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Poker is supposed to be fun!!! Get back to enjoying the game... I'll do my best to help get you there.

My prices reflect my passion and willingness to help you grow and reach new levels in poker.

Not everyone learns the same, or at the same speed, so it's my goal to find out the best approach to teaching you what I know, so it not only sticks in your mind, but it also gives you that confidence you need to crush on the tables!

Please notice below I'm offering multiple ways for you to obtain new poker knowledge and grow your game. Choose which method works best for you, and I'll be looking forward to working with you :)

>>>PERSONAL COACHING LESSONS: Concepts and Hand History reviewed via voice chat on skype/teamviwer.

Hourly coaching starts at $75/hr.

3hrs booked at once is $65/hr.

9hrs booked at once is $55/hr.

>>>WRITTEN HAND HISTORY REVIEWS: Submitted via email/skype (a great option for those who don't have time to do a 1 on 1 session, but yet want to get a detailed examination of their game).

1 Hand History = $35

2 Hand Histories = $60

3 Hand Histories = $80

(PREVIEW HERE - http://gyazo.com/7392debe9279ff4557dfa59bf57a0e0a)
>>>VIDEO HAND HISTORY REVIEWS: Another great option for those who are short on free time, and great for those who learn better view video and chat. (Usually will be 2-3 parts, can be viewed privately on youtube or via other reasonable options)

1 Hand History = $80

2 Hand Histories = $145

3 Hand Histoires = $200


All questions/HHs can be sent to BetOnDrew@gmail.com. ***You must notify me if you send a HH so I can be on the look out*** Cheers.

**FOLLOW my twitch channel to say whats up and get a feel for my coaching vibe - twitch.tv/betondrew


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eoscel eoscel
Join Date: Jan 12th, 2018
Rec Posted On: Jan 15th, 2018
I am low stack grinder who did 1 coaching session with him. After looking at couple spot he found couple hole in my betting. After working on them I went for bubbling tournament to cashing and winning them. If you looking to make the next step in your poker game try his hand review. You will not regret it I promise.
Pete Slick Pete Slick
Join Date: Nov 8th, 2017
Rec Posted On: Nov 28th, 2017
I've played poker tournaments live for the past 15 years, and I'm happy with the ROI that comes from it. I've tried online poker before, but have always been a losing player. The live reads and gut instincts that I rely on just don't work in the online world. I saw Drew's twitch stream, and enjoyed hearing him talk through his methodology of how he approached certain hands. From there, I decided that I wanted him to evaluate my play.

We've gone through two coaching sessions so far, and Drew has been able to identify various leaks within my online play. His lessons and directions have been clear and very easy to follow. Drew definitely knows the line of how to be direct or patient with me as we discuss hands. I definitely feel more confident in the way that I approach online poker now that I've gone through a few sessions with Drew. Will be a repeat customer for sure!
kauczuko kauczuko
Join Date: Sep 7th, 2016
Rec Posted On: Jan 27th, 2017
I can highly recommend John as a coach. He is very patient and can well explain each played hand on several ways. He has a very good approach to the players, and you can feel at ease with him, even when you feel you played bad or just when you feel the lack of self-confidence. There is no pressure on the contrary the lessons are very interesting and you can learn a lot from them.
Thank John for that experienc!
RDiesel RDiesel
Join Date: Dec 7th, 2016
Rec Posted On: Dec 8th, 2016
I would like to thank Drew for his time and help on doing a Hand History review with me. He pointed out some great tips for me and I have already started to see some results from it on improving my game already too. I binked two tournaments in the last week winning both 1 out of 506 and 1 out of 959 within 3 days. Makes me wish I could play more but really appreciate Drew's knowledge and ability to tell very quickly were my game was at and how to improve on my game quickly. Look forward to learning more from Drew such a great guy and great teacher. Good Vibes and ThiNkBiNk.
1dullgeek 1dullgeek
Join Date: Oct 12th, 2016
Rec Posted On: Nov 8th, 2016
After watching Drew play several times on twitch, and seeing the way he thinks about the game, I wanted to engage him for coaching to determine what leaks I had in my game. After the first session, he identified some significant issues and gave me a game plan for fixing those issues. It's early days after the coaching, but I feel a lot more confident about what I'm trying to accomplish at the table and what things I need to do differently. I have a long way to go, but I will certainly be using Drew again as a coach.
famous5ives famous5ives
Join Date: Jun 5th, 2007
Rec Posted On: Oct 26th, 2016
So far I have only did one HH review with John. I was really pleased with the amount of effort that went into the review. He was able to cover leaks just by looking at my stats, as well as pointing out specific spots where they showed up in my game. The review was laid out in good detail. I think it has already helped in the week or so since the review. I would recommend it to any one, especially given his low prices if you are new and skeptical to getting online coaching, drew is a great place to start!
samj123 samj123
Join Date: Feb 12th, 2016
Rec Posted On: Aug 29th, 2016
After reading all these glowing reviews I sent in 3 HH´s for John to review. Being a low stakes player I was worried about the getting the reports back but he is very professional yet friendly and doesn´t make you feel foolish, even if you made an idiotic play or 2 or 3!

He is well worth the money & really knows his stuff.
ponadNorme ponadNorme
Join Date: Feb 10th, 2013
Rec Posted On: Aug 20th, 2016
John is an amazing coach,
Just after first review my bad moves were pointed and I can clearly see where I need adjustments .
Almost instant responses and review full of details and stats , this is exactly what you need from your coach .
Will definitely contact him for more reviews soon .
He is dedicated a treat every single person individually and cares about the goals .
I'm so glad I did contact him and I think is the right person for mid stake tournament players.
Thanks buddy,
Mitzyy94 Mitzyy94
Join Date: Jul 8th, 2016
Rec Posted On: Jul 28th, 2016
Everything has already been said in this page. But this guy is amazing and give a very good feedback on the HH review. You should definetly hire him. You will learn alot.
wyldeyed wyldeyed
Join Date: Jan 24th, 2007
Rec Posted On: Jul 21st, 2016
I was watching Drew's Twitch stream one night. He made three final tables. This is where he has a raffle to give out a Hand History review. I was a winner on one of the final tables and sent in a HH. Drew was gentle with the critic of my play. I was very appreciative of this and it opened my eyes to some of my worst tendencies. Will be contacting Drew in the future for more coaching/help.
dobbzz dobbzz
Join Date: Jul 5th, 2016
Rec Posted On: Jul 8th, 2016
I've had John review some of my tournament play the last couple of days. Though there's nothing left to say that hasn't already been said atleast twice at this page, he deserves it again. His work is nothing short of impressive, especially if you factor in the amount of time he spends on it. I contacted him no more than two days ago, and I had my first review in my inbox this morning.

He's working faster than most other coaches I've been in touch with, yet the quality of his work goes beyond anything I've been given so far. I'm not mentioning names, but I think it's important to note that I feel more improvement and confidence in my game going forward after one review from John, than from weeks of coaching from video authors out of TPE.

If you want a coach that responds within the hour, delivers on time, does grade A quality reviews at the cheapest price I've personally encountered - contact john. There's nothing more to say.
reshoots reshoots
Join Date: Jul 4th, 2015
Rec Posted On: Jul 1st, 2016
Just finished up my second session with John. I can now say that I now see the game differently and I'm way more confident being the aggressor. He opened my eyes to all the ways I could have taken advantage of situations and all of the ways I was being exploited. He's all about thinking, thinking, thinking. Not just call here, bet here, but really figuring out what our best options (because a lot of times there's more than just one) are. I've walked away a much more patient and prepared player. John broke down my game from the things I did well to the things I need to do more of. He is acutely aware of everything that happens on a table and how you can use it to your advantage.

This was the first time I'd ever gotten formal coaching and it was far better than I ever thought it would be. I can't wait for the future. Last but not least, the guy is just extremely nice and I couldn't think of a better person to learn from.

If you're thinking about it - DO IT! It's easily the most +EV thing I've done since I began playing.

I'll for sure be back for more.
nick9645 nick9645
Join Date: Apr 26th, 2016
Rec Posted On: Apr 26th, 2016
Got 3 hours of coaching of John, and I must say, I couldn't recommend a better coach. In the 3 hours he took me from being picked apart by aggressive players to a player that counter their aggression. I still have a long, long road to becoming the player I want to be, but now i'm confident I will become that player. I would recommend john to anyone who really wants to look into their game with great detail and learn why their doing things and the best way to plug the leaks.. Thanks again John for all your help!!
Gibsnmoney1 Gibsnmoney1
Join Date: Nov 26th, 2015
Rec Posted On: Mar 25th, 2016
I heard about Drew/Johns coaching by coming across his twitch channel, after running into him many times on my own
tables. I finally put a face to his DrewPeacoq8 screen name. As with everything I always look into anything
I'm considering buying or putting money or time into. Long story short I couldn't be more happy I pulled
the trigger on lining up coaching with John. He's been nothing but amazing I love learning/working on my game and one
thing that has always seemed to slow me down is me not having good friends in poker that can help with
taking me to another level. Let alone having any close friends that are into poker like me that I can talk
poker on a more advanced level. I've had 3 sessions with John and already feel I'm having

For me its always taken a bit longer on getting things down pat. John has been so patient with everything
and made me feel comfortable right away. He's even helped majorly in other ways and
inspired me with my own life goals off the tables. His way of getting to know me as a player and a person
was great because I really feel that its a big part in having a coach that they know exactly where we are
coming from.

The sessions were very well put together by him, he managed them based off my speed and was not rushing
through it. I had lots of questions I felt and he always stopped and addressed them very well and before
moving onto the next thing it seemed he was really making sure I knew what he was explaining. At no point
did I feel he was rushing through our session. When we were getting close to the end of the sessions
he never said once- well times up. He went over on time as far as I see it. I’m really happy overall and
anxious to see how this does for me down the road and will be continuing my coaching with John.

Thank you John and keep up the great work , just an all around good guy.
hardcoreUFO hardcoreUFO
Join Date: Apr 23rd, 2013
Rec Posted On: Mar 24th, 2016
Everything has already been said in this page. This guy is amazing and underpriced. You should hire him.
Iceblocker11 Iceblocker11
Join Date: Jan 6th, 2016
Rec Posted On: Feb 21st, 2016
I contacted John in order to improve my mindgame, as well as my spin and go and mtt skills.
During our coaching sessions, he analyzed my game by recording how I play, and later he went over that with a friend. This was insanely helpful and after a couple of coaching hours my game entered a new level.

Not only did he show me why I should do that play, but he also let me explain my opinion, which was great because that gave him the information on how I think and therefore it was a lot easier to communicate and learn together.
Not only is John a great poker player, but also such a cool dude. We share a lot of characteristics which of course motivated me to focuss on our coaching sessions.

Overall I can say that he is an extremly reliable person, no doubt that he a great pokerplayer, and for anybody who wants to take their game to the next, he is person to go!
chrisp200 chrisp200
Join Date: Jul 24th, 2009
Rec Posted On: Feb 16th, 2016
When John is at your table, he is usually the guy bossing everyone around. That is why I scheduled a session with him. I couldn't be more satisfied with what I got out of my first three hours of coaching with him.

He was very well prepared for the coaching session. He laid out some things that he noticed from reviewing my hand history (some of which were very surprising to me) and then showed me situation where I could fix them during our review.

Having been diagnosed with A.D.D years ago, I have always been a very slow learner. John was very patient with me and never made me feel uncomfortable or stupid.

I got so much out of this and just wish I could continue to pick his brain. I will be getting more coaching from him in the future as I feel like I still have a lot to learn to get where I want to be. Oh yeah....and the price is absurdly low for getting a one on one with a CardRunners coach! But shhh....don't tell him that.
vinnilicious vinnilicious
Join Date: Feb 4th, 2016
Rec Posted On: Feb 5th, 2016
I scheduled a one hour coaching session with John with the intention of improving my game, finding my leaks, and thinking like a pro, but it is safe to say that I learned that and then some. Within two hours (We were so focused on the session that John was kind enough to give me more time than the hour I paid for!) my approach to the game has changed and I feel more confident in myself to make the proper adjustments to my poker game to increase my win rate. The coaching session is professionally conducted and is an overall great learning experience! I will definitely be scheduling more sessions.
queenb86 queenb86
Join Date: Sep 16th, 2013
Rec Posted On: Feb 1st, 2016
Had my first session with john the other day. He was very quick at helping me figure out where my weaknesses are in my own game, and was able to relate these weaknesses into everyday problems helping me to understand them better and more importantly how to fix them.
He really gets you thinking throughout the session, and is extremely good at explaining certain situations. I would definitely recommend John to anyone seeking coaching. :)
kingofdeuces kingofdeuces
Join Date: Jan 21st, 2016
Rec Posted On: Jan 25th, 2016
I was fortunate that John decided to give back to the poker community. During the holidays he had people nominate poker players that wanted to get to the next level.. From these nominations he chose a lucky handful for free coaching. He knows it takes some help to get to the next level.
I feel like I have learned a lot and re-fined some things that needed a second look. He gave ideas on how to exploit different players in common and uncommon spots. He also provided examples on how to defend against exploits and offered alternative lines and cool spots that were +EV. John has given me the confidence to grind more online (with success!) instead of driving an hour to my local casino.
John is very personable and friendly! Getting in touch with him is very easy and he is one of the good guys in poker! I feel very blessed to have met him, let alone receive lessons due to his pay it forward idea.
He is a MTT beast and is highly recommended!!
RaiseAllDay RaiseAllDay
Join Date: Oct 20th, 2007
Rec Posted On: Jan 4th, 2016
John is an excellent communicator and has a great approach to the student. His thought process on the game makes you go to the next level with your game. Also, has a good grasp on the different trends that are happening all the time as the game evolves. Would highly recommend John for anyone looking to get to the next level!
Lappy Lappy
Join Date: Jan 4th, 2016
Rec Posted On: Jan 4th, 2016
This guy. What can I say but that he has helped me tremendously as a new part-time poker player, with many different tree branches to my life, to solidify not just my poker game but also change my outlook on life and gain the balance that is needed to truly succeed and raise my game to that next level!

John has helped me over several coaching sessions and twitch rails of live final tables, to really look at my play logically, removing emotion that naturally is there, and make the best decisions that are presented to me in the current moment.

Thus he has helped me look less at results and outcomes, and more at the long-term success that is possible by slowing building up my game by accepting critique, admitting one's faults, and taking what is working, and repeating it time after time in tourney after tourney to best the competition.

All of this he did not just as a coach, but a friend and a pal, who really cared about me as a person and human being. I would highly recommend him overall as he crushes the competition and his results are there to show. Look at all the other people who have come into contact with him and you'll see why you need to know drew to reach that next level yourself.

worldrecord1 worldrecord1
Join Date: Nov 29th, 2007
Rec Posted On: Jan 4th, 2016
First off this was an amazing experience for me. After talking with John for a few minutes you know how sincere he is about helping your game improve but there's no doubt he definitely knows what he's talking about. He's able to break down all your leaks in your game (makes it very easy to understand!!!) and for you to apply the tools you need to get what you want out of your play.

John had me looking at the game from a mental approach that I have never taken before (once again he makes it very simple to understand)Shows you all your bad habits and how to correct IMMEDIATELY.

After my 1st session with John, 2 hours later went through a field of players (384) like it was butter!!(I'M serious about this it blew my mind, I REALLY DIDN'T SLEEP THAT NIGHT!!

He Takes the time before the session to tell you what he needs from you to prepare for your session

A true professional, which is not easy to find these days!!

I've been playing serious poker for 5 years now and I study as much as the best of them, THIS HANDS DOWN WILL BE BETTER THAN ANY BOOK OR VIDEO!! SAVE YOUR MONEY ON THOSE AND INVEST WITH JOHN!!!

As long as John is coaching I want to be a sponge and absorb his info.

Thank you So Much John!!!.... Been looking for someone like you in the poker world for a few years now


Rob B
gutshotjerry gutshotjerry
Join Date: Jan 1st, 2016
Rec Posted On: Jan 4th, 2016
john is awesome. no wasted time. every minute of our two hour session was productive. he makes his students feel comfortable and his confidence and knowledge in the game gives his students a sense of getting max value out of every session he teaches.
egent1967 egent1967
Join Date: Dec 27th, 2015
Rec Posted On: Dec 31st, 2015
The absolute best move I have made was getting john for a coach. He is a great coach. I have started making final tables daily, with the tools he has given me. I look forward to growing my game further with johns help.
JazzyJ0802 JazzyJ0802
Join Date: Jun 1st, 2008
Rec Posted On: Dec 27th, 2015
First of all John is a awesome. I am certain to get more help from him in the future because I feel I am on the verge of taking my game to the next level to be able to get some bigger scores. From just reviewing one of my hand histories, he has given me a different perspective on how to play my game and how to mix it up more to keep my oppenents guessing. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their game.
SmashDaFlop SmashDaFlop
Join Date: Mar 14th, 2015
Rec Posted On: Dec 12th, 2015
I've only had one coaching session with John so far and one session playing since and can already see a huge improvement. He was able to ask me a few questions and get a basic idea for my style of play. He has a great understanding of so many facets of the game from strategy to pregame preparation and mental state of mind. I've been playing off and on for a long time and have had some pretty solid success up until about six months ago. He was able to pick up on some bad habits that I had picked up and point them out almost immediately. I highly recommend John as a coach I will definitely continue to use his services.
GutshotHayes GutshotHayes
Join Date: Jan 12th, 2015
Rec Posted On: Dec 12th, 2015
I'm a player who has been playing on and off for the past 10 years. In the past year I've decided to take things more seriously but not getting the results I've desired. Given the opportunity to have a session with John I jumped on it. His results and knowledge of the game speak for itself. From the very start of the session he was able to show and explain the holes in my game in a way that made the most sense. I'll be the first person to say that a lot of things go over my head when reading or watching advanced material. He was able to make those things make sense in a way I felt comfortable about.

The way he was able to break down my game was amazing. To put things in perspective so I could understand them and be able to implement them was beyond incredible.

For the first time in a long time I felt comfortable and excited to be playing.
dansbia dansbia
Join Date: Jan 25th, 2014
Rec Posted On: Dec 12th, 2015
John did a teamviewer with voice with me on a whole tournament that I had played just the night before. I was amazed at his insight, before things actually happened. He explained on my level so that I could understand where I was making mistakes and where I wasn't and how to change the mistakes, I felt so confident after our session I couldn't wait to put his knowledge to the test, and ran very deep in the OSS 10K KO tournament. I recommend him to anyone who needs to improve their game.

I can't wait to have more sessions with him :)
Join Date: Jun 3rd, 2014
Rec Posted On: Jun 12th, 2015
John is a regular in my games and one in which I think quite highly of (obviously is shown in his results and consistency).

I decided to get coaching from John for two reasons.

1. John has a very great ability to exploit/adjust to all player types/situations and its something I have learned from playing many hands with him. This was an area I have always wanted to improve on and he seemed to be doing it much better than me and like 90% of regs.

2. The second was for the ability just to pick his mind. From playing with John I have realized he approaches spots differently than most. The EV of picking his mind or just getting a idea of how he approaches spots was worth $150 for 3 hours I assumed.

Needless to say I was very impressed with the coaching session, we went through spots and had some very eye opening discussions. The way he presented things was very thought provoking and very conducive to learning. John catered to the way I approach the game and getting me to think out of my theory based approach. This was exactly what I was looking for. We also covered some other stuff that comes with being a Professional Poker player and was very insightful.

If you are considering coaching I would highly recommend John for whatever you are looking to accomplish. If you are a winning player or recreational player John will be able to present things in a way which caters to your ability as a player and what you want from coaching. Honestly before even having the coaching session I thought that $50/HR was pretty absurd and it turns out I was quite right. John could easily sell higher I imagine (probably should imo) but he doesn't seem like the guy that wants to do that and truly is there to help people with a game he loves.

AaronThivy AaronThivy
Join Date: May 14th, 2014
Rec Posted On: May 13th, 2015
John is an absolute MTT beast and I have seen him always making deep runs on WPN. So when I saw his ad in P5s I decided it would be a good idea to give coaching a shot. From the get go he seemed like a cool dude and he was easy to talk to and approach. He is really focused on the way each of his students think and play, so he will ask you for a pre hand history for him to review before the actual session which I think is great because he is putting in the extra time to get to know your style and your tendencies and figure out some general leaks.

The session itself was well worth the money I paid. We were able to go through deep discussion about certain spots and he would always ask me what I thought and what my plan was which sometimes I did not know LOL. He really drills home the idea of play the opponent not the cards and also the ideas of not missing opportunities and creativity. It really was a different way to think about poker and there are so many things that he told me in the span of an hour that I can implement into my game that will make me overall a better poker player.

After the coaching session was done I decided I wanted to try these strategies out, and first tournament I play that night when I get home I ship for a nice sum of money using the techniques he provided for me that morning. All in all it will be a guaranteed great $60 spent and you will not be disappointed.
elima14 elima14
Join Date: Aug 23rd, 2011
Rec Posted On: May 13th, 2015
i highly recomend john, very nice and easy going guy.
i wasnt doing very well before i met john, this was a very good investment john showed me alot spots where i wasnt playing the best, because of my sngs background, he helped me separate the formats, strategy wise , for this price you wont get any better.
Bitinha1986 Bitinha1986
Join Date: Jan 3rd, 2012
Rec Posted On: May 12th, 2015
I had only one session with john, but it was great. He has a great aproach to his student and he is able to understand how any player thinks when playing. I think has a lot ot value take a session with him, he has a great mtt coach with good theory plan.
roddy123123 roddy123123
Join Date: Mar 3rd, 2012
Rec Posted On: Jun 13th, 2014
john coached me back in 2011 he teached me how to play more aggressive and think a lot more about what I was doing and why I was doing it which has helped me go from a abc type player to a lag. was barely winning when I met john but now win consistently
Gonsena Gonsena
Join Date: Mar 7th, 2013
Rec Posted On: Jun 6th, 2014
I just had my first session with John,
My initial idea of him is he first know what he is talking about and has lots of knowledge of the mtt game.
But he just does not show you his way of playing as he adapts as your game bringing new concepts to you actual game and get it better.
He implements not only talking but showing you the options, providing information and the best of all in my opinion is he helps through and making you realize the options you have and the solutions for it.

I will be definetly contacting him again for advice and future coaching!
AGdoesWork AGdoesWork
Join Date: May 20th, 2011
Rec Posted On: Jun 3rd, 2014
This guy is a wizard. Awesome player, with heaps of knowledge on the game. Very in depth analysis of hands. Will not only help you grow as a poker player, but as a person as well. Basically, you gain a friend/poker guru/life coach all in one, and for $60/hour this one is a snap call. Highly recommend for any and all levels of players.
TheChiseller TheChiseller
Join Date: Apr 2nd, 2012
Rec Posted On: Jun 2nd, 2014
I'd highly recommend John for anyone considering coaching or hand history reviews. I've so far only had some of my hand histories reviewed and the detailed feedback that I received was very valuable and better than I imagined.

John also was really helpful in answering any questions I had and provided me with his NASH shoving chart to help my pre-flop game and showed me spots that I'd missed or was weak.
Scared2raise Scared2raise
Join Date: Jan 25th, 2014
Rec Posted On: Jun 2nd, 2014
I would highly recommend anyone who wants to get more serious about poker to connect with John. I met John about 3 years ago playing poker and since then his advice to me on the game has helped me tremendously. His outlook on the game from the small things to the more in depth parts of the game are phenomenal and very beneficial. Every detail in his coaching sessions is very clear and to the point. Anybody thats looking for a coach, this is the guy.
fagrello fagrello
Join Date: Aug 25th, 2011
Rec Posted On: Jun 1st, 2014
John coached me several years ago, and honestly it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. He made me a better player, gained solid skills on how to think every step in the decision making process. I always remember him asking "what range of hands do you think he has?" every time.... haha...later I could understand why he was insisting so much on this, it was like playing by knowing villian's hand!
I use now this method to coach my students and for myself, as I am crushing the game!!

Best part of it, I made a great friend and we keep in touch regularly, despite the fact that we are 5000 miles away!

I totally, totally recommend John if you want to improve as a poker player and want to move up in stakes
Don Harry 36 Don Harry 36
Join Date: Dec 15th, 2007
Rec Posted On: Jun 1st, 2014
got a long term Coaching with John. think was arround 4 month. a great time with a lot of fun and learning. i can highly recommend lessons with John
ty again john
tobtfs tobtfs
Join Date: Mar 16th, 2011
Rec Posted On: Mar 11th, 2014
Just had a 3 hr. session with John. He is an excellent communicator and explains all the concepts clearly and makes sure you understand them. I will be back for more. In a word OUTSTANDING
4ofakind1489 4ofakind1489
Join Date: Nov 13th, 2013
Rec Posted On: Dec 10th, 2013
Got 3 hours of coaching of John, and I must say, I couldn't recommend a better person. For all types of players, he understands and explains everything very clearly, and I am very confident that after that things will start to go a lot better for my own game :) I most definitely will be back for more :)
FocusedMotion FocusedMotion
Join Date: Jan 17th, 2012
Rec Posted On: Aug 9th, 2013
John is a solid poker coach and poker player who always is dedicated to improving his game as well as his students.
I'm glad to have met him and consider him not only a great poker mentor but a great friend as well.
bruzilio bruzilio
Join Date: Jun 1st, 2011
Rec Posted On: Aug 4th, 2013
I was coached by John 3 different times, and all of them were EV++ His coaching ability's go beyond pure poker strategy,as he try's to understand all the factors that can influence your game.

He's always making sure that we fully understand his thought process and trys to make it as clear as possible.

dogeatdog dogeatdog
Join Date: Aug 1st, 2013
Rec Posted On: Aug 2nd, 2013
John coached me a few years ago. I was a marginal winner and was struggling with my postflop play and mindset.

Every session he was positive, laidback and just fun to talk to. I really liked his outside of the box thinking and always able to look at the big picture.

Furthermore he was always available for extra questions or spots I was struggling with.

My postflop game improved dramatically and by copying his great mindset I rarely tilt anymore.

I improved from a marginal winner to a big winner thanks to him.

If you want to improve your MTT game, 60 bucks is really a bargain. The guy is an MTT beast!
kteller8 kteller8
Join Date: Dec 28th, 2010
Rec Posted On: Aug 2nd, 2013
I have used John "DrewPeacoq8" in the past and he has helped me find and plug many leaks. He's always a positive person to talk to and has helped me look passed what is in front of me and look outside the box. His positive approach to the game is great and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for someone outside their group to work with.
bigstock1974 bigstock1974
Join Date: Aug 23rd, 2011
Rec Posted On: Jul 31st, 2013
I met john playing online in several different onilne leagues. I thought I knew more about poker than I really did. John offered to coach me and opened up a whole new game. When I met john I was killing the small stakes, Without his knowledge I would have never made it to the level I was playing when I left. John coached me for about two years and I ended up taking second in Locks first sunday 100k after they left merge network. I owe this victory to the coaching that John gave me. His coaching will show you different paths in this industry at the same time mentoring you down each of those steps. If you want to improve your game this is the coach. He cares about your goals as much as he does his own poker career.
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Rec Posted On: Jul 30th, 2013
I'm a small time grinder who loves to play for fun and a bit of extra side income. I also love to learn and so when I came across John's Pokermon series here on P5, it really resonated with me. In fact so much so that I contacted him about coaching.

Let me just say that I've been more than impressed. Even before our official arrangement started, John was very timely and helpful in answering questions that I had. Once my personal coaching started, it has just been more of the same. John doesn't necessarily give you rules to follow but helps you build a better decision making process that will fit to your particular style.

His help in just a short amount of time has already paid for my sessions with him and I look forward to him helping me to further advance my game. Check out some of his video's on here for a sample and then contact him for more info about personal coaching...I'm glad I did...and I think you will as well!