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iv been staked and coached for 2 years by some great players,now im offering coaching for a what i feel is a very cheap rate,im offering coaching n ps $3r 180s and low-mid stakes mtts reg speed and turbo,i also offer my thoughts/advice on other non strategy but important topics like...
*game selection,variance and bankroll management,huds,multitabling and maximising your hourly rate,etc

coaching for $3 r180s.........
sniper8225 SNG 12/03/2012-08/07/2029 5,927 $5.06 $9.51 59.3% $29,995 81 17.1% 51.5%

coaching for mtts up to $33,reg speed and turbo.........
ps sniper8225 SCHEDULED $0-33 3,730 $8.79 $20.89 37.1% $32,787 85 20.5% 39.4%

ftp sniper8225 SCHEDULED 1,324 $17.51 $35.28 98.7% $23,181 90 15.1% 45.9%

update for 2016...after playing cash and live poker for much of 2014 and 2015 i made my way back to mtts in nov 2015..the last few months iv joined a top backing group and recieved/recieve some great coaching and improved alot..the game is always evolving and you need to stay ahead of the competition if you want to keep winning!!

stats nov 2015-aug 2016

SCHEDULED 11/01/2015-08/29/2031 3,518 $9.3 $16.58 61.5% $32,702 83 20.1% 52.5%

my volume has been nowhere near where id should,i just did enough to plug along until i got backed and play a proper schedule these days,so if you want to learn to make steady solid low variance money from mtts give me a pm and il teach you how,im not a money grabber and my sessions often run over the hour and we just chat poker afterwords..

my rate is $40/hr,.$100 for 3 hrs,$250 for 10 hrs..payments can be made on pokerstars,888 or skrill

good luck,


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