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Started playing in 2009, turned pro late 2010. Have a ton of experience playing on Full tilt, the merge network, and on pokerstars since turning pro.
Currently live in Canada playing 180mans on pokerstars mixing in MTTs whenever possible.
Have a solid background and am capable of covering situations that involve: preflop play, position, shortstack play, deepstack play, 3betting, 3bet pots OOP and in position, ICM, bubble play, 4betting, bet sizing and more.

You will receive one-on-one personal instruction that includes hand history reviews and I also offer live sweats of my play and vice versa. After paying for your first lesson you will be admitted to a group chat on skype where my students and students of a fellow instructor can ask questions anytime and get a response from one of us. Also, every month you pay for a lesson you will be invited to participate in a free group review session with myself and a fellow instructor.


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Morpheus Morpheus
Join Date: Jul 28th, 2011
Rec Posted On: Mar 29th, 2013
Before coaching I was a break even micro stakes player. In a two hour call he was able to point out enough of my leaks that I have one two tournaments in two days for over $1200. I've already moved up stakes.

He is a really good coach and I will for sure be taking more lessons. My user name on Stars is Morpheus7152 if you want to Sharkscope the wins.

Thanks Dan!
lisdexyc lisdexyc
Join Date: Mar 7th, 2013
Rec Posted On: Mar 8th, 2013
I've never been coached by Dan, although that isn't to say he's never taught me anything. We're friends, so any poker discussion we've had has been between two people who want to simply get better (admittedly I got way more out of the deal). However, I can say there's not a person I've learned more from than him. He doesn't expect you to play exactly like him. He doesn't expect you even to have a similar style. He's one of the few people out there who can legitimately examine almost every angle, and explain to you why it works for your particular style. He'll nudge you toward his sicko aggressive style, but in the end he knows you simply need to be comfortable with the way you play the game, and let your natural tendencies overrule his natural aggression.

His knowledge over all aspects of the game is tremendous. He's a natural at hand reading, intuition, short stack play and poker theory. He's worked his butt off to become an expert in ICM, EV math and end game theory. He's a friendly guy, but he's not afraid to let you know when he disagrees... and more importantly, precisely why he disagrees. Dan's someone who has lived through Black Friday, Merge, and everything poker has thrown our way, only to come out on top. Honestly, I think his hourly is a steal, and I'd personally be willing to guarantee you'll be happy with what you get.
Snyper101 Snyper101
Join Date: Jan 26th, 2013
Rec Posted On: Feb 28th, 2013
I have been watching training videos and posting on forums for a couple of years but ever since getting in contact with Daniel on Skype about a couple of years ago. I haven't been enlightened about the game to this level of thinking and he still blows my mind that the concepts he thinks of so quickly, on the spot, that I would never have of thought about. A poker mind like that of Jason Somerville and an impressive results resume. Highly recommended if you want to take your game up a few thousand notches.
WeLOVEtilt WeLOVEtilt
Join Date: Dec 22nd, 2011
Rec Posted On: Feb 21st, 2013
Dan has been an integral piece in my progression as a poker player and there's no question that his coaching has improved my game far beyond what i ever imagined it would be. Regardless if he's reiterating the fundamentals or diving into more complex concepts, he presents it a simple to understand format. I highly recommend Dan to any and all players looking to improve their game. Thanks Dan!
Olden Olden
Join Date: May 15th, 2011
Rec Posted On: Feb 13th, 2013
I’ve had the incredible opportunity to be coached by Dan over the last couple years. Not only is he an incredibly gifted poker player but he also understands how to build other players from any starting level. He isn’t one of those coaches who expects you to be a clone and just “do what I do”. With him you gain the knowledge required to truly understand why you should make the plays your making and how to use them correctly. His wide range of expertise and depth of insight still surprise me to this day. Combining all this with a friendly personality, engaging communication skill, and excellent track record, you can’t go wrong learning from Dan. Thank you so much for everything Dan! Your new students are one lucky group indeed.
DiamondDixie DiamondDixie
Join Date: Apr 4th, 2010
Rec Posted On: Feb 13th, 2013
I owe so much to dadams, my game wouldn't anywhere near where it is today without his ongoing help. He has a sick poker mind and knows how to explain things to make anyone understand.

If you want to take your game beyond the basics and standard ABC play then Dan is the coach for you. If he can help me improve and make me understand things he can teach anyone to be a winning player.
Max Cut Max Cut
Join Date: Oct 17th, 2011
Rec Posted On: Feb 13th, 2013
I've known Daniel for a couple years and we've reviewed tons of hands, from short-stacked to deep play. He is very well-rounded as a player and his hand reading ability and knack for identify good spots are outstanding. He has helped my post-flop game tremendously and has taught me methods for going after and winning pots that I would have otherwise given away. Finally, he is patient and very easy to talk with, important but often overlooked qualities of a good coach.
icufish icufish
Join Date: Feb 4th, 2007
Rec Posted On: Feb 12th, 2013
I have Dan review my hand histories on a regular basis. He has an amazing understanding of how to play MTT's. I would highly recommend his services if you are looking to improve your game.
Engineered2win Engineered2win
Join Date: Aug 10th, 2010
Rec Posted On: Feb 12th, 2013
If you guys want a coach that will take you to the next level talk to Dadams588! To say my understanding of the game has gotten much better after some coaching with Dan is an understatement. It has gone through the roof. Dan can teach you complex math and game theory in a format that is easy and understandable. We've covered many concepts such as: Hand reading, Folding, ICM, Fold Equity, Early Tournament play, Bubble play, Re-shoving, EV math, ITM play, Short-stacking, Studying, M-theory, Final table play, and HU play. Dan is a creative player that will teach you to consistently pressure your opponents and put them in uncomfortable spots. I don't know what more you could ask for out of a coach. You will not be disappointed and your results will surely get better fast when you sign up with Dan! Thanks Dan I appreciate everything!