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Hi all,

As promised here is my updated coaching profile. I have spent a lot of time and effort preparing it and am really excited about having this opportunity to share it with you.

I've worked with many other poker coaches, professionals and my current/previous students to build a package that I believe will provide the best value, service and results for you.


Coaching Package:

The package I am offering is a clear and simple breakdown of all the fundamental knowledge and skills required to consistently make money playing poker online.

It details how to get ahead of the game and how to stay ahead of the game so that you able to keep improving your results after we have completed our work together.

If you are any of the following then this package is aimed at you:

Beginners or losing players who want to fast track their Poker learning process.
Part time regular players (e.g. have a 9-5 and play poker in the evenings) looking to make a decent second income from Poker and/or become full time poker players in the future.
Regulars who are struggling to get decent or consistent pay cheques from Poker.

If you are fed up with: min cashes, relying on showdowns or cards deep in tournaments, making more deposits than withdrawals, feeling like you are doing the same as all the other regulars or being unable to build your bankroll and climb the stakes, then this package is for you.

We will have 6x (+1) One to One 90 minute sessions using screen sharing software and audio over a 6 week or 3 week period (1 or 2 sessions per week). All of the sessions are recorded and emailed afterwards for your playback.

What you will learn:

Poker Strategy and how to continually improve your poker strategy
Mental Game and how to continually improve your mental game, and
How to manage your poker as a business

Your first course assignment will be to send me information about situation and your poker.

The more information you send, the better I can tailor the course uniquely for you. Please also be aware that you will be set homework between each session.

You are making a big investment: get the most out of it by applying yourself. The more effort you put in, the more value the package will be to you.

Following are the topics for the 6 sessions. There are a lot more options for sessions and they may be modified after receiving the above information, however these are the topics I believe will provide the most value and have the biggest impact on your results without knowing your specific details.

How to manage your Poker like a Professional (Bankroll Management, Game selection, Preparation)
Review of recent tournament history hand for hand
How to get the most out of Poker Software Part 1 (PTR/HEM2 Filters and HUD)
How to get the most out of Poker Software Part 2 (ICMIZER and Flopzilla)
Live Sweat Session
How to improve and continually improve your Mental game (Goal Setting, Playing your A game, Controlling your emotions)

You will need ICMIZER and Flopzilla, they are very cheap and can be purchased from:


We will spend the first 30 minutes of each session reviewing marked hands from your database to continually improve your poker strategy and introduce you to the process (apart from the live sweat sessions where you are playing). The remaining hour of each session will be focused on the session topic.

If you do not know how to mark up hands or want to learn more about the subject then please see my article on the topic at PokerWinners.com:


Once you purchase the package I will send you a simple template spreadsheet I created for documenting your progress, mental game and bankroll with example entries which will discuss in the first session, and a copy of all the presentation material.

You will be required to update the spreadsheet after every day you play and we will review it together in sessions, it only takes 5 or 10 minutes to update.

The package is limited to 5 players maximum at any time and is sold on a first come-first serve. The cost is $1600.

$1600 probably sounds like a big investment to you, but if you are serious about your poker and want to make serious withdrawals from it in the future, then the amount of value this package will add to your Poker will pay for itself and more.

If you do not believe me then check out my recent references and the changes to the players shark scope results that they have posted.

After your last of the six sessions, we will organise a date for a final session. This will be around 1 month after the last session and is included in the package.

In this final session we will review your progress, the information you have been recording, how you want to continue forward and any other relevant information to your game. After this final session I will also ask you to provide feedback on the 2+2 forum, including images of your results. This is optional but would be appreciated by myself and other players considering coaching in the future.

If you are interested in booking, then please follow this process:

Send Payment: Preferred method is via Skrill or Paypal to Stephenfburt@gmail.com If you require an alternative method then please email me.
Download Software: You will need HEM2/PTR, Flopzilla, ICMIZER, Mikogo or Teamviewer and Skype
Email Me Details: My email is stephenfburt@gmail.com, please provide details of your poker history and situation and if you would like a 3 week or 6 week course (1 session a week or 2 sessions per week) so that we can organise dates


Hourly Coaching:

I also provide an hourly rate for coaching services, however the availability of these are subject to the amount of packages sold.

The hourly sessions are aimed at:

Players looking to sharpen up their strategy at the tables
Players looking to locate and improve weak areas of their game that they are not aware of
Players looking for specific poker coaching on any of the named topics above
Players that want to try out a session before booking a package

My rate is $185/h. If you are interested in booking, then please follow this process:

Send payment: Preferred method is via Skrill or Paypal to Stephenfburt@gmail.com If you require an alternative method then please email me
Download Software: You will need HEM2/PTR, Mikogo or Teamviewer and Skype. ICMIZER and Flopzilla are recommended but not required.
Book a Time Slot: Use this link to book a time slot that suits you http://meetme.so/stephenburt
Email Me: My email is stephenfburt@gmail.com, please provide a recent tournament from your HEM2/PTR so that I can prepare for the session and ensure it is focused on what I believe will add the most value to you, or details of any particular topic you would like to discuss


About me:

Experience in Poker/Coaching:

I have over 5 years experience playing and studying poker full time, with 500k in online cashes.
This includes 3 years experience as a sponsored player, 2 years experience as a coach working for various staking companies and private clients, and 6 months experience as the strategy/coach lead for Pokerstaking (now Pokerwinners.com).

The above includes:

Creating literature on hand histories
In-depth HEM/PTR stats analysis reports
1 to 1 player sessions and player development
Writing poker articles
Creating poker strategy videos
Conducting webinar teaching sessions
Coaching for over a 100 players
Managing teams of coaches and staked players

For Pokerwinners I write strategy articles, featured interviews and guest host their free webinars every fortnight, you can find details of these here:

(change “Author” to “Stephen”, the page will update)

(check out a free webinar this Monday)

Online Stats:


For my current students and staking houses, I will provide the same deals we have until 1st January 2014, however my hours will be limited. Please contact me at stephenfburt@gmail.com to discuss in more detail.

I also provide a discount of 10% for any player or backing house that has done at least 10 hours of sessions with me or completed a package.

For references or to provide a reference, please go to my 2+2 poker forum advertisement:


Thanks and I look forward to working with you,

Steve (24Caliber)


Player Recommendations

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Chick57 Chick57
Join Date: Aug 15th, 2013
Rec Posted On: Nov 8th, 2013
Steve Burt is an excellent poker coach and a great guy as well. He will go above and beyond to help you in any way he can, stays in communication between sessions and is a great 6max coach as well.

He means what he says in that he loves poker and is good at it, but he has great people skills that make him a good coach.

No matter what level you are at in Poker (and mine's pretty low!) he can help. DO NOT hesitate to contact him.
AllorNuffink AllorNuffink
Join Date: Jun 29th, 2012
Rec Posted On: Jul 30th, 2013
Just wanted to say that when I met Steve I was a losing player, and I have no doubt that my transition to a consistant winning player is in large part down to him. He has an excellent understanding of the game and will be able to spot leaks in your game straight away. His experience with Pokerstaking will make this an easy transition to coaching and certainly looks like great value.

Steve is a really friendly and relaxed guy but he is extremely honest and straightforward with his feedback, he won't sugarcoat it!

All in all a great guy and an excellent poker player, highly recommended.