razz, Mixed Games 0 betgo
BestPokerCoach BestPokerCoach (Coach Profile) 0 Cash, SNG, MTT $500 NLHE 0 BestPokerCoach
YourDoom YourDoom (Coach Profile) 0 Cash $550 NLHE 0 YourDoom
jaxtraw jaxtraw (Coach Profile) 0 SNG $50 to $200 SNG, HU, MTT, Cash 0 jaxtraw
bfizz11 bfizz11 (Coach Profile)
Ranked: 817th
1 SNG, MTT $100 to $150 NLHE 0 bfizz11
shanetrain22 shanetrain22 (Coach Profile) 34 Cash, MTT $100 to $150 NLHE, PLO 0 shanetrain22
Gags30 Gags30 (Coach Profile)
Ranked: 142nd
18 MTT, SNG $250 NLHE 0 Gags30
Assassinato Assassinato (Coach Profile) 60 MTT $180 to $210 NLHE 0 Assassinato
the_dean22 the_dean22 (Coach Profile) 6 MTT $75 NLHE 0 the_dean22