By Assassinato Published on May 28th, 2010
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It takes this time of year to remind me why I play poker.

I, of course, am talking about the World Series of Poker. You'd be hard pressed to find many articles now that aren't about the WSOP. For sheer numbers of donkeys galloping through fields of poker chips, you can't beat America. The month-long event pits players from all over the world against each other in every poker game imaginable. The ...
By thearthurdog Published on May 27th, 2010
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This article fits into the "things I wish I had known when I started playing online" category. When I first joined PocketFives, I remember it took me a while to realize there were so many different ways to improve your game. I could obviously see the great advice on tricky hands that was posted on the forums, but I didn't understand how valuable the right books, training sites and coaching could b...
By jdpc27 Published on May 25th, 2010
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On May 28th, I begin the six hour drive from San Diego to Las Vegas, as I attend my second World Series of Poker (WSOP). Last summer, I spent 43 days in Las Vegas for the series, and gained a lot of perspective about how things operate. Here are a few tips and some insight that I would like to share with fellow PocketFivers who will be making the trip to Vegas this year.

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I lea...
By herschelw Published on May 23rd, 2010
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With the World Series of Poker quickly approaching, there's a lot of discussion among online poker players about how to make adjustments in order to play effectively in the live arena. When I first played live for significant money, I truly had no clue about the differences between live and online poker. I did however have a good head on my shoulders and clearly thought through what my approach wo...
By chardrian Published on May 20th, 2010
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Who am I? My name is Adrian Dresel-Velasquez and online I go by the screen name chardrian online. I used to be an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Wisconsin but became a professional poker player in 2007 when my wife and I moved to California. I am a midstakes, low-volume, online grinder and an instructor for PokerPwnage.

The WSOP begins in just about a week and I am finding myself day...
By grapsfan Published on May 13th, 2010
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My last article was about judging the quality of your decisions. In a poker hand, the quality of a decision is determined by the best opportunity to win the pot, rather than any specific outcome from a single sample. This holds true for tournament strategy, as well as for single pots. For guidance, we turn again to the sports world, to the World #1 in both golf and serial philandering, Tiger Woods...
By Lee Jones Published on May 10th, 2010
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For years, savvy poker players have known that game selection is one of the crucial - perhaps most crucial - components of being a winning poker player. It really doesn't matter how good a poker player you are; it only matters how good you are compared to the people against whom you're playing.

Back in the 80's, there was an extremely good poker player in Las Vegas, of whom it was often said, "Th...