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  2. exactly the opposite, no one wanted to watch Donnie spew his dribble, 4 years is enough....
  3. kowboy, trues is from KY and sometimes it takes explaining it more than once, and in a variety of different ways. charts, pics, and his own name littered strategically throughout to get him to read past mid-page. at no time should the pdb...um, I mean trues' explanation go past one page. lots of white space
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  5. trues idk how you can act as if this is a stupid thought, like over the top stupid? trump told the proud boys to stand down, as if they await his orders, and trump has been protesting the voting system that is currently in place, for a year or more now. trump has also hired and pre-prepared dozens of lawyers from 3 major firms, to contest battle ground states. trump in fact has built a massive team of thousands to do exactly what you define as over the top stupidity. trues this son of a bitch is not going to go quietly, and thinking that he will, is simply ignoring the ground work that is already in place. wth is wrong with you with the constant insults? do you think you or us collectively, are going to change this shit?
  6. Happy Birthday Jimmy Carter. 96. First president to live 40 years after his presidency. Oldest ex president ever. And by all accounts a decent human being and will be remembered for what he’s done after his term more than his presidency. I expect Trump will be remembered the same after Jan of 25.
  7. Not cool man. I never insulted Wab. He knows I wasn't insulting him.
  8. Sept end Vern: +659 Ivey: +242 Poach: +160 Ditka: -349 Oct My2chis: +100 Eagles: +100 Boulder: +100 Supermat: +50 Trues: -25
  9. that was one of the wildest playoff games I've ever seen. crazy shit there
  10. Settling accounts on some post-Munich, Operation Wrath of God type shit. Mossad ain't got shit on Neeek
  11. The German opposition in 1933 didn't try to stop Hitler? good to know. tks
  12. Oh thank you oh great one Mr high and mighty for your gentle touch. I’m not sure how I would handle it if you in your infinite wisdom stopped being so easy on me. I might have to call WAR to teach me how to tie a noose if you did that. You probably don’t even know what a snowflake is . You are just deflecting. You just don’t like it that someone calls you out on your bullshit. And you being the self entitled sensitive person you are deflects that term on me. Go ahead and unleash your fury on me. It’s really going to affect my life and general well being that Neek from P5s called me a snowflake. You going to call me fat next ?
  13. All this Christopher Wallace blasphemy is utterly unacceptable
  14. How dare you put in the work to run a contest that people can decide if they want to enter or not. Thanks for doing this. Could always just increase the prize amount retroactively when there are fewer score changes based on how many there are.
  15. They didn’t try to stop Hitler, but that would make sense given their name so I see how you could assume it.
  16. End of an era . Rangers bought out last year of Henriks contract. From a 7th round pick . He carried this sorry ass franchise for a decade and did it with class. Which wasn’t repaid by college coach Quinn. Casted him out like trash . So at least Hank can maybe sign with a potential contender for a short term deal . ( Carolina /Chicago/Colorado could use quality goalie depth ) And the Rangers will continue to flounder with this coach with zero clue and zero defense and no winning culture.
  17. I have gone hella easy on you because I know you are sensitive. Like I can't think of a truly mean thing I have said other than you are a snowflake. How can I help you boost your self esteem and/or thicken your skin?
  18. omg you try so hard lol. its even worse though because I think you actually believe it. you're embarassing yourself even more (willywoo alert)
  19. ahahahhaahah not sure if its funnier that you did hella proud boys research, or that this is your conclusion. This thread is fucking awesome after the debates.
  20. This obviously. The Hacker, trues, and Randers tears are fucking great though.
  21. Why ? You should expect no less from him. That’s his classic emo. Talk down to you and lob personal insults.
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