1. I was in the middle of the sunday $530 high roller and the poker client shut down. Their phone number is disconnected and their live support won't open either. Seems like they got shut down. Is anyone else experiencing this?
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  2. http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/21...-else-1659373/

    yeah they wont restart it by the looks. been too long. bye equity
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  3. Their servers are down. They will cancel the games and do chip chop if game is past late reg once they get back online. And they will continue on like this doesn't happen lol
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  4. Today I asked about cachet delay via live support and it looked like the guy copy and pasted what his answer is suppose to be. I'm going to Bold the part that scared me. I have a pic of it on my phone...

    Cashout delays: please make sure everyone uses the same story. As part of our continuous commitment to offer you safe and timely cashouts, we are working on some backend updates. This is currently causing delays with payout review. Nonetheless, we are working hard to ensure your cashout is paid out as soon as possible." we also have the T&C from the site: "Under normal circumstances, payouts are subject to review, and may take up to 15 business days to process

    This is a copy and paste so all the typos are theirs. thoughts? I don't know how to post the screenshot
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  5. could this have anything to do with bitcoin ddos attacks?
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  6. i got the same response from a guy on True Poker live chat for a small bitcoin cashout, like $94.. said it could take 15 business days to review lol.. i was like, uhhh ok, i not on my list of high priorities anyways... WPN is a scourge.. only site I struggle on and have had numerous issues with cashouts and p2p transfers going limbo etc..

    and on side note, also haven't been reimbursed for the two tourneys I was in when it got frozen ($22 7.5k 8max and $11 7.5k) fortunately was only 300-600 blinds but would be nice to get compensated at least the buyins back not really expecting much tho.
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  7. This was available on Safest Poker Sites.com yesterday;
    (No opinion on my part, may be interweb bs, just happened to be checking it out last night)

    March 2017 US Offshore Online Poker Payment Processing Report
    Winning Poker C+ (A)
    The Winning Poker Network saw one of the largest drops we’ve ever reported on for any poker site in our more than five years of writing these reports.* The Winning Poker Network has experienced a number of bounced checks and delays in other withdrawal options.* The cashier services Americas Cardroom, Black Chip Poker and True Poker.
    Bitcoin withdrawals are taking anywhere from 10 to 21 days.* This is the longest wait in the U.S. online poker market at this time for Bitcoin cashouts.* The maximum withdrawal is $25,000.* The fee is two percent.
    Checks are available in amounts up to $2,995.* These take one to two months to receive.* The fee is $65.* Players may receive one free check per month. Winning Poker still offers a debit card.* The fee is $40 to receive the card.* There is a $4.95 withdrawal fee.* It costs $3 to use the card at an ATM.* It costs $5 to keep the account open each month.* Debit card withdrawals are processed in about one week.

    And I am live on ACR now, no problem
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  8. Hello, everyone! Regarding the tournaments, we are deeply sorry about the issues presented last night. The techs are working hard in order for this not to be an issue again. All running tournaments got canceled and refunded as per our terms and conditions. Also about the withdrawals, our withdrawal department are currently working on some backend updates. This is currently causing delays with payout review. Nonetheless, they are working hard to ensure your cashout is paid out as soon as possible." On our T&C from the site: *Under normal circumstances, payouts are processed the day after they are requested, however, all payouts are subject to review and may take up to 15 business days to process.
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  9. Don't worry ACR players. ACR will always have excuses for stalling your payouts.. It is part of their business model to ensure they are sitting on more funds at any given time and plus stalling payouts provides added opportunity for you to cancel your withdraw request and then have to wait the mandatory time frame to initiate another withdraw request hoping that you put the money you were going to withdraw back on the poker felt. Just be patient and stick to your withdraw plan and it will work out. They are in the business of retaining your money not speedily handing it away. So accept that truth, have some coffee, and adjust your expectations accordingly.
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