1. Hey peeps,

    I decided to make a challenge to myself, achieving the 500k milestone in this next month and a half.

    I will keep updates on this thread about that challenge.

    I'm starting with Lifetime Total $346,862 so it will be hard but fun to try :)

    Good luck everybody in the upcoming series :)
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  2. Good luck mate
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  3. Gooood luck!!!
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  4. i really dont like goals like this cause in a way this is out of your hands especially in mtt poker.
    how about set a goal thats related to volume or study hours? or something similar that is actually in your control
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  5. You're so damn right, MTTs could be very painful since you can be playing good and still don't achieve results in the short run; so this goal is more to chalenge myself a bit and give me some extra motivation to go after the BIG SCORE. But yeah volume wise I expect to play aroud 1 to 1,2k games between 26 August to 17 September (series in 3 diferent sites), studying is being done before the Series, during series it will be just hard grind and the study will only return in the end of the Series :)
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