1. Hello P5ers,

    So I've been playing on Cake since BF with marginal success. After cashing out a few times, I was ready for some deeper action with bigger guarantees and I received a promotional email from Carbon Poker this morning. I looked at the nice Sunday schedule they had available and decided to deposit $250 and go for it all today.

    After getting felted for no cash in the Sunday 150k gtd, I decided to give it one more big shot...so I registered for the Sunday Evening $109, 50k gtd. I was running decent until my AK flopped top pair against a set, which ran me down to 6BBs left at the 100/200 level. Then something amazing happened....

    I shipped that motha for $10,650!!!

    By far the biggest score of my life, and to hit on my 1st day playing this site makes it even sweeter! So excited I don't even think I'll sleep tonight! Hope you guys are having some big scores tonight as well.

    Take Care,

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  2. Well done great win!! Amazing to hear!!!
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  3. congrats man
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  4. Congrats!
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  5. Congrats, !!!!!!!!!!
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  6. Did you bust and or play with a guy named JasonOne?

    and sick man good job!
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  7. awesome score!
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  8. very nice indeed, well done!
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  9. Nice score!!!!
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  10. another new account shipping big on merge, well done sir
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  11. swish!
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  12. Where is Bef
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  13. grats
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  14. Bink! Gratz sir...
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  15. Very well done and congrats sir!! GL in the future as well!
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  16. Good stuff man! Sick first day ship
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  17. It's always sweeter when you come back from nothing. Congrats!
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  18. well done
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  19. 5 fig on merge? it can only go downhill from here
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  20. well done, now you have the proper br to keep playing those limits
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  21. Congrats, My good friend finished 3rd in this tournament and I had a sweat so railed for a while. You played really well poker and deserved the win! Congrats and hope to keep seeing you at the tables
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  22. GG bro
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  23. Cash out and start over with $250 rinse and repeat. Sick score congrats
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  24. Congrats!
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  25. well played - grats!
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  26. yippy
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  27. Congrats on the great score!!!

    Of course Lock will now turn on the doom switch, and you will get sucked out without mercy for your next 50+ mtts! LOL!
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  28. that's awesome! congrats
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  29. inb4befhwksaysitoldyouso
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  30. congrats nice job
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