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I have been playing poker for about 3 years seriously. I am convinced that I could help any average Joe produce solid results from online poker tournaments. It is no secret that the game of poker is rapidly changing and the ability to adapt to these changes is what makes a player successful. I believe my coaching can help low to mid-stakes players of all calibers reach and realize their full potential. Some examples of topics that can be covered in coaching are: playing from the blinds, how to exploit certain villain types, and using hand ranging to develop optimal lines (to name a few). 2015 has been my best year thus far and I hope that trend to continue. I believe recent results are the most relevant in coaching, so here are some of my 2015 credentials:
-3 Way Sunday Million chop for the most money: 165 000
-1st Big 55: 15 000
-1st 8.80 1R1A: 6 000
-1st T-Rex: 4 000
-2nd Big 11: 8 000
To name some of my major scores this year. Thanks for your interest and best of luck with or without me!


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