Donkbluff is a staking management tool. This is not a place to find stakers or stakees, but a place for stakers and stakees to come to to make their lives easier and their relationship smoother. For the most part, only stakers with at least 5 stakees will find this type of tool useful and only those with 10 or more will find this or something like it to be necessary.

Who uses donkbluff?

Donkbluff is used by several hundred online poker players to keep track of their staking activity. Virtually every donkbluff user we've talked to has told us that the site is fantastic for helping them drastically reduce the daily jumble of emails, spreadsheets and IMs. You can see more about donkbluff on this demo video (the password is donkbluff) where we show a little bit about the capabilities of the site. As time goes on and you build up data in donkbluff, the site becomes more and more useful.

How do I get started?

You can email Jeff Williams at his yellowsubpoker gmail address (ie, take yellowsubpoker and put the usual extension on it for gmail -- sorry to be obtuse, trying to avoid email spam). Jeff can provide additional information about donkbluff as well as get you set up with an account. Only stakers should contact Jeff for accounts -- if you're a stakee and you want your staker to use donkbluff, please have your staker contact Jeff instead.