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  2. President Donald J. Trump - The third year

    No it isn't his job to know what every acronym means. It is ridiculous. That's why Gary Johnson thought they were talking about some acronym he hadn't heard of when they asked him about Aleppo. We should require the use of existing English within our federal government.
  3. Ebola Outbreak 2019

    ✅ 19 new confirmed cases ☠️ 15 deaths
  4. dray helped recruit him after king buttfucked
  5. President Donald J. Trump - The third year

    A long term professional in that industry would have known what that acronym stood for in terms of the context of the committee meeting. Trump appointed him to HUD because he spoke well of him, needed a black cabinet member, and figured HUD was a good fit for a black man.
  6. May betting

    Add this one too I guess. 400 EDIT - nm boulder took it. No bet on this one
  7. May betting

  8. May betting

  9. President Donald J. Trump - The third year

    Insert Robin Williams clip from Good Morning Vietnam here.
  10. May betting

    Looking for.. MLB Cards RL Rockies Red Sox RL Tigers Nats Twins Cubs RL Yqiab for up to 400. Auto closes when 400 is hit on each.
  11. President Donald J. Trump - The third year

    There’s probably 100 used in OT (oh look an acronym!) daily. Lol. Smh. Gg.
  12. President Donald J. Trump - The third year

    Every single industry in the world has tons acronyms. You can’t even exist if you don’t know them at work. Asking him to know the ones he runs isn’t exactly out of line.
  13. Official 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    what a time to be alive in New England, right AFink? i'm not betting shit but i'll certainly be down from some trash talking. nothings personal i can take all the jabs hopefully i can deliver the last blow tho. certainly lots of people are not giving the blues enough respect. they have the second best record in the NHL since january when they turned the season around hopefully mCCoy joins the patriots OneM
  14. i can't believe i'm gonna be rooting for the warriors. it's going to be pretty funny if they win it all without durant. i hope draymond crucifies him at the podium
  15. May betting

    @boulderrrr you forget to take out Rockies vs me? 🤔
  16. President Donald J. Trump - The third year

    It's absolutely his job. And if it's too bureaucratic, consolidate. But just saying it's a lot to memorize is lol. Plenty of people have remember a lot more than a few hundred acronyms for their jobs. And for a lot of them it's not even a chore it's just part of doing their job well. And isn't this dude supposed to be a brain surgeon? Does he need Peyton manning to help him study?
  17. I watch a fair bit but I'm not pretending I know more about it than other people (except skip bayless)
  18. May betting

  19. Today
  20. Not Quite Thread Worthy - May 2019 NSFW

    Are you lactose intolerant?
  21. Official James Holzhauer Jeopardy Run Thread

    lol, wow is she fucking salty
  22. Not Quite Thread Worthy - May 2019 NSFW

    Ed likes to complain about anything and everything.
  23. May betting

  24. May betting

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