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  2. President Donald J. Trump - The third year

    True common sense compassionate conservatives are VERY happy with Trump's flavor of GOP
  3. ***Official 2019 NFL Off-Season Thread***

    I didnt know Baldwin quit. I was hoping he’d sign in Green Bay
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  5. ***Official 2019 NFL Off-Season Thread***

    I never said he was smart I just said he is smarter than hacker. I don't want him coaching the patriots. woulda liked flores to stick around or maybe jerrod mayo down the road
  6. Jam band jamming thread.

    Yea man. So happy for my brother. There couldn’t be a bigger phish/tedeschi trucks fan than him and he got to see Trey and Derrick for 8ish hours or so the last 2 days play together live. Just texted with him. He’s tired but in his own little heaven. Plus a whole bunch of Bobby.
  7. Texans/Cowboys pre-season squares

    Shipped 20
  8. President Donald J. Trump - The third year

    And true Conservatives should be disgusted with that
  9. ***Official 2019 NFL Off-Season Thread***

    Josh mcdaniels drafted tim tebow
  10. ***Official 2019 NFL Off-Season Thread***

    When I retired from the Navy after 22 years it was the easiest decision I've ever made. When you quit on your team, your teammates and your organization that's when the decision becomes much much harder. Which one was a shocker when they "retired" Notable players to retire since the end of last season: Andrew Luck Gronk Julius Peppers Doug Baldwin Max Unger Kyle Williams Jordy Nelson Haloti Ngata Navarro Bowman Chris Long Glover Quin TJ Lang Adam Jones Brian Orakpo Jeremy Maclin Phil Dawson Derrick Morgan Josh Sitton
  11. ***Official 2019 NFL Off-Season Thread***

    was really looking forward to another patriots 52 colts 13 afc championship game. sucks
  12. August Betting Thread

  13. President Donald J. Trump - The third year

    Trump at 94% approval with likely GOP voters.... best of luck with that! The GOP is dead. It’s Trump’s Party now.
  14. ***Official 2019 NFL Off-Season Thread***

    Classy move by the Colts organization to let Luck keep 25 million they could’ve recouped
  15. August Betting Thread

  16. August Betting Thread

  17. ***Official 2019 NFL Off-Season Thread***

    I'm definitely not a fan of booing, but he did retire in late August.
  18. August Betting Thread

  19. August Betting Thread

    Closed on everything for now
  20. August Betting Thread

  21. ***Official 2019 NFL Off-Season Thread***

    Did you listed to his whole press conference after the game? DIdnt sound like it was something easy. Basically said he is in constant pain.
  22. August Betting Thread

    Looking for up to 300 each per person on: MLB Orioles +162 Under 9.5 +105 Indians -340 Indians -1.5 -160 Under 9 PK Marlins +190 Under 8 PK Mets PK Over 8.5 -105 Pirates +129 Over 8.5 -110 Twins -182 Under 9.5 PK Angels +177 Over 10 -110 Diamondbacks +110 Under 9 PK Giants +150 Over 9.5 +110 Nationals -121 Over 8.5 -105 Mariners -138 Over 9.5 -105 Red Sox +110 Over 9.5 +110 White Sox -125 Under 9 +110 Rockies +172 Rockies +1.5 -115 Rockies -1.5 +290 Rockies -2.5 +525 Rockies -3.5 +765 Over 7.5 -180 Over 8.5 -132 Over 9 -105 Over 9.5 +110 Over 10.5 +157 Over 11.5 +232 Over 28 HRE +110 Rockies Over 3.5 Runs -115 Yes 1st Inning Run -125 1st Inning Over 1.5 Runs +225 Rockies Score First PK Wacha Under 4.5 Ks -125 Blackmon Yes HR +475 Murphy Yes HR +475 Desmond Yes Hit -150 Blackmon Over 2.5 HRR -115 Arenado Over 2.5 HRR +110 Murphy > Goldschmidt +145 Story > Carpenter HRR +110 Quote by a reg at the current VIC is booked.
  23. ***Official 2018 WWE Thread***

  24. August Betting Thread

  25. August Betting Thread

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