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  2. it's a nba fathers day edition of derrick rose father. only reason it hasn't crumbled on it's own yet. put that thing in the sun and it melts in 3 seconds
  3. If that Bulls one is John Salley, it's the best one yet.
  4. thats why i dont drink wine i'm slow wind and booze hips and titties
  5. It’s URI?

    somebody probably put it there since these monoliths things. no clue how that thing doesn't fill up with water and not sink and its found then found with nasa on it. nice try it was one hell of a monsoon tho. thank god its still like 60 in december. probably woulda be 4 feet of snow @aupoker1 hopefully that wasn't hanks weed farms water source
  6. I have met so many OTers that a can guarantee this is the case. Its be a long time, but I cant even remember any OTers I didnt get along with. Outside of online politics, more people are normal. Although, i just realized that I met most OT way before everyone lost their fucking minds cause of Trump. So maybe people will be a bit crazier now lol.
  7. lol. it's too easy with the whole figurine i think. lol at that being david justice. i think said i post my shit cards that i probably got burned on as a kid by fake auto from some fat slob card shop 30 years ago. i swear i have a dave justice card in the screw case lool. i found em the other night but passed out before i opended the cigar box they are in i was slick card shark. i probably coulda traded a ramon martinez rookie card to @JB for a pedro martinez rookie card, chicken wings and french fries. throw in a litre of cola and we go a deal
  8. if u want to call that a kickoff.
  9. from a 30 point blowout loss, where afterwards the coach got fired, the vandy kicker that kicked off only once, received the SEC co-special teams player of the week award. bitches be cray.
  10. We would probably get along just fine over a few drinks. I don’t really politic much outside OT. Dont forget I was the guy telling you to slow down on the betting. time will tell if I’m a highly conscious person that found reality ahead of the curve or a delusional conspiracy theorist. ive considered both, I’m good either way and I know you will be good win or lose. im more concerned about user who has zero $’s on the line lol
  11. Ending of the Wisco game was b-a-n-a-n-a-s!
  12. Yeah, I mean you can't do that but...... I got red carded my junior year in a game that I had 2 goals and got red carded scoring my 3rd (collision with goalie, legal) but the ref threw me out on the spot. It looked bad, but I wasn't wrong. I flipped the fuck out, I got escorted to the bus. I wanted to knock the guy out. But yeah, you can't.
  13. Sometimes these Friday night games are so strange.
  14. What about that high school player slamming the ref into the ground? Fucking idiot. He got arrested for felony assault too. I think thats what it was called.
  15. Yeah, this was on SVP the other night and I rewound it a couple times. It really is confusing even though it should not be. If you knew punt protect was that bad do you maybe not punt there? Run the ball, throw a screen? The onside kick seems scripted like shot for a movie to happen that way. Just, huh? As Stanford Steve said when asked: "No you never get over that" I would get zero sleep if I was on the losing side. especially since they had never won a title ( right?). Defending champs pull out a win.
  16. He is now California inmate No. BL7078. haha. this is the ultimate i don't me to offend you but... Before being arrested for attempted murder,...lol
  17. and OT has seen too much of it, that’s how I learned doxing is no joke. Ess Poopy The guy that lost the 5k chip ect This should be a safe space to talk shit, I don’t do any social media and I love that we can say anything here.
  18. Agreed. I'll get back to the argument later this weekend. Take care.
  19. The implied threats of turning anonymous internet buffonery into real-life consequences shouldn't be lost on anyone
  20. Darby just annoys me. Love Sammy though. Inner Circle still has a lot of legs and marketing. A lot of money to be made. Hence the new painmaker store. MJF and Sammy will make up and I believe MJF will remain with inner circle for a few months before the turn. live crowds will come back more and more come March and April and you have MJF vs Jericho at their big All in event in May or June with a pimped out audience singing to Jerichos entrance.
  21. the best is felger and mazz playing the high school announcers clips on the day before thanksgiving
  22. We are good. I have integrity and would never dox anyone. but seriously you need to chill, you are too invested in this whole thing. It’s all good. Trump will win and everything will be ok. Turn off the media and read a good book, this thread should be serious but also fun. It’s OT, don’t forget.
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