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  2. Afternoon NHL Islanders -1.5 +125 Rangers PK Flyers PK Panthers -125 100 max each. Regs quote Vic to book
  3. Morning Show was good. For All Mankind is ok.
  4. Sold embiid for $330 Couldnt resist. $14 pack.
  5. 1. 10$ on colgate 2. 15$ on Vermont 3. 10$ on South Dakota st 4. 15$ on firman 5. 15$ on South Dakota 6. 15$ on wva 7. 10$ on Arkansas
  6. API Round 3 Spieth PK Rose (1:05) Casey -105 Im (1:15) Hovland +115 McIlroy (1:35) 100 each per person. qtb
  7. CBB Colgate -900 Vermont -390 South Dakota St -1050 Furman -312 South Dakota -275 W VA -450 Arkansas -1250
  8. Sweeetness what games you still got open big dawg
  9. Today
  10. Ha ha - thanks - helps if I learn to read
  11. Idk, but one thing I thought of they could do to make the rarer ones more special is to change the sound. Either play an exclusive song from a popular rapper. Or play the broadcasters comnentary in thebackground instead of the same music every one of these moments is playing right now. As far as i can tell, Currently the background beats is the same for every rarity.
  12. He said per person try and keep up
  13. Guessing teachers unions arent the top rachels list but what do i know. fixed
  14. As long as these come with the lube I’ll take them all for 50 each
  15. Fuck me for doing this. 25
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