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A little background, my name is Grayson Nichols, I play as "The_Dean221" on FTP and "graybone" on Pokerstars. I've been a prominent winner at MTTs for 7 years, with over $4 million in cashes, and $750k+ profit. I'm currently a coach and training site pro over at Pocketfives Training, where I filmed videos and have ranked as high as #17 in the world prior to Black Friday. I was backed and mentored by Alex "AJKhoosier1" Kamberis for two years, before becoming backed by Chris Moorman for the following two years leading up to BF. I've been an MTT regular since 2005, and have never had a losing year. Since Black Friday, I've redirected my focus towards coaching/training, and am currently taking on a couple new students. Email me at if you're interested (serious inquiries only please). Look forward to hearing from you all,



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i_Can_FLiP_ToO i_Can_FLiP_ToO
Join Date: Apr 11th, 2010
Rec Posted On: Jan 9th, 2014
Grayson is an awesome coach, If you want to take your game to the next level then he is your man. I have been receiving lessons from Grayson for a few months now and I would highly recommend his coaching no matter what level your on. His teaching technique is very easy to understand and he is great at plugging your leaks. Grayson has taken my game to a whole new level and I take away something positive from every lesson. He is always just an email away if you have any questions. Honestly guys if your unsure on a coach def give Grayson a shot, real genuine guy and his rates are an absolute steal for the wealth of knowledge that he has!
squire1888 squire1888
Join Date: Nov 8th, 2011
Rec Posted On: Jan 7th, 2014
i was a pretty huge loosing player before i met grayson, after 3 hours with him he revamped my game plugged so many leaks in such a short time and even helped me with my schedule so that i was getting the best of everything, not long after i had a 30k mnonth and not long after that my first 6 figure, i owe everything in my poker career to this man who i am now very good friends with, for such a experienced crush hound hes redic good value (thank you black friday) i still get a lesson in whenever i can with him and always come away feeling better about my game, top lad , top coach
leachrfc1 leachrfc1
Join Date: Feb 22nd, 2011
Rec Posted On: May 23rd, 2011
have recently started lessons with grayson and i would highly recommend him, his theorys on the game are second to none and has a great poker mind , has open my eyes to alot of things i wouldnt have picked up before and it has changed my game alot for the better almost instantly , if you are thinking of starting out lessons for any stake mtts then grayson is your man,

sketchy1 sketchy1
Join Date: Apr 17th, 2005
Rec Posted On: Mar 15th, 2011
i met grayson a few summers ago and remember having a great time discussing poker with him. he was really easy to talk to and i enjoy running into him at tournaments. over the years we've been at the same table online a ton, and he's become a very formidable opponent (one i don't like having on my left!). i would recommend grayson to anyone who is looking to step their MTT game up.
doubledave22 doubledave22
Join Date: Jan 22nd, 2006
Rec Posted On: Feb 23rd, 2011
Grayson has been playing and crushing MTTs longer than almost anyone I know. If there's one guy to go to for experience its him. He's a fantastic poker player and an even better person. I highly recommend Grayson as a poker coach for any stakes.
ginzorella ginzorella
Join Date: Aug 2nd, 2005
Rec Posted On: Feb 22nd, 2011
I have played with the Dean since 2005, and was ranked 36th on the original P5s release of the current day rankings format. Its one thing to get hot for a couple of months.. But its another thing to win and win consistently in the last 5 years, as the online game has changed more than once since then. Dealing with fish, super aggressive players, the Dean has consistently beaten the game for years.

Anyone who wants to learn how to win... in all structures and limits, should contact the Dean and see what he has to offer. There are a select group of players who have been here since the beginning.. Its no coincidence he is one of the best players left standing. His game and approach works.. the results speak for themselves.