1. Player 9Baller-KS raises (1850)
    Player ready0rn0t folds
    Player RiverSaved folds
    Player WPN_DEC folds
    Player DehOne folds
    Player KittensAreCute folds
    Player b3asy516 folds
    Player DORITO calls (1150)
    *** FLOP ***: [9d Jh Jc]
    Player DORITO checks
    Player 9Baller-KS bets (1199)
    Player DORITO folds
    Uncalled bet (1199) returned to 9Baller-KS
    Player 9Baller-KS mucks cards
    ------ Summary ------
    Pot: 4650. Rake 0
    Board: [9d Jh Jc]
    Player b3asy516 does not show cards.Bets: 425. Collects: 0. Loses: 425.
    Player DORITO does not show cards.Bets: 1925. Collects: 0. Loses: 1925.
    *Player 9Baller-KS mucks (does not show cards). Bets: 1925. Collects: 4650. Wins: 2725.

    So I am most curious about preflop play....should I limp and hope for action or play it the way I did?
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  2. I may have missed it but what is your hand?

    Edit, don´t worry I found it in the heading. AA.

    You have 15bb UTG. You don´t list the stack sizes of the players behind you but I´m usually open shoving my full range for 15BB UTG, because it disguises the strength of my hand.

    Would you open 99´s /AJo UTG or shove for 15BB?

    I just find I get looked up more often playing this way as everyone is usually too wary of an UTG 15bb min raising....
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  3. Okay thank you....I honestly thought about a shove....Just wondered what way is more profitable

    I will try and do better with giving more information when posting in the future.

    Thanks again
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  4. 350/700 $1,000 GTD, Table 16 (Hold'em)
    Seat 9 is the button
    Seat 1: b3asy516 (11990).
    Seat 2: DORITO (14280).
    Seat 3: 9Baller-KS (10150).
    Seat 4: ready0rn0t (30772).
    Seat 6: RiverSaved (7842).
    Seat 7: WPN_DEC (109116).
    Seat 8: DehOne (19179).
    Seat 9: KittensAreCute (7313).
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