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I've been a professional MTT player for four years. I specialize in deep-stack MTT play but also do coaching for turbos, hypers, 180 man SNGs, etc. Recently I was added as a Team Pro for

I welcome anyone from beginners to low-to-mid stakes MTT regs, to cash game pros looking to sharpen or transition to MTTs to sign up for my coaching. Depending on you're playing level, experience, and needs I will adapt my coaching system to ensure each student gets the most out of their time spent with me.

Coaching will primarily be done via skype call, screen share and the use of replaying students' hand histories. We will discuss general strategy (ie. raise sizing, raise frequency, etc.), but my main focus will be identifying leaks and what can be done to fix them and discussing specific hands/spots as we review your submitted hands. Other tools such as Hold Em Manager 2 and Hold Em Resources Calculator will be used to understand equities, ranges and adapting to your opponents.

Rates are $80/hr.


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