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I've been playing poker professionally since the summer of 2009, and began coaching in early 2010. Teaching/coaching has been a part of my life for many years - I'm a soccer and basketball coach as well - and it's something I truly enjoy doing.

I take a huge amount of pride in providing my students with the best coaching experience possible at an affordable rate, and am extremely dedicated to making them the best players they can be.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments about my coaching services.


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hzb64m hzb64m
Join Date: Oct 23rd, 2014
Rec Posted On: Dec 31st, 2014
Brandon has a very good approach to bring students game to the next level. He works with varied methods like sweatsessions, HH reviews to mix up coachings. By that he succeeds in bringing valuable information to the individual player in order to get things fully understood. For me, I can say that Brandon always keeps me motivated to the game and to get the best out of me. He is friendly, calm and constructive and he always makes time for his students. Overall I'm very content with Brandon being my coach.
prsalute prsalute
Join Date: Oct 22nd, 2014
Rec Posted On: Oct 22nd, 2014
what's left to say about brandon guys?i have changed many coaches because no one could offer me what brandon can...his passion about the game,his knowledge of every step i should follow in every street...i am playing poker for 3 years and now i am playing by far my best game and its all thanks to brandon..dont hesitate,try him and you will live and breath for every next lesson ;)
sirtenzoe sirtenzoe
Join Date: Apr 15th, 2012
Rec Posted On: Nov 22nd, 2013
I have been very impressed with Brandon's training since I have had him as my coach. He really gets you thinking about how to tackle each spot, and takes time on plugging leaks, and analyzing where improvements could be made. Also very friendly and easy to get on with, very good all round coach, would definitely recommend him for anybody trying to improve their game or move up the stakes!
pedroarmenio pedroarmenio
Join Date: Sep 14th, 2010
Rec Posted On: Apr 13th, 2013
Brandon is a very nice guy and has a very way of teaching his students. He is always asking questions about your play instead of saying what is right or what is wrong. He forces you to have a thought process and at the same time, teaches you the fundamentals and dynamics of tournament poker.
Get your edge with him!
ZenZomb13 ZenZomb13
Join Date: Jun 1st, 2009
Rec Posted On: Mar 27th, 2013
I first met Brandon when I was seeking a backing crew and he was the coach that held bi weekly coaching sessions for anyone involved in the stable I was attempting to get into. When I was accepted into the group I thought it was incredible how consistent Brandon was in making sure everyone in the group would be able to get together for the session, and if they weren't he would do everything he could to make sure to re schedule to ensure that we still had 2 sessions per week as a group. Brandon does a great job going through hand histories and pausing to go over tough spots that come up with in depth analysis. He also does a great job of letting the group discuss the spots amongst ourselves before he chimes in with some deeper thought process that we should be thinking about before coming to the best conclusion for the spot at hand. I have been working with Brandon for 3-4 months now and can definitely see a difference in my game. I no longer let bad beats get to me nearly as badly as I used to, as Brandon stresses how important it is to stay focused and just move on to the next one. Before meeting with Brandon I would control my tilt my simply unregistering and just not play anymore for the day. After three months of solid hand history review with coach I find myself clicking the register button for much longer each day I decide to play. If you are looking to improve your mental game as well as your overall strategy side of the game, Brandon is certainly a +Ev way to go.
DBerglin DBerglin
Join Date: Mar 15th, 2013
Rec Posted On: Mar 15th, 2013
Brandon is a very nice person and a great poker player! I have appreciated my coaching experiences with him and it has improved my game alot!
serioga112 serioga112
Join Date: Mar 15th, 2013
Rec Posted On: Mar 15th, 2013
shanetrain 22 a good modest coach that works on improving your game and fixing your leaks. Everyone makes mistakes, brandon will kindly and patiently lead you to the right move and play. Once you have these elements of the game mastered you can explore other ways to profit in the game and he'll tell you that himself. ID highly recommend players at any levels to join B to improve their gaming.
gaggleokings gaggleokings
Join Date: Sep 12th, 2012
Rec Posted On: Jan 7th, 2013
I've only been a student of Brandons for a month or so now, yet i can happily say my game has improved no end. Leaks i previously had were pointed out to me instantly and even from our first session i had become a more profitable player. Not only does he thoroughly examine and advise on each individual spot which comes up, but he also listens and takes my opinion on board - and if my thought process is wrong, he is happy to criticize, but in such a constructive and professional manner that only benefits can come from this. His strategies and thought process' are as close to optimal as i have ever known (which in turn allows my own to become this) and I'm extremely happy to be able to vouch for him as a world class poker coach when it comes to NLHE MTTs. Would also like to add he's possibly one of the nicest guys I've had the opportunity to talk to in poker, really down to earth and a genuinely really nice person. Would recommend to players of all levels; he is as happy to cover the basics of poker as he is to cover the intricacies - so no matter what level your currently at, any session with Brandon would be guaranteed to improve your game.
fun4you fun4you
Join Date: Feb 11th, 2012
Rec Posted On: Nov 28th, 2012
Brandon Very good trainer. Well gives information, very in detail explains each hand
. With it easily and to conduct communication. The good sense of humour and simply good person has.
Alextoon1 Alextoon1
Join Date: Jul 12th, 2010
Rec Posted On: Nov 14th, 2012
I know Brandon for only a month and am super impressed by his devosion, patience and love for the game in general and his student in Parcticular.
One of the most nicest guys in the game and a super nice person!
Every spot in the HH is being discussed from all directions and asspects, def making you re-think about stuff you did/can do difrrentaly!

Highley recommanded for low/mid stakes plalyers who got lots of leaks, he can easily review them and fix them in no time.
damnlynx damnlynx
Join Date: Oct 9th, 2011
Rec Posted On: Jul 30th, 2012
Brandon is an awesome coach. A very nice guy with the strong feeling of poker. Always knows what to do and how to do. He completely inspires confidence in play. By the way he is always ready to help u whatever it is. Training with him is always useful and full of fun. :) He explained me my mistakes and how to get rid of them. I'm happy i have met him. GL in coaching and poker of course!
willy3009 willy3009
Join Date: Jun 7th, 2012
Rec Posted On: Jul 19th, 2012
Brandon is on top of what he's doing, within in minutes of a session with him you can tell how passionate he is about this game. He can break down any situation so that YOU can understand it, his breakdown of hands and the overall session you have with him can't be more clear. Brandon can open up and take away parts of your game you haven't even considered and make you think "how didnt i think of that". And besides all the poker,reviews, sessions and whatever else he does he is an extremely nice guy that you are comfortable with immediately, no matter the stakes u play etc..The value you get with Brandon is clearly explained on this page, now pay the man and win monies!!
Polecatrider Polecatrider
Join Date: Feb 20th, 2012
Rec Posted On: Jul 18th, 2012
what to say ?
shanetrain massively improved my game which lead to a nice profit this year :)
he is by far the best coach i had till now!
also he is a pretty nice guy and always has a second to help u.
so i can for sure recommed him for MTT coaching
hauptschule hauptschule
Join Date: Oct 16th, 2010
Rec Posted On: Jul 9th, 2012
supernice and fun guy and even more a great pokerplayer and coach. he's always - a l w a y s - there to help, advise, sweat and listen (even to whining). he insta-brought my game to the next level and im happy i got to know him!
ronnieb122 ronnieb122
Join Date: Feb 3rd, 2010
Rec Posted On: Jun 22nd, 2012
shanetrain is an awesome coach for anyone wanting to take there game to the next level regarless of your stakes. His understanding and knowledge of the game are just amazing and has a talent to be able to break it down so its so understandable and very easy to take in is which makes him such a great coach. Id recommend even just 1 session with him and you will see a diff in your game.
boneralert boneralert
Join Date: Jan 16th, 2011
Rec Posted On: Jun 22nd, 2012
Taking lessons with Brandon has improved my game a lot. He does a good job of understanding your approach and helping you address the weaknesses in that approach, as well as building on its strengths. Also, he is very professional, always on time, etc. and just a nice guy in general. I would recommend him to any players looking for a great MTT coach.
Grammy Grammy
Join Date: Sep 28th, 2011
Rec Posted On: Jun 1st, 2012
I have been a student of Brandons for a few months now and can honestly say that it has been the best investment that i have made in my poker career.
I would highly recommend Brandon to anyone looking to improve their game as i feel that his coaching sessions has turned me from being a break even player to a winner at the felts.
Cheers Brandon
squeezyFbaby squeezyFbaby
Join Date: Oct 4th, 2011
Rec Posted On: Jun 1st, 2012
Wanted to come back and leave an updated comment. I have become a regular student of Brandon's. Best money I ever spent. Just imagine never having to redeposit again.... Seriously, just imagine what that feels like. Feels naughty doesn't it? Lol. He will straighten your shit out mad quick. Message him and buy asap. You wont regret it.
kingid kingid
Join Date: Aug 15th, 2011
Rec Posted On: Apr 5th, 2012
I needed a coach for Micro stakes MTT and i looked over on P5s instructors and saw Brandon. I`ve told myself that he is the type of coach i need to understand more things on my level. After i finished the lessons with him i was knowing more things than before and i can say i have improved my game a lot. I really recommend Brandon`s Lessons, he explains very well and a lot till you get the right point .

Thank you Brandon
Hennung Hennung
Join Date: Apr 3rd, 2012
Rec Posted On: Apr 3rd, 2012
Not yet a student of Brandon? What are you waiting for?

No matter what level you're at you can learn a lot from Brandon. I've tried a hand history review and live sweat session with him, and I can honestly say it's worth it! The way he helps YOU understand why you're doing something, or why you should do something, will make you a better player.

He takes his time to really make sure YOU understand every concept he walks you through, from bet sizing to recognizing certain situations. Some of the stuff I've learnt from him seem so basic now, but two weeks ago I didn't even think about it.
Also, he's a really cool dude, easy to talk and knowledgeable! Lastly I would say this; when taking a lesson from Brandon, he makes the lesson all about YOU. That is why YOU should choose him!!
squeezyFbaby squeezyFbaby
Join Date: Oct 4th, 2011
Rec Posted On: Feb 12th, 2012

Brandon really is a great coach. Instead of handing down mandates from the poker heavens on what is right or wrong, he has an intelligent and respectful conversation with you. He helps you realize WHY a certain line of thinking is better than another, and HOW to get the most VALUE for any given situation. He is very invested in his students' successes. VERY DOWN TO EARTH. Cool dude. After just 3 lessons, I FINAL TALBE at least one tourney a day (pretty much) :O ... I can't give him enough credit for straightening my brain parts out. lol.
rambodave rambodave
Join Date: Nov 20th, 2006
Rec Posted On: Nov 6th, 2011
Just finished my first session with Shanetrain and it was excellent!! He came in very well prepared, had hands from my HH that he had prepared to look at, and was very thorough with the needs or problems that I had wanted to work on. I would highly recommend him for future lessons as he is very easy to talk to and is really interested in making you a better player.

I will be booking him for regular sessions in the future!
TheSplash18 TheSplash18
Join Date: May 22nd, 2007
Rec Posted On: Apr 30th, 2011
I cant speak highly enough of Brandon an the impact he has had on my play and thinking. He is personable, challenging & extremely knowledgable about MTT's. I have had a number of 4 figure scores in the few weeks we have been working together. For this I give Brandon a ton of credit for helping me find & fix leaks, plus giving a different perpective on things. If you want to get better then why wouldn't you get in touch with Brandon?
jimzerocool jimzerocool
Join Date: Feb 22nd, 2011
Rec Posted On: Apr 6th, 2011
shanetrain22 make me to be the real thinking player and let me to know what i am
doing in my tourny.i just take like 6 sessions from him and won the bracelet race
package for 2k.i am not the weak player right now, when you see me on the table!!!!
be carefull, because i am shanetrain22's student!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
Chris Doggy Chris Doggy
Join Date: Jan 21st, 2008
Rec Posted On: Apr 6th, 2011
I've only had 2 hour long sessions with Brandon and have had the most profitable month of my poker career so far. I don't really think I can add anything new to what has already been said, but ST22 clearly has a great understanding of the game and goes the extra mile for his students. On top of this, he's very personable, it's been a pleasure learning from him and I look forward to strengthening my game even further under his guidance. Spend some of your roll wisely and book some sessions!
drownkitties drownkitties
Join Date: Feb 16th, 2011
Rec Posted On: Mar 29th, 2011
****************** SHANETRAIN IS YOUR CHOO! CHOO! RIDE INTO THE MONEY******************* literally after 2 coaching sessions with him i hit the biggest score i have ever hit playing poker. If you look up "results" in the dictionary, there is a pic of brandon shane where the definition would normally be. On a more serious note his coaching is amazing and learned more in the 2 training sessions then i learned reading alot of books and paying other websites for their "Virtual Training". Nothing compares to the real deal and would strongly recommend brandon or any of the coaches on his site. ive gone from a slightly losing break even player to profiting and its only getting better which makes his coaching sessions exciting and worth it.
Peak Peak
Join Date: Mar 2nd, 2011
Rec Posted On: Mar 17th, 2011
Ive taken lessons with Brandon, and i can attribute my changed game to those lessons. I plan on taking many more and working out the soft spots, strengthening my game, and making more final tables. Before these lessons, I wasnt solid. I still have leaks, but much, much fewer. I know some things... but without support of those lines and thoughts about hands or even the big picture approach to low-midstakes MTT's, its tough to work out on your own. I am looking forward to going over some recent deep finishes with Brandon and having him go over my approach and HH's. We step back and look at the hand "out of the moment". It is truely inspirational and creates a fresh platform to go about MTT's.

I really enjoy the interactive sessions. Using Skype to communicate with its built in features to follow along, it certainly is the best way to have real 1 on 1 lessons with a very smart player.

I encourage all players who are interested in having their game reviewed and taken to the next level, to message Brandon and get started. You really cant objectively critique your own game until you work with a pro.

Thanks Shanetrain22
cracker9ball cracker9ball
Join Date: Mar 12th, 2010
Rec Posted On: Mar 14th, 2011
Brandon has the perfect attitude and drive for coaching. In my opinion he is not driven by the money but more a love for teaching and helping other players improve. I have taken three hours worth of lessons out of a five hour block and am enjoying the lessons, Brandon, and the fact I am improving. I will be taking more lessons with Brandon for sure.
A great choice for a coach and probably the best value.
Goldenad Goldenad
Join Date: Jun 12th, 2006
Rec Posted On: Mar 11th, 2011
I've done countless hand history reviews with Shanetrain and can say that without a doubt he is one of the most fundamentally sound midstake players out there. Shane has a great thought process and doesnt get bogged down in rigid ways ofplaying, rather, he comes up with creative lines that put his opponents in hard spots. Shane has helped my game come along way.
FenwayKing FenwayKing
Join Date: Mar 12th, 2006
Rec Posted On: Feb 27th, 2011
If I could describe Brandon’s coaching in one word, I would use this one: passionate. Many coaches autopilot lessons for an hour at a time---it’s easy and takes no prep time on the part of the coach. While the student may learn a few things and indeed find his game improving, he will not have received the kind of experience that he could have received with Brandon. Brandon puts in time outside the lesson to ensure the best total experience for his students. Just as important as that, he is always fully engaged during the lesson and willing to discuss even the most trivial of spots to ensure that your thought process is improving. As a poker player, the most important thing you need to be able to understand is why you are doing something: why you’re betting or checking, why you’re calling or 3-betting, and why you’re taking the action you’re taking for the hundreds of decisions that you face every single day at the table. The problem I’ve often found with videos and some other coaches is that they just tell you what the right decision is, without explaining why they’re doing what they’re doing. This isn’t because they don’t want to but because they’ve made these types of decisions dozens of times in the past and sometimes forget that decisions that are simple to them aren’t always so easy for every player. Sometimes you feel dumb just to ask the question because you fear looking inadequate or a bad student. This kind of thing doesn’t happen with Brandon. You will never feel like he is talking down to you and he is always completely dedicated to providing the best coaching experience you could possibly have. My own game has improved by leaps and bounds by going through hand histories as well as talking about general poker theory with him. A truly great poker mind and coach, I am also proud to call him a great friend. He is a fantastic coach and I can say this without even a hint of sarcasm or jest: yesterday was too late to book a poker lesson with him. Good luck with the lessons and, of course, at the tables!
funnygut funnygut
Join Date: Mar 23rd, 2008
Rec Posted On: Feb 23rd, 2011
Brandon became a friend and poker mentor for me over 2 years ago. In that time, we've each progressed as players a great deal. The knowledge and experience I've gained from talking with him have proven invaluable, and his understanding of the game and commitment to optimal play are contagious. The same passion Brandon has for improving his poker game shows in his coaching, and he takes great pride in improving his students' abilities. I can say with all certainty I would not be the player I am today were it not for shanetrain22, and I'd highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their play at mid, low or micro stakes tournaments.
pjwiiikms pjwiiikms
Join Date: Feb 13th, 2007
Rec Posted On: Feb 17th, 2011
First and foremost, I am currently working with and look forward to continuing to work with Brandon in the future. Brandon is prepared for his lessons, and takes the time to figure out how YOU learn rather than just doing the same thing for every student. He can take complex concepts and make them easy to comprehend regardless of your skill level and understanding of terminology. Finally, Brandon is a personable, encouraging and makes himself available to his students. If you are ready to take your game to the next step, or just work out some leaks, Brandon is the coach for you!
Join Date: Feb 13th, 2011
Rec Posted On: Feb 13th, 2011
ShaneTrain22 is a great coach! Extremely patient and very thorough, he takes the time to explain in detail the leaks in your game and how you can go about plugging them. Willing to use whatever format works best for you as the student, including detailed HH reviews, real time sweat sessions, and thoughtful discussions about different lines and how/why/when they are optimal. You definitely get what you pay for. He'll be my first choice for future coaching.
jtj03 jtj03
Join Date: Apr 27th, 2007
Rec Posted On: Feb 12th, 2011
Shanetrain22 is an awesome coach for and midstake grinders looking to improve, adjust and see things more clearly when on the table. Whatever it be thru one of his many different platforms of teaching (HH reviews, Live Sweats, etc.) one is sure to gain a better perspective and feel for the table. A couple sessions with ST22 is the closest thing you can come to guaranteed future profits. Very +eV.