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Hypnotherapy and Mindset Coaching for Poker

I’m Elliot Roe (DHP) a fully qualified professional hypnotherapist based in Las Vegas Nevada.

I qualified with RBCCH (Royal Berkshire College of Clinical Hypnotherapy) and I am a member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy.

I have developed a hypnotherapy program to help players reduce tilt and improve their focus at the table. I have worked with over 170 professional poker players. Also, I work with UFC/Bellator fighters to help them mentally prepare for their fights by improving their focus and confidence.

Hypnotherapy has been shown to be an effective tool in many sports, and I believe it has been under-utilised in poker. Poker is a game where playing with the correct mindset is incredibly important. Hypnotherapy is exceptionally effective at achieving the right mindset and effectuates positive change. I believe it is the fastest and most effective way of reducing and removing tilt issues.

In one-to-one hypnotherapy sessions we can identify root causes of negative behavior at the table, such as tilt, anger, self-sabotage, low confidence or lack of motivation. Once the source of the destructive thoughts has been pinpointed, hypnotherapy is used to reduce or remove them completely. This creates long-term change as you gain an understanding of your mindset and the tools needed to overcome this problematic behavior.

It is possible to progress much faster with a client using hypnotherapy rather than more traditional therapies, as communication takes place directly with the subconscious mind. What could take years to resolve using psychoanalysis, can take just weeks or months using hypnotherapy.

Once we have resolved the internal issues I will use techniques to create triggers relating to your “A game” and being in “The Zone” by practicing these techniques you will be able to play to your fullest potential more frequently and your game will develop more quickly. By improving your focus and patience at the table you will better understand the weaknesses in your game and you will feel compelled to resolve them.

Imagine the increase in your ROI with:

:-Reduced or complete resolution of tilt issues
:-Improved focus during sessions
:-Increased patience at the table
:-Improved motivation to study
:-A new improved love of poker and a interest in improving your game
:-A better understanding of your personal weaknesses, where they stemmed from and strategies to combat them

More information on my concepts and a free MP3 download can be found here:

www.pokermindcoach.com<br />

I offer Skype sessions for $300 a session. The first session is always 90 minutes as it serves as both an informational and treatment session following sessions are 60minutes in length.

If you mention you found my services here on p5's, at the first session you will receive a free MP3 to use between sessions ($25 value).

If a package of 4 sessions is booked and paid upfront I offer a discount rate of $1000 and 10 for ($2250)


Below are some quotes from a small selection of the testimonials I've been given:

"I’ve been working with mental coaches for about 3 years now and I’m very happy I got to know Elliot.

He has a very refreshing character, sharp mind and effortlessly puts the focus on the important things you have to deal with.

He mastered the concept of teaching you how to self-improve and step by step – with the help of hypnosis – leads you to an enormous increase in self-consciousness.

I’m a big fan of his methods and I’d highly recommend him to anyone striving for success."

Fedor “CrownUpGuy” Holz

"I would highly recommend Elliot to anyone looking to improve their focus and mental approach to the game of poker."

Brian Rast 2015 Super High Roller Bowl Winner

"I started coaching with Elliot 3 months ago. The changes have been profound. Through my sessions with Elliot I have become aware at how much fear interfered with my poker game. I would play and all these issues I wasn't fully aware of would pop up and it would cause me to spew. Through working with Elliot he dismantles these fears which allows me to play from the core of myself, the place that actually knows the right move to make at the right time. The experience is intense and not always the most comfortable but I am super glad that I decided to contact Elliot. His care and actual understanding of the poker mind blow me away."

Mark Herm (Dipthrong) 2014 FTOPS Leaderboard Winner

As the community may know, I suffer from massive anger management issues. Basically, I used to tilt hard and break computers on a weekly basis for a bunch of poker related issues. I have been working with Elliot for a month now and can honestly say i am playing the best poker of my life. Not only is my poker game rising, my life in general is in a much better place than before the sessions.

In poker we are consistently trying to play our "A"game and the Elite players of the world probably only play that 70-80% of the time. With the existence of tilt in my game, I believe I was only playing my "A" game around 50% of the time. Pathetic!

Elliot has changed this and I feel I am holding strong at above 80%. I would never bullshit the community and believe anyone suffering from Tilt should contact him ASAP!

gl all

Azn (Merge 2014 highest winnings)

“I just wanted to let everyone know that Elliot has been overly helpful to both myself and all my students. If you can play poker without tilting, you will see a huge increase in your win rate. I am confident I would not be playing at my highest level ever without him”

Jonathan Little

“Obviously it is hard to quantify exactly how much edge working with Elliot has given me, but I am 100% confident that the EV I gained was a large multiple of my investment into the sessions” DoubleD

“Elliot's coaching is unparalleled. He has already had an incredible effect not just on my poker, but on my entire life.”Cog Dissonance

“If you even fear that you have mental leaks and take poker seriously the hourly is a steal and will pay for itself indefinitely” Doorbread

“Sometimes you need someone else who has an outside perspective to help you with the things that your doing to hold yourself back. It's not rocket science, it's not some magical trick, but Elliot has a way of making you understand things about yourself that you've gone years ignoring.”moneyinthebank

“The 1on1 sessions are much more intense than the mp3, and it really is a form of therapy, where you can achieve really good things, I've never felt better in my life ever than from coming of some of those sessions” RGYoho

“The summary here is Elliot has absolutely changed my life for the better in numerous ways. I am an absolute machine when it comes to handling variance, I make better decisions on the table, I'm able to play longer sessions, and I'm able to play much more volume. My quality of life away from the table has improved so greatly it is difficult to put into words. And obviously a 30% increase in profit is just amazing.”LT777

“The change in me is truly amazing, tilt just isnt something that worries me now, I know im just not going to tilt to anywhere near the levels I used to do. It has freed up my mind to actually improve my poker game. Before I used to have tilt as an excuse for why I would play bad but thats gone now and its exposing leaks in my game which will hopefully lead to me improving instead of stagnating like I were.”MartL

“If you think you need help in patching some mental flaws and you are open minded about these types of treatments then Elliot is the perfect person to go to.” Wyvo

“My sessions with Elliot have provided me with such a depth of understanding of my subconscious, and have pointed me in such a clear and obvious direction of what I need to do to permanently fix these issues.”Bandin

“I really cannot write enough about how useful and such a wise investment his services are.” DJross

“i honestly recommend Elliot roe to Everyone that plays poker full time as well as anyone who relys on it for income ie students or part timers as the amount of time it takes to get your money back in terms of results at the tables will be measured in weeks not not months or years.”Andrex Puppy

“It's really amazing how quickly he can turns thing around. My mood is much better, I'm back to grinding and being happy about grinding, and I'm feeling so much more motivated.” Keyser

“He has helped me a lot where other people could only try and fail, and I'm including myself in that statement. I highly, highly, highly recommend him for anyone who wants help with their mental approach to poker, a sport, exam, profession, or just life in general.” Trustinbrass_kaos

“After working with Elliot I am now able to grind like an actual professional without emotional issues or anxiety effecting my day to day work. As a result I had my best year ever in ~5 years of play and made it on to the sharkscope leaderboard for the first time”. I just lol’d

Contact me for a free no obligation consultation


Free tiltbuster MP3 www.pokermindcoach.com
Contact me via PM or email elliot@poker-hypnosis.co.uk
Twitter: @elliotroe1
Skype: elliot.roe


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Elliot is great, I've had 1-1 sessions with him, attended his webinars, listened to his podcast and mp3s and I can tell you he really knows what he is doing and there is great value in all this content and sessions.