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Hi, I´m Gordon, the leading professional online poker coach.

If you are looking to improve your poker game and get real results (like making $$$ consistently), then i am the #1 guy to go to.

As you can see, humility is not my biggest strenght, but unlike others, i have delivered results like no other coach out there.

At the best coaches in each field of poker have come together to offer high quality coaching.

We offer elite poker courses on MTT's and SNGs and of course on Cash Games.

Check it out at<br />

Poker Career:

I've struggled a lot, have been breakeven at NL50 for 100k hands. I was frustrated and decided to learn it the real way. A couple months later, i've started crushing Heads Up, and become one of the best HU players in the world.
I'm also one of the few people worldwide who have a positive winrate in both the Small Blind and Big Blind. For graphs etc , pls visit or email me.

But what's most important, i am actually able to teach to others what i have done myself. Many students who are probably doing worse than you right now crushed the 6max and HU games in a relatively short period of time.

The short version for personal coaching:

* Email my assistant

* I'm very busy with other things, but i love coaching. I recommend you take a look at the cutting edge courses that i've created (<br />
* Ask my assistant about the current coaching rates for 1-1 coaching. If your budget doesn't allow this, you should check out the courses. We want everyobdy to have a shot to succeed!

Feedback, Testimonials & Graphs:

* Coached over hundred students personally, and thousands through courses and videos

* Verified coach at, regularly receive feedback like "best video of my life"

* For more independent testimonials (over 100) and success stories of poker players like yourself, feel free to email me or go to my site<br />

Looking forward to working with you.

I'm thrilled to make you rich,

- Gordon


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