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  2. Me taking a dump on my boss' desk: I'll bet he starts trying to get me fired for being an atheist.
  3. Hillary, Joey, Trumpy…thats what we produced. My god lol. That is embarrassing.
  4. I like Elon, but this is a great example of why this two party system sucks and why our country is tanking hard in the intelligence category. What happened with voting who you think would be the best representative and do the best job as the POTUS? All tho shit, that could lead to many not voting because both candidates suck dick. ie the last two elections. Hillary-lol Trumpy-lol Biden-LOL Im politically ignorant and Ill admit that. I also love that I dont care about politics. Just keep me safe.
  5. Love that bet. I feel like Jabari is going to be really good.
  6. Today
  7. For sure. Not sure it works well, but they often try. The communist painting definitely seems to work better for the repub base. It's all a pathetic game.
  8. already started in OT!
  9. Nationals under padres under mets under pirates under astros under yankees under blue jays over rangers under royals over reds over canes under flames under 100 each per person. Will post nba and props later.
  10. Wants warriors canes flames 300
  11. My sister assures me that that's different.
  12. Is it ok to look at west France does successfully now?
  13. How dumb do you have to be to fall for that?
  14. PA won’t know who won last nights primary for weeks, what a shock! he’s right you know…
  15. About as much as leftists demanding a vaccine mandate believing "my body my choice".
  16. It is quite amazing how quickly they switch the narrative after a year of campaigning and blaming the sitting POTUS for every evil in the world. And how he would take responsibility for it as POTUS and he should resign for being responsible for 200,000 deaths. Now that his guy is in the captains chair it's " oh it's a global problem " " it's Putins fault " It's borderline hilarious and kinda sad. Also New York is known for having very tough gun laws. Ask Plaxico Burress. The state is a liberal enclave with very strict gun laws in place. Outside of actually banning guns which I could care less about them. They have strict gun laws there already and the fact that this kid ( I know he's 18 but he's a kid) with his background and mental issues was able to still purchase a gun is a failure of the system. You don't need stricter laws you need to actually enforce the ones that are there.
  17. The system is already in place to prohibit crazies and felons from possessing a gun. The system failed again... and that failure makes up the vast majority of gun crime. But what's the dem focus? Scary looking guns... lol. It's almost comical... if it weren't so inept and wrongheaded.
  18. You tried to blame a global pandemic that originated in China on the POTUS. Good post!
  19. Good to hear that I'm not the only person in need of improvement. Got in some bench and a 2 mile run this morning. Bench felt weak but we did put up 205x5. On the road tomorrow for the RunGood Events in Joplin. Will miss the Friday weigh in but will try to get the workouts in at least.
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