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Thank you for the opportunity to offer http://jaxtrawpoker.com/ coaching services to the PocketFives community.

My name is Peter 'jaxtraw" Falk, I am the founder of http://jaxtrawpoker.com/ home of the 100% interactive Master Classes. In another life I used to be a pretty good SNG pro ( achieving 5th and 4th on sharkscope for <$100 6-max). Since Black Friday I privately coached over 200 students. Though I have a passion for teaching, one-on-one was just not efficient. I attempted to give group lessons, but if there were more than two students it turned into an unstructured hh review session.

I then had the idea to work with another coach offering group classes. I would act as moderator/host, and he the instructor. This made the class 100% interactive, allowing attendees to ask as many questions they like throughout the lesson. The other coach and I collaborate on a class outline, and sample hands and Powerpoint slides are used as visual aids to further illustrate the instructor's concepts. The classes are usually 3hr+ and given over Cisco Webx software.This method gives students the opportunity to receive private quality coaching for a fraction of the price.

Since last July I worked with 9 very successful coaches including Bernardc, Ansky, Assassinato, and Ajkhoosier1. I have given over two dozen classes for sng, hu, mtt, and cash to over 400 attendees. The feedback from the attendees has been tremendous, and these same classes are now being offered as video packages, uncut!

Come visit http://jaxtrawpoker.com/category/videos/ for a list of our upcoming live Master Classes, and Master Class Video packages.


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