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  2. This page isn’t working www.pocketfives.com redirected you too many times. Try clearing your cookies. ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS
  3. 2 hours later. the 0.15 wall is gone. There is now about 75 women priced for sale below 0.21 eth. The cheapest green or blue women are already 0.25 , there's only a few of those for sale at that price one thing im very concerned about is there's an NFT whale named pranksy. he has 80k followers. And he has over 35k expensive eth nfts including 3 cryptopunks. He minted 900 of these women at 0.07 eth each. Thats 63 eth, like $150k. He's already sold a few of his super rare night goddess women for like 5 eth each. time for sleep. nft gods. make these woke womens one of the most sought after nft collections on the internet.
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  5. Of course you don’t believe him. Duh that’s shocking. You guys are still on this shit. Jesus. And Orange man bad did sign two previous stimulus bills into law in 2020.
  6. First they came for the burgers now the bacon? When will it end???
  7. USA women soccer -252 Sweden women’s -325 both to advance . Quote is a bet for 50
  8. She follows me on Twitter. We are very close. I support her in her recent tweets
  9. How did these two high jump assholes manage to chop a gold medal? i thought you said top-top
  10. Imagine how many positions you could put her in.
  11. mckayla @McKaylaMaroney So, @USAGym and USOC aka @TeamUSA When I was under “your care” in Tokyo competing for Team USA at 15, and my parents weren’t allowed to stay in my hotel, or see me in person… When I was all alone, naked, with Larry Nassar on top of me for 50min balling. Who’s fault is that? How many times did he nut in 50 minutes?
  12. Guess Donk was just leading us on. Oh well
  13. 27 now. man i really hope this is just the beginning and these chicks go viral . chances are though i wake up tomorrow and theres like 250 womens priced below 0.15 eth
  14. Oh snap the very first Olympic athlete from Okinawa is on TV. 77 kilo freestyle wrestling. His mix tape is fire.
  15. According to the new rules... that's already an armed treasonous insurrection with many deaths. That's easy. Yawn.
  16. Dems are awesome. All the feel goods. The worst results.
  17. Better with bacon on the lake. jam band covers but all jerry tonight for obv reasons. Right on the lake too. the played a wonderful eyes.
  18. Thefeds money would go to you. Not your tenants if they were late fwiw ir didnt pay in 2020
  19. My tenants work the system like NOBODY I have ever met. I was kind of waiting for them to stop paying rent. They didn't. EDIT: That's my cool story bro.
  20. Hopefully Antifa decides to stay their basement white selves home and the protest stays peaceful.
  21. like vanitii said to @shrubs it's time to fuck. fucking amazizing shrub names if u @ i don't lnow whats whtat but lol @ShrubsPayingEvery1back
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