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Do you struggle moving up stakes in MTTs?

Are you not confident enough in your game to crush your limits?

If you feel this way, then I can help you to improve yourself as a poker player.

I have an Oxford accounting and finance degree. In 2010 I started playing seriously online poker at average 12 hours / day. In Hungary I have played the most MTTs/SNGs in 2011. Additionally, I have 2 Triple Crown awards, which means I placed first 3 times in a row during only one week. (update: theoretically I have 3 triple crowns)

My ROI is roughly 100% at 10-20$ buy-ins, 40% at 50$ buy-ins, 10-15% at higher buy-ins..
I also played 12,000 hyper and super turbo 6-max games successfully close to $100 average buy-ins.

My coaching sessions teach you how to adjust and take advantage of your opponents while using HUD.

Interesting topics for Beginners:
- Play the opponents, not only your cards
- Tight and Agressive playing style
- How to use properly statistical applications and the HUD (e.g. Holdem Manager, Poker Tracker, Poker Office...)

Interesting topics for Professional players:

- How to decrease variance in your game
- Light 3-bet and 4-bet
- Bluffing strategies
- Blind battle
- Push-fold (push, call, re-steal, ICM..)
- Detailed analysis of player statistics (HUD,popup)
- Donk bet (bluffing, defending equity...)
- Dominate the table, even if your opponents play back often
- Writing useful notes quickly
- Every situation is different! (hand analysis and implementation of the acquired knowledge in your game)
- Mental game (to get you to the highest performance with your current knowledge)

What can I give you?
- MTT strategy related excel sheets and word documents.
- Detailed analysis of your database and finding leaks in your game

Coaching is available for:
- MTT No Limit Holdem (including normal, turbo, super turbo)
- SNG No Limit Holdem (6-180 players, including normal, turbo, hyper turbo)
- Ante Up MTT (No Limit Holdem)
- Cash Games (up to NL200)

Price: $80 / Hour

CONTACT: untaktikpro (at) gmail.com


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mazsi0623 mazsi0623
Join Date: Oct 30th, 2010
Rec Posted On: Apr 22nd, 2014
Hi everyone! Please allow me to share my educational experiences with Untaktik. With prepared, professional attitude he helped me to cut out leaks from my game. During the hours we spent learning he striked me as a helpful, ambicious man, who really cares about the quality of his work. The education itself is very fair, there is no waffle about involved what so ever during the period. He is every bit as a great player as his outstanding results would indicate. Thank you very much for your help Untaktik. :)
untaktik untaktik
Join Date: Apr 3rd, 2010
Rec Posted On: Apr 16th, 2014
I teached more than 20 Hungarian poker players. Here you can check their recommendations at the bottom of the page (Guest Reviews):