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  2. my2chis -775 ditka -625 vern -569 ivey -253 xmas -180 supermat -25 poach +25 Xmas +100 treypear +100 ryhen +100 BOKE +176 sweetness +275 eagles +298 trr +522 shaaarrrp +917
  3. it could be true if u consider getting a chick with blue hair pregnant and keeping the baby as a huge score
  4. What a finish to rampage. Just excellent.
  5. In game Washington 513/100 quote is a bet
  6. Sad to hear this news, solid poster over the years. I figured the thread title meant that Jaybone had hit some large poker score. RIP buchiYAYO
  7. Today
  8. Hopefully just a hill sachs lesion, if you like the browns
  9. OT will never own a NBA Team.
  10. 1. 15$ on AM game 2. 15$ on liberty game
  11. Ohio St -1175 A+M -1250 Liberty -1250 quote is a bet for 50
  12. Just remember the real reason no one invades the usa. We are a polite, well armed society that will defend our nation door to door if needed. No army could defeat us in a conventional attack. If the tards want a missile war or some nuke ish outcome, we lose. But my reloads and $1000 bullets hold weight. I will defend rt2 on our soil.
  13. Twitter censored the Biden hands up video flagging it for being sensitive content
  14. I didn’t even realize you can learn to play the harp…always something new to discover in this game!
  15. Yesterday
  16. This game must take a serious turn somewhere...
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