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  2. Same. 850 for me. A point for every $3 I've lost. Really need an amazing pull out of one of these packs to make up for my Seeing Stars losses. The base packs are getting awfully close to neutral EV. Tomorrow's pack will be interesting. The last MGLE rares were out of 499 and are selling for $150-250 for most players. Throwdown is out of 1800, so I'm guessing they'll sell for $100-200 for all but the good players. Add another 5 cards that probably avg for $5-6. At $150/pack it's going to be close. Zion pull please
  3. May Poach: +235 Aupoker: +230 Vern: +211 Ivey: +110 Eagles: +50 Trues: -130 Ditka: -91
  4. Him and drug oneill. fuck both those assholes.
  5. Mystic River was so tilting. The way Sean Penn and Robbins couldn't just communicate at the end to sort it all out.
  6. definitely not cool with them. Takes them a year to figure out what many of us have known all along. maybe next year they will finally let kids play outside without masks
  7. And, most importantly, what I pointed out many times before, is that the masks can actually do harm. “Masks work!”. 80-year-old at risk individual with COPD hears this and says OK I can safely go to the grocery store and pick out my own groceries because this cloth mask will protect me. They get Covid. “But I did everything right!” If masks work at all, it would be on a population level. Slightly decreasing individual risk of spreading Covid multiplied times millions of people. They don’t work the way the vast majority of people think they work. They don’t protect better than any vaccine can (Redfield). They aren’t and were never the most powerful tool we have to fight Covid (Biden). If officials were more honest in their messaging as to who was most at risk and how those people should best protect themselves there may have been better results.
  8. Lol. Shocking mupp comes in to claim victory. now your cool with the cdc?
  9. Your flimsy cloth and paper masks don’t do anything. It is in the air you breathe. If your breathing air through your non-filtering cloth or paper mask, you are breathing in air that could contain Covid. But at least it shows you care about other people if you wear it. That’s what we’re trying to do, right? Trying to tell people that you’re taking this seriously. Whether or not there is any science behind your measures.
  10. I may have exaggerated by saying its tge #1 cause of pollution , but to say its bullshit is bullshit. Look it up.
  11. That gets teased in the trailer.
  12. Tank, shove, then die inside when the board pairs
  13. This daughter better get killed in the very beginning of the movie you son of a bitch.
  14. Everybody was happy at my target Friday
  15. Whats funny is this happened at a Target where the rules are pretty strict and not at WalMart where the people police themselves. Head scratcher.
  16. Poach -841 Eagleseye -190 My2chis -172 Ditka +31 Vern +92 Sweetness +130 Ryhenicee +190
  17. Mystic River was decent. I give it a B+
  18. Playing 7-handed 2/5 game, CO and Villain are roughly $700 effective. Folded to cutoff (tight/passive rec player) who make's it $15 to go, I call in the SB with 10J off and BB (not much history) calls. Flop is Q94r, both blinds check to CO who bets $35. I call and so does the BB. Going to the turn with $150 in the pot- turn is 8 of clubs, bringing in backdoor flush draw. I decide to lead out 1/3 pot ($50) to keep ranges wide. BB makes it $145 and has $530 behind. CO folds. What do you think of the lead? As played, what do you do on this turn?
  19. https://youtu.be/NygeaRLnAYE
  20. Yep online for the bots. The final straw was this Friday
  21. So you are sad for managers and owners having to work extra hours until september, but the minimum wage employees deciding to keep the enhanced unemployment until september are wastes of society? got it.
  22. i bet on bob's horses for the exact reason that you know they're gonna be juiced as fuck.
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