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As far as I know, there is no one on Earth who has watched as many tournament hand histories as I have. I have 350+ private students currently and am getting new ones each day. I have worked with hundreds of other MTTers. I am the top consultant online for backing houses. Top ten Pocketfivers, WSOP Main Event stars, and numerous Triple Crown winners have come out of my coaching services.

I do not just watch your hand history, show you some flashy plays you could have made, and call it a day. I grew tired of saying the same things every lesson, so I wrote articles and Powerpoints to help illustrate my points. I provide these learning materials free of charge, introduce them to you, and answer any follow-up questions you have in your next lesson. This way, for every one hour you speak to me, you are actually getting several hours of instruction. My students are improving rapidly through this process.

Recently two of my students won Triple Crowns. One made over $200,000+ in a week. Both said it wouldn't have been possible without my training.

In my studies of tournament Hold'em I have made conclusions that are very different from common MTT wisdom you would learn at a training site. However, no one in my vast network of students and colleagues has been able to dispute my claims. I will share these findings with you privately, but I ask you do your best to keep them private.

The theoretical and mathematical knowledge of the game allows me to solve any hand you can bring to me. For this reason many top players and beginners alike bring their hand histories to me to receive my analysis.

Others, who want a more classroom style lesson, enlist my help for lectures. I have verbal lectures available for mindset training that two of the top MTT stables in the world have used for all of their hundreds of players. I have Powerpoints designed to teach you how to blind steal more effectively than anyone in the game, threebet correctly, and bluff like the best players. I also have lectures prepared on checkraising and raising continuation bets that are extremely powerful in the right person's hands.

You can also know that my strategy works in the field. If my teaching style was not profitable the best players in the game would not come to me. I'd also have 350+ people writing me angry emails about all the money they've lost. Instead, I get emails every day about the money they are winning.

I also have done very well on my own with my methods. I am a large lifetime winner in SNGs, MTTs, and cash games. I have final tabled an EPT, WCOOP, FTOPs, $5,000 live events, and every Sunday major at least once. I also have a WCOOP win in my resume. The way I handle myself in pressure situations has garnered me praise from players such as Faraz Jaka and Jason Mercier. The experience I bring to the table from these live finishes distinguishes me from many of the working coaches there are today.

Finally, I am the most requested MTT coach working today is because of my price. I charge $180 an hour maximum so any serious player at any level can receive my tutelage. I genuinely enjoy coaching, and I price my lessons so that I can be coaching as much as possible. My colleagues have told me I am a fool to not make them at least $300 an hour, but I am in this business for the long run.

I love to teach. I do not do this once in a while. This is my regular job. I pride myself at being the best money can buy. I take your personal development personally. You will feel like it was the best money you ever spend on your game, I promise.

Students of mine also receive full access to my personal writing, lectures, and articles. Just reading through all of them will be akin to receiving 20 hours of private coaching.

Package deals are no longer available, but after three lessons have been purchased the price is reduced from $210.00 per hour to $180.00

Backing stables can contact me about planning to do a number of lessons for a price lower than these mentioned.

All lesson requests and inquiries should be emailed to .

Alexander Fitzgerald


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Mariner94 Mariner94
Join Date: Jun 5th, 2015
Rec Posted On: Mar 29th, 2017
I started working with Alex in May 2016 and have except studied all his weminars also had 3 private coaching sessions so far. The webinars and the coaching has had an huge impact on my game, and as a resultat I had the best year of poker so far during 2016. I'm no more than a micro/low stakes player but I really do believe that it's possible to reach the top with many hours of studying and playing. One of many Alex's strengths as a coach is that he doesn't only teach you what the correct play is, but also HOW to think and shows you how to figure out the correct play and breaks down advanced concepts and makes them understandable.
nick9645 nick9645
Join Date: Apr 26th, 2016
Rec Posted On: Nov 18th, 2016
I just had my coaching session with Alex, and I must say it was so much more than I expected. His passion for the game shows when explains the finer details of the game. Alex was able pinpoint my leaks, explain why they were leaks, and steps to take fix them. Also, worked with me on some study tips.
I could not ask for more, I highly recommend Alex as a Coach..
flplopes flplopes
Join Date: Jan 17th, 2013
Rec Posted On: Jul 4th, 2016
I just had my first session with Alex last month, i was hoping he could help me improve my game, and i have to say he didn't disappoint me. Sometimes its hard for a poker player to know what is the area he needs to focus on. In just one session Alex went through my database, saw where i needed to improve the most and provided video material to help me do that. He also gave me homework to complete in regards to the area i need to improve on, so i was very happy i got my money's worth.I am looking forward to my next session with him.

Rihard4a Rihard4a
Join Date: Jan 5th, 2013
Rec Posted On: Jul 4th, 2016
I have had finally my first coaching from Alex, therefore have decided to leave some feedback.

To start off, I have almost every webinar produced by Alex, and they have helped me quite a lot. I felt for a while that I was doing good, however I could not generate the wins I wanted. So I decided to book a lesson with Alex to see where am I struggling, because I had no clue. Alex was also surprised that I was not making the money I wanted when he looked at my stats and he was worried because it is usually harder to find problems when somebody is having 11bb/100 winrate. :D But it did not take too long for him to find what was the problem with my game. After setting few filters in HM2 we found 2 major leaks that were causing the problems for me. We went through some hands, I got my lesson and advice which has helped a great deal for me.

After the coaching, I was able to final table 5 MTTs in a single day because I have plugged my leaks. My winrate also considerably improved. Here is a graph for this month in big blinds:

All in all, I am very happy that I booked the coaching with Alex, because now I know how to make things happen. And if I find some struggles again that I cannot resolve, I will be reaching out to him again. Definitely recommend to anyone looking to take their game to a whole new level!
SweepZter SweepZter
Join Date: Jul 29th, 2015
Rec Posted On: Oct 29th, 2015
I had great coaching from Alex. He exposed my leaks in a very clear way. Thanks to him I can work on this and improve my game. He also provided a lot of video material about my leaks. Thanks to this I can turn these leaks into strenghts. It was really worth the investment!
Domchief Domchief
Join Date: May 11th, 2012
Rec Posted On: Aug 31st, 2015
great coach clear precise and easy to understand and wil easy cover the topics and understands the problems WE ALL have in this great game of poker CANNOT RECCOMEND HIGHLY ENOUGH
pokerbp pokerbp
Join Date: Apr 30th, 2015
Rec Posted On: Jun 24th, 2015
I had a recent lesson with Alex. I've had many lessons from many top tournament coaches. I was impressed with how much content he fit into one lesson. He provided a lot of supplemental information for me to study after my lesson as well. He communicates his thoughts very clearly and he is constantly studying the game, so I think it would be hard for you to find a more knowledgeable MTT coach.
Qw3Rtzui0p Qw3Rtzui0p
Join Date: May 4th, 2012
Rec Posted On: Apr 1st, 2015
Simply the best! Alex gives you much more than just a knowledge.. For sure the best poker investion.
01100111 01100111
Join Date: Nov 1st, 2012
Rec Posted On: Nov 11th, 2014
Obv one of the best poker minds,ever.Didn't have the fortitude of being coached by Alex,but the videos I've seen and compared to a whole bunch of other stand out as groundbreaking aha ones.If you want to play HUD based online poker,Alex's coaching will get you to the top.Gabe here.
playa_uk playa_uk
Join Date: May 29th, 2008
Rec Posted On: Sep 23rd, 2014
I have just purchased Alex’s videos series and watched his wcoop sessions which were all great. Alex’s approach is very good for grinders who are not making final tables or deep runs very often. I have taken some concepts into consideration and looking to take my game to the next level. From the videos you can clearly see the thinking process of every single play from Alex’s mind set. I am now more confident in making certain moves in tournament plays which are now backed up with meaningful thought process which Alex shows through his excellent commentary. I am only going to improve going forward, thanks for the great training videos Alex. Hopefully I can blog in the future with some big final table cashes. Will keep P5’s posted!
winner247 winner247
Join Date: Oct 13th, 2010
Rec Posted On: Sep 6th, 2014
Alex has been instrumental in helping me understand the game at a higher level. I am using the strategies I learnt from him and I am seeing tremendous progress in my game. I will recommend Alex to everyone that is serious about taking their game to the next level.
Chizzle Chizzle
Join Date: Jul 8th, 2014
Rec Posted On: Sep 6th, 2014
I've been back playing poker for 2 months now (I live in the States :()... I was doing "okay" but decided I was ready to take it to the next level... or better yet put in the work and time, and look into finding a coach to help me take that step... After looking through articles and watching training videos I settled on contacting Alex.. Prior to this.. and when I was just doing "okay".. my realistic expectations for tourneys were min cashing or a little better if I got lucky... and of course I wasn't even doing that the majority of the time..

Ive only had two lessons from Alex.. and I really shouldn't be saying only as two lessons from him will explode your brain (in a good way) with the amount of information packed into it... and it's not like he just starts the Skype call and begins lecturing like a professor not concerned with whether you absorb it or take notes... but he really explains it... engages you with questions and situations to show the logic behind it...

Since the first lesson alone... my expectations and confidence has grown immensely... with the studying.. review.. and work in general.. the information logic and ideas given to me by Alex.... I have went from min cashing semi-regularly... to going 3 days without a final table being very rare...

This semi-success drives me to take it as far as I possibly can.. and fuels my desire to work harder... play better... and swing harder the next time I'm at bat... it's a wonderful cycle of the work fueling the desire to see the results and the results fueling the desire to work harder... Alex has shown me the road on which I need to burn this fuel to get to that next level..

Without his insight encouragement and genuine really-try-to-teach-you attitude... I would still be on the poker "treadmill".. feeling like (and making myself believe) I was putting in work.. but really just making the same basic motions one foot in front of the other... just stuck in the same place no matter how long I ran...
Ned_bg Ned_bg
Join Date: Nov 15th, 2012
Rec Posted On: Aug 6th, 2014
On 8th April 2014 I won big 22 and I decide to take coach because I wasn't happy how often I make final tables. I contact with Alex and I have my first lesson on 24th April, my second one on 29th April and my third one on May 26th(I still have lessons to take, I just wanted to show what happened after just 3 lessons). I asked a lot of questions and listened carefully. Alex had a lot of material to show and he explains everything very clear. Outside of the tables I tried to do something but I wasn't that serious.
On July I decided to review all lessons, to take notes of them, to review my game, to improve my game plan based on Alex's lessons and "Pessagno webinar" and..... just check my p5's account what happened - July and June. There is also missing second place on Mansoon (just missed triple crown) because p5's can not follow that my account.
I realize that it is combined variance, my experience and so many other things but without Alex it was likely that I could not win even 2 of these. He improves my understanding of short stack game and also value of aggression whenever I have big stack.
The only reason why I am writing this now is because I respect Alex and it is good for his work. It is not good idea all the players to take lessons from him because then I have to look for new strategies again.
KingKong0815 KingKong0815
Join Date: Sep 22nd, 2008
Rec Posted On: Jan 28th, 2014
I had my first Lesson with Alex 4 weeks ago. Since then I had 4 final tables and many other deeps runs. He totally turned my MTT play upside down. He is by far the BEST coach out there. He is a pretty nice guy who really cares about his students. He had to cancel our lesson twice and therefore added 30min for free to our 1 hour lesson. Alex is a very classy and nice guy. If you wanna learn how to crush MTTs, go a get a lesson with Alex. Will def. get more lessons - pays off BIG TIME.
Cinarocket Cinarocket
Join Date: Jan 4th, 2011
Rec Posted On: Jan 28th, 2014
I, along with my pocarr elite crew, have been so pleased with Alex's services, simply the best thing i ever spent money on
RxBandits RxBandits
Join Date: Jan 28th, 2007
Rec Posted On: Jan 6th, 2014
The entertainment value of his rants alone are worth the price of admission! Alex is a very friendly, patient, and personable coach. I took a break from the game for a long time and I felt I received a ton of value from just one session. He gave me the resources I needed to succeed in today's online game as well as guidance on what to study outside of coaching sessions.
AcePheres AcePheres
Join Date: Sep 29th, 2012
Rec Posted On: Nov 30th, 2013
I deff recommend Alex´s coach. Every webinar, video, article, word this guy says about poker have influented a lot in my game. I was in a bad period of my life, but reading his articles has helped me a lot to gain confidence again. After that I have realized many achievements in my life. I had the privilege to have him as a coach in Pocarr, and Im very grateful. His didactic and dynamic is a great differential, besides of his knowledge, experience, expertise and solid thought. Im suspicious to speak here, cause Im a big fan of his work above all.
chrismoll chrismoll
Join Date: Nov 11th, 2013
Rec Posted On: Nov 18th, 2013
Just had my first lesson with Alex and was worth every penny and then some! (even with some extra time thrown in due to limited funds!) Plenty of concepts explained until I understood them and in plenty of different ways to help me. LOADS of follow up material to back up concepts and ideas, which I love and just a pleasure to learn from. Highly recommended and will no doubt transform your game, whatever level.
PedSukata PedSukata
Join Date: Dec 13th, 2012
Rec Posted On: Nov 18th, 2013
After having my first lesson with Alex i must say that the way i saw and read this game has changed dramatically! The vast knowledge of all poker concepts from Alex is outstanding! Thank you so much for all your lesson! And to the rest of the poker community...If you really want a man that can boost all of your game and put you on the top than book Alex lessons! Just to give my example, i had the lesson on the end of October...till that date i never ever made a FT on PokerStars...had already won on another poker sites but nothing really big...since the beggining of November and after my lesson already did 2 FT on Pokerstars! With hard work everything is achievable! Can't wait to book the next session!
myanalbeads myanalbeads
Join Date: Mar 21st, 2011
Rec Posted On: Oct 26th, 2013
Alex actually make you want to learn, and just makes you want to grind. Definitely recommend him to anyone that wants to improve their poker game and have fun doing it. Learnt things that would have taken me years in a couple of lesson. A++ already looking forward tot he next lesson.
dngai85 dngai85
Join Date: Oct 16th, 2013
Rec Posted On: Oct 16th, 2013
After one lesson with Alex, my mind is blown! Alex has changed the way I view poker (allowing me to understand the logic behind what I once thought were crazy super aggressive plays), while keeping a friendly and supportive atmosphere during our lesson. He answers any and all questions; his answers are worded in simple and concise terms that anyone can understand! He is very encouraging, especially when you tell Alex your goals in poker, which is GREAT! You finish the lesson feeling like he has armed you with tons of great tools to go out and conquer poker. I am beyond thrilled to be learning from such a great coach! :)
jokacross jokacross
Join Date: Jan 6th, 2012
Rec Posted On: Oct 16th, 2013
Dont even think if you want have coaching! What you learn in a hour, for your self you would need a year! 999% recommended!thanks a lot Alex!
pabs506 pabs506
Join Date: Jan 29th, 2013
Rec Posted On: Sep 28th, 2013
I had one session with Alex and it was a really good experience, He is very good at getting a point across to you. Really good interaction and you can feel his passion for wanting to make you a better player and delivering what you paid for. He takes the time to get to know about you and your background in order to better understand your needs. Im looking forward to many more sessions...
Mechanic14 Mechanic14
Join Date: Jul 13th, 2007
Rec Posted On: Aug 21st, 2013
If you are looking to add a MTT coach you need to at least do 1 session with Alex. IMO you will have not have to look further after that. Not only does he have a wealth of experience to help you improve your game he is a about a solid of a person as they come who really wants you to get the most out of your sessions.The value he brings to you will help your MTT game 10 fold and help you maximize your edge on the felt. Serious poker is a journey and having Alex in your corner will help you get there. -Pete M aka "The Mechanic"
24caliber 24caliber
Join Date: Sep 23rd, 2011
Rec Posted On: Jun 2nd, 2013
I had a session with Assassinat0 and it was really good, although tight for time so make sure you have everything prepared and that you get the most out of it! Some really good points that opened my eyes to spots in poker that I did not realise before. I am already a very successful full time poker player for 3+ years (and do coaching myself) - but still got loads of value out of it! Highly recommended. Friendly guy also :)
pokerpiper pokerpiper
Join Date: Jan 10th, 2012
Rec Posted On: Feb 18th, 2013
They say "you can't teach an Old dog new tricks". BS. Yes You Can! :-)
mrlennyman mrlennyman
Join Date: Jan 24th, 2011
Rec Posted On: Jan 26th, 2013
Great session with Alex today. Explains simple and advanced concepts hand by hand. His experience as a coach means that he can identify your level quickly and really give you something think about. I learnt 4 concepts which I will put into practice over the next few weeks. I have been moderately successful at low stakes MTT's but I know that with his help and knowledge that I will push on and consistently find edges I never knew were there. Look at it this way - to gain the insights of someone who can teach you how to win at poker is priceless. You wont be disappointed, no matter what your standard is already
luckierno7 luckierno7
Join Date: Dec 17th, 2009
Rec Posted On: Dec 29th, 2012
He s a lot of fun to talk pkr 2, he s got all kinds of resources and he s gonna give u reasons and prove u anything he says; truly a professional and a ppl s person, it shows he s very experienced as a coach, u re def gonna be happy with your investment
And i also love his articles.
ChipsFool ChipsFool
Join Date: Jan 8th, 2012
Rec Posted On: Dec 5th, 2012
Had several lessons with Alex now and would thoroughly recommend him to anyone. I feel my game has improved a lot in the short space of time I have been coached by him. I am seeing spots I never previously looked for and am accumulating chips far more frequently in MTTs.

Apart from improving your game,he seems like a top lad , his lessons are very enjoyable and he's very easy to talk too, so there will never be a dull moment or awkward silence during your lesson.
andyafc andyafc
Join Date: Oct 2nd, 2012
Rec Posted On: Dec 5th, 2012
Alex is by far the best coach I have had so far. I think the main thing that seperates him from other coaches is that he is so student orientated, he will give you homework and tests to make sure you are taking everything in and getting your moneys worth, def a bargain at $150/ph.
Sessesseko Sessesseko
Join Date: May 8th, 2012
Rec Posted On: Nov 26th, 2012
I searched a lot around and decided to get coaching from Alex, first because of all the positive commentaries, and second because of his human qualities, as I could perceive them from writings and other info. I was not disappointed, Alex is a great guy, an exceptional player and an outstanding coach. Just on the first two sessions alone, we worked on several technical flaws of my game and also on the mental approach to poker. I am on the teaching and consulting business in another field of knowledge and I think I can recognize excellence. I found it with Alex.
mitchymitch3 mitchymitch3
Join Date: Mar 24th, 2011
Rec Posted On: Nov 24th, 2012
Alex knows poker well enough that he can even subtly make huge changes to your game without even knowing it. I would recommend trying him out.
UlDuffer UlDuffer
Join Date: May 15th, 2009
Rec Posted On: Nov 24th, 2012
Alex is the best mtt coach money can buy. At 150/hr it is ridiculous value for money. The best thing about his coaching is how enthusiastic he is in his lessons because he just plain loves poker and coaching it and will go over time np if he has to to hammer down a concept.

Besides all that he's a great guy and lessons are super fun as well as professional.
heatfan03 heatfan03
Join Date: Jan 20th, 2008
Rec Posted On: Nov 23rd, 2012
Have only had 1.5 hours of the initial 11 hour package I bought from Assassinato and I have already got 4 final tables and 2 5k+ scores , one in the big $162 and 30r 2 of the toughest fields around. it is worth every penny if you want to get to the next level. 11 lessons has paid for itself in just a few sessions ! theres no point looking elsewhere you won't find better !
tarzan4 tarzan4
Join Date: Apr 5th, 2010
Rec Posted On: Nov 3rd, 2012
I started getting coaching from Alex around September of 2010. He's helped me immensely since we started. He's a great coach and an even better person. Getting Alex is one of the best things I could of done. His insight into so many different aspects of this game and life is invaluable. I highly recommend to all players.
Join Date: Jun 10th, 2012
Rec Posted On: Nov 3rd, 2012
Although, I've had only 2 lessons with Alex, I can say with no doubt that I have improved my game a lot in a very short time period. He's super experienced poker player and coach, Alex knows how to be productive while coaching you, knows what he wants to see from you and cares about your improvement.

I consider myself being lazy, but I've never had so much fun learning anything in my life and looking forward to get next lesson with him. I think I haven't enjoyed poker as much as I do now.

Be polite to him, ask questions, don't be late for scheduled lessons, TAKE NOTES! There is no way you can be wrong picking Alex as a coach! He might scream to you when tired, but that's the best part :D
Blanquiazul15 Blanquiazul15
Join Date: Oct 21st, 2011
Rec Posted On: Oct 31st, 2012
I've been working with Alex for some months already and definitely feel my game has improved a lot since then. He's a great poker mind and just knows how to explain things. I strongly recommend him as a coach because you will definitely improve a lot as a player with him + gain a good friend. Just be ready if you get him on facebook cause he's gonna spam your news feed like crazy!!!
mcfc1234 mcfc1234
Join Date: Mar 8th, 2011
Rec Posted On: Oct 29th, 2012
Just had my first coaching session with Alex. It was a real eye opener for me, we talked about things I had known of in the past but never really thought about in depth. He explained why and how these things are important and how to adjust to different spots vs different players. His explanations are clear and in depth and he set me many assignments before next session, which even though will be hard work, is something I look forward to and it's extra motivation for me to work on my game and volume. I will be booking many more sessions in the future for sure.
Fish_club Fish_club
Join Date: Feb 20th, 2011
Rec Posted On: Oct 27th, 2012
I had only one lesson so far but I can already tell that working with Alex will be best poker experience in my 5 years poker career. I had already heard much good things about his coaching quality and aproach but I wanted to make sure myself and there is to much of a good things to write down that I experienced in just one lesson. Attitude was just great I felt like he really wants his students to succeed. After our first session I feel that my overall view of poker and MTT's have changed and I see clear perspective what to work on. I have no doubt that good things will happen soon.
ftorres1980 ftorres1980
Join Date: Sep 23rd, 2012
Rec Posted On: Oct 27th, 2012
Had my first lesson today from Alex, and even though it is just the first lesson he impressed me. He showed me a few things that were so obvious too me that it wasn't and with the math behind it. I expect to learn way more from him. Not only pokerwise but he is a nice guy as well.
J_Sunshine J_Sunshine
Join Date: Dec 27th, 2010
Rec Posted On: Oct 26th, 2012
i could write a lot here, but i will try it make short. Already after 1st lesson i understood that Alex is really great coach, who cares about students and their performance. Attitude how he learn u stuff is awesome and of course thing he teaches u is so so helpful and very very good. I can say that hes best coach ever!! worth ur time and money 200%!!
thejberg thejberg
Join Date: Oct 12th, 2011
Rec Posted On: Oct 25th, 2012
Alex and I had a session today and it was extremely informative and helpful. His ability to break down and analyze hands is truly remarkable. Alex was an outstanding help in both my cash game and tournament play and I highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about improving their game.
Naza114 Naza114
Join Date: Oct 19th, 2010
Rec Posted On: Oct 24th, 2012
Be sure that nobody will ever carry your ass to sucess. No matter how good of a coach they are. But if there´s one that can give a hell of a push, that´s Alex. He was, by far, the best and most significant Coach I ever had. Plus, he has a sexy voice.
gdevil23 gdevil23
Join Date: Aug 6th, 2012
Rec Posted On: Oct 24th, 2012
Great session today,he helped a lot to analize my game and how to make the best decission in every hand. Its the first time after a coaching lessons that i feel that i can get better in a lot of stuff in my game, looking forward for the next sessions.
DrewPeacoq8 DrewPeacoq8
Join Date: Feb 4th, 2011
Rec Posted On: Oct 24th, 2012
That's my dude! Not only is his knowledge of tournament poker great, but he's completely focused on his students and their growth. I can't say enough about how enjoyable coaching is with him.
donkthorne04 donkthorne04
Join Date: May 7th, 2008
Rec Posted On: Oct 23rd, 2012
Alex is a fantastic coach who's accommodating and brutally honest without being mean-spirited. He's great at figuring out your leaks while giving your actual ways to improve upon them without just informing you. His analytical style is great for MTT'ing and poker in general. He's also remained extremely affordable while cranking out numerous extremely talented poker players over the last few years. Can't recommend him enough.
Burnsey Burnsey
Join Date: Apr 18th, 2009
Rec Posted On: Oct 23rd, 2012
Alex is a brilliant person to learn from, as a coach he strives to ensure his students get maximum value from their sessions with him and he takes genuine pride in helping to elevate your game
ELcamaleon ELcamaleon
Join Date: Apr 2nd, 2009
Rec Posted On: Oct 20th, 2012
Ive been learning tons with your suggestions. I really enjoy your coaching!! keep it up!
arkly arkly
Join Date: Feb 20th, 2012
Rec Posted On: Oct 19th, 2012
Alex is such an incredible coach and person outside of poker as well. In 5 lessons I have had with Alex, I learnd a lot of A+ strategic concepts which helped me a lot. Another great and uncommon thing is that he teaches you not only pure concepts, but also a ways how to analyze hands and situations by yourself.

Strategy is cool, but a lot of people struggle with mindset and even though most part is strategic talk, Alex very well knows when to input some mindset thoughts which sometimes are as much or even more important than strategic concepts.

If you're looking for one of the best coaching experiences out there, you should try Alex! It's certainly gonna be a great investment in your poker career!
Join Date: Jun 10th, 2012
Rec Posted On: Oct 17th, 2012
Alex has an incredibly smart poker mind, excellent teaching/explaining skills and he's just an enjoyable person to talk to. In a short period of time he has helped me to considerably improve my game and also taught me how to study and analyse certain spots in the game on my own.
danloulou danloulou
Join Date: Dec 7th, 2007
Rec Posted On: Oct 17th, 2012
Just dropping in to say my investment in Alex's tuition has started paying serious dividends. I just waded through a monster field in the inaugural UKIPT Online event as a direct result of new strategy I've learned, to make the live final table. Also just got 4th in the big162 on stars. On a slight heater yes but no way I'd be going this deep without my newfound knowledge. Over'n'out, Dan
rakis6 rakis6
Join Date: Jul 14th, 2010
Rec Posted On: Oct 17th, 2012
Alex has moved my game to the next level. His poker mind opens things to you that will definitely improve your MTT game. I can't thank him enough for helping me achieve some great scores.
galianza galianza
Join Date: Jul 12th, 2011
Rec Posted On: Oct 8th, 2012
I have taken alot of lessons from Alex and I strongly recommend him. I feel my game has improved alot in many different ways since then. His knowledge of the game is pretty deep and i still have alot to learn. Alex thanks for always do your best at teaching. gl
danloulou danloulou
Join Date: Dec 7th, 2007
Rec Posted On: Oct 3rd, 2012
I just had a 2 hour lesson with Alex and was blown away to discover the details im missing in mtt poker. He conveys his message in an easily understandable manner. I look forward to practising what ive learned and also the next lesson we have.
Assassinato Assassinato
Join Date: Sep 27th, 2006
Rec Posted On: May 28th, 2012
Thank you for this tweet. Surf the rungood...
eric messier ‏@messier_eric
@TheAssassinato 3 final tables + 1win this week...thx for you really changed my play for the best...#assassinatoisthebestcoach
Join Date: Apr 3rd, 2007
Rec Posted On: May 17th, 2012
(Here's a letter Alex received from one of his current students. - JW)

Jamie Wilby May 7, 2012... Alex just wanted to say thx for the lesson again

I learnt a couple of things that really helped; but the one that stuck with me was 'dont budge' stick with ur game plan and be patient.

I have turned all those FT i was making into wins. 3 small wins on stars france just afer our lesson.

Then last night i won a 10k garauntee on stars for $2k and then chopped pokerfeast #46 on party for $6k 3 handed.

Ur lesson really helped in the party, i was chip leader from 100 left until 11. Got a beat for tons of chips and then some guy starts abusing his position on me.

I didnt budge or get impatient, I ground him down! And would have shipped all the gold if i ran better 3 handed :)

Thx again man and gl with ur endeavours
herbstreet24 herbstreet24
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Last year I had the opportunity to attend a poker camp taught by Alex "assassinato" in Jacksonville. All I can say is that I just feel extremely lucky to have met such an incredible person. Alex is extremely smart, genuine, and an exceptionally gifted poker player and teacher. He plays on a level that I can't even fathom, but still manages to explain very complex concepts in a way that I can understand. Since the camp Alex has continued to keep in touch with me to follow my progress and give me support, just because he genuinely cares. Its really hard to put words the type of strength that gives me as a player through the ups and downs of this game. To anyone that is truly ready to put the focus and work neccesary to take your game to the next level, working with Alex is the best decision you will ever make.
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Alex has a great mind and is one of the truly deep thinkers in the game. I have found his passion for poker and for life truly infectious. His is not a formulaic approach. Instead it is a whirlwind ride that will challenge even your most ingrained assumptions about situations and opportunities at every turn.

Alex made a video for me while I had a long stay in hospital last year and then I met and spent time with him at a poker camp. He helped me transition from being a break even player to having a triple digit ROI in the space of a couple of months. I have a huge admiration for him as a person and as a coach.
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In my opinion Assassinato is truly one of the top players in the online game today. He's been a tremendous help to me in developing my game. I've been coaching 4+ years and there is definitly no one better at teaching 3bet and 4bet situations out there. He's also one of the best writers on poker strategy out there. He's bluff magazine column is second to none.
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The list of things I learned from Alex is too long to fit in here. His knowledge of tournament poker is amazing, 101% recommended.