1. hey clowns!! all of you horrible players on carbon (goodsaint, OTtis, fabofabe etc.), Im looking for heads up matches in any game at any stake. Im tired of taking all your money in MTT's, so im gonna switch it up.
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  2. .25/.50 PLO - 5K hands ??? DM me iif interested
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  3. People still play on carbon?
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  4. Let me know when you're ready for some 109 hyper turbos. PM me when you're ready.
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  5. 109 sng please. Some regular 109s or 215s
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  6. pm me if you're interested.
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  7. I will be coming over to play Carbon/Merge in the very near future. WPN regs >>> withered Merge regs. (Bang Bang)
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  8. Love this thread! Very funny challenge! Most WPN Regs ARE former Merge Regs or now play on both sites. If you play on both sites, do you consider yourself a Reg for both sites? ROFLMAO
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  9. You have a 5 dollar abi lol. Sick dick swing.
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  10. I left carbon once I realized they didn't offer play money games anymore.
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  11. like i said, any stakes, any game....clearly my results speak for themselves lol!! fabofabe, does it hurt little buddy?
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  12. lol yah it sure does. PM ME WHEN UR READY. ur 5 dollar ABI has me shook sir. SO lets do it!!!!!
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  13. I WANT MEROW... HU for rolls LFG!
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  15. Yea sure why not.
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  16. Can we get a schedule? I have been to the store for supplies. (beer and popcorn). I'll keep checking.
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  17. Knowing what I know now, I'll play 1/2 HU PLO with you. 5,000 hands. Dont talk about it, be about it. LFG
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  18. wow, you nerds are getting leveled hard in here
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  19. @Fabofabe85, can't wait to watch this.... SEASON 1.
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  20. hit me up on twitter guys, chat is banned on carbon!
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  21. What, only AG wants to play me? I WANT ME SOME BEAVER!!!
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  22. LOL..come'on let's play...
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  23. the kid who cries after EVERY single lost coin flip….. trust fund baby too, ROLL EMOJOI
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  24. Funny that this is posted after tons of winning regs have been banned or simply gave up on this site due to cash out issues and the almost complete decimation of the MTT schedule
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  25. lol this is funny. and ya im one of those regs that got banned. however im aloud to play on sportsbook just not carbon. but im not interested in the battle anyways. just think this is funny and hope to see it go through :) POPCORN HYPE
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  26. lol @ a Fabian call out. Le fuck.
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  27. Arent u currently on carbon amoney? I swear ive played with ya recently(november). They let u back in?
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  28. I'm a massive idiot but I don't have carbon poker, can we play somewhere else, like ACR?
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  29. hit me up fellas, its pretty simple...whats it like to see me win so much?
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  30. Don't you live in the US though?
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