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I am offering poker coaching to micro/low stakes players who have had some experience in the game but feel that something is missing to get the success. I am here to help you to change that and get you moving forward in the game. I believe that anyone can become a poker professional as long he/she is willing to put in the work into it. There is no such thing as talent.

I am advocating an exploitative style of play. These are the topics we can discuss in our sessions:
How to effectively set up and use your HUD to gain full advantage over your opponents;
Learn effective 3betting strategy;
Defending the big blind (check/raise, donk lead, 3bet shoving);
Identify and exploit your opponents’ weaknesses;
How to effectively use Flopzilla and Cardrunners EV to improve your game;
Learn how to learn (I will teach you how to get the fish, I will not hand you the fish);
And any other relevant concepts you feel that you need to improve on.

If you would like to book a session with me, you can either contact me here on PocketFives or e-mail to rihardpokercoach@gmail.com. Mention what concepts you would like to work on and try to give me as much detail you can in order for me to give you best advice during the session.


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Join Date: Jul 4th, 2015
Rec Posted On: Mar 19th, 2017
Had one of my best coaching sessions ever with Rihards. Before we even dove into my hand history we broke down my stats (which revealed my current leaks), which has helped tremendously in preparing me for future sessions. I've had tons of coaching over the past three years and it's crazy to see all of the things I could be implementing that I'm currently not. Rihards is all about developing the strategy you can use to CRUSH fish. I'm ten times more confident today than I was yesterday just but making a few tweaks to my game. I'm so glad I met Rihards and I cannot wait to keep learning from him.
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Join Date: Jul 4th, 2015
Rec Posted On: Mar 14th, 2017
I had my best coaching session ever with Rihards. I love that we went over my stats and database before we even went through my hand history. We were able to point out OBVIOUS leaks I was making and things that I could clean up immediately. I feel so much more confident now and I know that I will be crushing my stakes in no time. Can't wait for the next session!