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Hey, I'm Joe and I've been playing poker professionally since 2009.
My main game has always been MTT's with 95% of my volume being low to midstakes. These stakes are also where I've had the vast majority of my success. So this is where I feel most qualified to coach.

Over the past year I've started coaching more and found that working on someone else's game gets me more excited about poker than just from studying on my own. I try to bring that excitement about learning into our sessions since I believe that you need to enjoy the game to be able to play at your best.

Coaching Method:
I've coached through many different methods. The most efficient that I've found is for me to review your HH on my own and send you the notes. We can then have a small session to review any notes that you have questions on. Or you can send any further questions in an email and I'll do a small 2nd session going more in depth over those hands.
That's the method I find most efficient for your money. I'm fine with doing live reviews as well if you prefer. Everyone learns differently so I don't apply a rigid approach to our sessions.

Length Per Review:
It's impossible to say how long a HH will take. It depends on how many interesting spots there are to discuss. At a very rough estimate, I would say a turbo MTT will likely be between 60-90 minutes of review.

My rates are
$80/hour for under 5 hours
$60/hour for 5+ hours


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gfk_asbos gfk_asbos
Join Date: Feb 18th, 2013
Rec Posted On: Nov 11th, 2014
hello all, I was lucky enough to receive coaching from khanrava about 1.5 year ago and I am 100% sure that anyone who is thinking about it is gonna do his self a great favour. Khanrava besides being one of the best poker players I personally know is also very pleasant to work with, extremely easygoing and able of spotting leaks that would normaly cost enormous ammounts of time and $$ to be diagnosed. Just a few Hand History reviews with him literally converted me from a break-even fish to a legit winner and the best part is that he helped me start thinking in terms of $EV giving me the confidence to keep working on my game and trying to improve as long as I sit in the tables. So as a brief summary I would honestly recommend him to anyone who is ready to take the next step to his poker career as the results are gonna be more than obvious.