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Assassinato's PocketFives Coaching Profile

About Assassinato

  • Join Date:
    P5's Coach Since:
    Location: Costa Rica
  • Hourly Rate:
    $180 to $210
  • Coaching Method(s):
    Phone,Skype(or similar),Hand History Review,Email,Instant Message,TeamViewer(or similar),Group Sessions,Other
  • Game Type(s):
  • Favorite Site(s):
    PokerStars,Full Tilt Poker
  • Table Size(s):
    Six Max,Full Ring
  • Buyin Level(s):
  • Structure(s):

Message From Assassinato

As far as I know, there is no one on Earth who has watched as many tournament hand histories as I have. I have 350+ private students currently and am getting new ones each day. I have worked with hundreds of other MTTers. I am the top consultant online for backing houses. Top ten Pocketfivers, WSOP Main Event stars, and numerous Triple Crown winners have come out of my coaching services.

I do not just watch your hand history, show you some flashy plays you could have made, and call it a day. I grew tired of saying the same things every lesson, so I wrote articles and Powerpoints to help illustrate my points. I provide these learning materials free of charge, introduce them to you, and answer any follow-up questions you have in your next lesson. This way, for every one hour you speak to me, you are actually getting several hours of instruction. My students are improving rapidly through this process.

Recently two of my students won Triple Crowns. One made over $200,000+ in a week. Both said it wouldn't have been possible without my training.


In my studies of tournament Hold'em I have made conclusions that are very different from common MTT wisdom you would learn at a training site. However, no one in my vast network of students and colleagues has been able to dispute my claims. I will share these findings with you privately, but I ask you do your best to keep them private.

The theoretical and mathematical knowledge of the game allows me to solve any hand you can bring to me. For this reason many top players and beginners alike bring their hand histories to me to receive my analysis.

Others, who want a more classroom style lesson, enlist my help for lectures. I have verbal lectures available for mindset training that two of the top MTT stables in the world have used for all of their hundreds of players. I have Powerpoints designed to teach you how to blind steal more effectively than anyone in the game, threebet correctly, and bluff like the best players. I also have lectures prepared on checkraising and raising continuation bets that are extremely powerful in the right person's hands.

You can also know that my strategy works in the field. If my teaching style was not profitable the best players in the game would not come to me. I'd also have 350+ people writing me angry emails about all the money they've lost. Instead, I get emails every day about the money they are winning.

I also have done very well on my own with my methods. I am a large lifetime winner in SNGs, MTTs, and cash games. I have final tabled an EPT, WCOOP, FTOPs, $5,000 live events, and every Sunday major at least once. I also have a WCOOP win in my resume. The way I handle myself in pressure situations has garnered me praise from players such as Faraz Jaka and Jason Mercier. The experience I bring to the table from these live finishes distinguishes me from many of the working coaches there are today.

Finally, I am the most requested MTT coach working today is because of my price. I charge $180 an hour maximum so any serious player at any level can receive my tutelage. I genuinely enjoy coaching, and I price my lessons so that I can be coaching as much as possible. My colleagues have told me I am a fool to not make them at least $300 an hour, but I am in this business for the long run.

I love to teach. I do not do this once in a while. This is my regular job. I pride myself at being the best money can buy. I take your personal development personally. You will feel like it was the best money you ever spend on your game, I promise.

Students of mine also receive full access to my personal writing, lectures, and articles. Just reading through all of them will be akin to receiving 20 hours of private coaching.

Package deals are no longer available, but after three lessons have been purchased the price is reduced from $210.00 per hour to $180.00

Backing stables can contact me about planning to do a number of lessons for a price lower than these mentioned.

All lesson requests and inquiries should be emailed to Assassinatocoaching@gmail.com .

Alexander Fitzgerald

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