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  2. I shouted fire in a crowded building, but no one remembers that I said "stay calm" afterwards.
  3. You knew they were getting at least 3 when they scored with > 20 sec left
  4. I remember going around supermanning those hoes. Not my fault though, Soulja Boy made me do it.
  5. Why do leftists always ignore that he told them "peacefully"? Would that break something else in their brains?
  6. Got ‘em right where we want ‘em
  7. I love how the party of responsibility and accountability also thinks you can organize a mob and send them to the capitol and then just put your hands on the air and say "this is all them."
  8. Riling people up before they do dumb shit is impeachable? Dems are fucked. Try this; The people responsible for crashing the capitol are the people who crashed the capitol.
  9. put the orange crumgs on his fingers lol
  10. funny thing is i/m mad i ate all the cheetos last night. it fits perfect @LeftyMark can u shop bill on a bag of cheetos. i do it but w/e i post pics don't work
  11. He did hold a sore loser rally where he told a mob of morons to march to the capitol while congress was in session, which they did. Then they broke in and some people died... That's usually enough to get you fired.
  12. biggest bust in 2022 is bill belichick
  13. There's going to be more niners fans than rams next week
  14. brady vs. jimmy g. was so close. ugh to see heads explode (and it was in the NFC) thanks for nothing, bellichick
  15. Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers have won 6 straight games against Sean McVay and the Rams.
  16. I hope not. Trump being impeached was just spoiled brats pitching hissie fits. One side has to be the grown-ups.
  17. Biden being impeached is lock of the century assuming he doesn’t die or resign first.
  18. Their offense has nothing and this dude just does his magician act with three huge scrambles Sigh
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