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Experienced coach. Coach MTTs and MTTSNGs. $550K profit on Stars according to p5. $1.3M tournament winnings on Stars with 30% ROI. Several mid 5 figure cashes, including 2nd place in $500 PLHE WCOOP event. Had 18% ROI in $16 18-man turbos on Stars before BF, probably the highest of anyone. Also 30% ROI in $12/180s on Stars in 2010-2011. Now plays on US sites and live. Video instructor for Ginder School, MoreEV, and Jaxtraw.

Use HH reviews mainly. Also, have student select hands to discuss, use sweat sessions, use PT/HM to help analyze students game and find hands to look at. Can do quantity discounts or partial coaching for profit.

Very strong at preflop play and can advise in turbos. Strong understanding of math behind poker. Style is more tricky than aggressive. Can give advice on how to counter current styles of opponents, such as small preflop and postflop bets and light reraises. Will tell you when you make bad nonstandard plays, but own approach to getting an edge is not to play as everyone else does, and incourages tricky unusual lines.


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