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My name is Daryl Jace and I have been playing online MTTs since forever. I have over 1 million in profit playing under the screennames aaaaaaaa (Stars), Fkscreennames (Tilt) and aaaaowns (UB). I am offering 2 types of coaching hourly and for profit. If you want hourly coaching the rate I charge is :

By the hour : $140

If u book 5+ hours : $125

If you book 10+ hours : $115

If you're interested in getting Coaching for profit you will receive between 1-3 coaching sessions every week (depending on what you want) and at the end of every week I will get a percentage of your profits. The percentage I receive will be dependent on your skill level and volume.

Here are the requirements you must meet to be eligible :

• NO AMERICAN PLAYERS! Sorry but this just wouldnt be profitable enough for people who can only grind merge. The person has to be able to play on most sites

• References

• Must play for a living already or not have any other huge time commitments.

• Must have at least 5k combined bankroll between poker sites.

• Must speak fluent english. If we cannot understand each other I can't coach effectively.

• Must be at least break-even this year

Why would I get coaching sessions from you when you haven't played on stars in 2 years? I is better at poker than you why the **** would I hire u to coach me?

The best coaches aren't necessarily the best players,in fact if you look at sports coaches its probably the opposite. In individual sports like golf (Hank Haney for example) and team sports as well. I believe the same is true for poker.

You can't expect to get great results by just telling people why you do what you do. Being a great coach takes a deep understanding of how people learn (pedagogy/andragogy)planning,preparation,and a deep understanding of the game (and much more).

Education is probably going to be what I do for the rest of my life,and I don't just mean with poker. This isn't something I do to make money on the side cuz I can't play on stars,it's my passion a greater one than poker ever was/will be. I study/read about education all the time,I teach/coach all the time, and I constantly think about it on my own developing/refining my own ideas.

As for my understanding of the game,I spend 15+ hours a week thinking/studying the game with my students,going over HH's on my own,doing live sweats and watching stuff like the super tuesday replay. I've been doing that for 1.5 years and learned so much about the game because of it. I think I have a pretty good grasp of how the game should be played fundamentally as well as a good grasp of the trends in the games today.

Now to address the last question,as I said before being a great coach isn't about being the best. If you're better than me our sessions will b more like a collaboration where I help u develop new ideas and refine old ones. I will help decide what needs to b worked on and how we are going to work on it,I will help find leaks (an extra unbiased set of eyes helps a lot) and I can help with the whole mental mind**** that is poker.


Below are my stats and the stats of every student i've coached for more than 5 hours.

Most of these stats are from stars/tilt some from merge and other euro sites. The stats aren't perfect I might of left out some players and got the dates slightly off but there would be more profit if I did so. Also if you count live poker you can add another 100-200k (maybe more) to that profit figure. You can also read the testimonials below and compare them to the testimonials other coaches get and watch my videos (I can't name the site).

If you're interested please PM me with the requested info. If you wanna learn more about me and my style of play check out my well on 2p2 or my vids on TPE. For testimonials and more info check out my website


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mickman mickman
Join Date: Sep 20th, 2010
Rec Posted On: Mar 30th, 2015
I have had around 30 lessons with Daryl and i think he is a very good coach. He really tests you in each session so it's a very productive process. I highly recommend him and think he is great guy to work with.
buffyslayer1 buffyslayer1
Join Date: Mar 14th, 2008
Rec Posted On: Mar 30th, 2015
I have been working with Daryl for nearly a year now and its one of the best investments I have made as a poker player.

Not only is every session different and varied as Daryl has a great poker mind, but he forces you to think for yourself and come to logical conclusions with his help and direction. I think this is a far more valuable way to learn and think about poker rather than being taught in a drip fed.

He also cares about the learning process and how his students are progressing, keeps up to date with latest theory and practice and is constantly looking and searching for new ways to gain an edge and stay ahead of the curve.

If you are serious about becoming a serious poker player and willing to put the work in then I would seriously! Consider coaching from Daryl