any smart computer people out there?
  1. This post is not about accusing any poker site of corruption. I simply would like to know from a tech point of view if it is possible to do the following. Enter a players user name into a program so that it would ultimately make it impossible or extremely difficult to win money on a particular site? I would love to hear from someone who really understand what goes on back stage at these sites. So the question is: Could a site possible do that if they wanted to? Not stating they are doing it, again just want to know if it is plausible?
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  2. like some kind of doom list? that is one of the first rumors you listen when you start playing poker but its just that, a rumor :)
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  3. well probably

    p5s has this option where you type in worst poster and your name came up highly ht on

    so they are right i guess
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  4. It’s technically possible. It is however not happening.
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  5. Thanks Killingbird, Just wanted to know if it could be done. Like I have noticed some web sites I visited, and now there banner just pops up on different web sites that I am on. Different but similar. Hey Killingbird do you know who regulates sites on WPN? I do wonder some times what is to stop a site from trying to achieve as much as an advantage as they can in order to maximize profits. I also understand that if a site was doing something illegal, unethical and word got out, that the site would take a huge hit to there reputation. So why take a chance? I sure would love to talk to someone who actually works in a computer/tech position at one of these foreign sites. PS IPOOP You can seriously kiss my ass.
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  6. I'm not aware of who regulates the WPN sites.
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