5 thousand hand heads up bet.
  1. Is anyone interested in making a wager to play a total of 5 thousand hands heads up? We would have to use play money and keep track of hands which is pretty easy. I am willing to play for any amount of money up to 100 dollars being that this is the first time I've ever tried to challenge someone. Depending on how it goes I would be willing to play for more. The other stipulation that I would want to agree on would be some kind of a time limit. Obviously we aren't playing 5k hands in one sitting but I am not willing to agree to a year long extension. Lmk if you are interested!
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  2. Give me a rough estimate of the time period, will it be play money hu sng style or cash game style? Do you think it'd be easier to 2 table heads up sng's instead, and make it a specific number of games rather than hands?

    If we can do something like that I would be interested, providing someone that we both know and who is trustworth (like a P5's admin) holds onto the $ before the game commences.
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