Hello all,

Posting to inform that for the next 2 weeks I will be offering a discount on my private lessons when bought in a bulk package. I will sell 10 hours for $1300 (A significant discount from the normal $150/hr I usually charge). I have had a lot of time since Black Friday to focus on studying the game which has entailed understanding the strategic ways that the game has changed since that date. I have many references as a coach that I can provide from private students that I have had over the years (I have been involved in coaching since 2007). Since Black Friday I have been working closely with Christina Lindley on her game and the results have immediately shown (she took 13th in WPT Legends, 7th in the 1k WCOOP, amongst other scores).

Currently I am in Mexico grinding on stars again!!!

I have been receiving private messages lately about what the lessons would entail. Obviously each lesson will be tailored to the individual student's needs. Here is a brief summary. The most common option is to go over a hand history of the student (you). This involves us getting on skype and going through an entire single tournament together (this generally takes an hour, sometimes slightly longer depending on the tournament). Another option is that the student saves individual hand histories from the week in which they struggled/didn't know what to do and we go over all of these together. Going over an entire hand history will give me a better feel for game flow and reads on situations. It will also provide me the opportunity to spot leaks faster. The third option is to go over one of my recent hand histories with me and you can ask why I did what I did along the way (definitely will not choose this option for the first lesson but definitely can be valuable once we get into the series). In using these methods I will be able to quickly identify where your game is at, what leaks you have, and how to fix them.

If you have any questions feel free to post them here. Please send me a private message with your skype information to inquire further about purchasing a package.

thanks guys