Good evening all - Torque aka VeganBeast rail thread
  1. Just to update, I've been working very hard on my mental game over the last week. Not going to go into too much detail unless anyone specifically asks...But I've been feeling better than I have in months over the last week.

    Final tabled the $44 bounty builder yesterday and came very close to a nice cash, unfortunately couldn't hold, but cashed for over $400 inc bounties and can't complain about that!

    Also may have found a stable that is (potentially) going to back me, and one that I feel are the real deal. From what I've seen from their content I think, if they do take me on board, that we are going to work really well together. I like their style...Hopefully my style will grow on them, if we do go ahead with that.

    Just waiting on hearing back from them now & will update when I know more. And if it doesn't end up working out I have already resolved to not caring too much or dwelling on it, and am confident I'll feel good going forward regardless.

    I've just taken the dog for an early morning run, done some meditation, a small amount of work & recapping some study notes, and about to crack into a session. I shall update at the end of the day as to where I'm at, but to put things bluntly I blew through the roll that I assigned myself at the start of this challenge and had to deposit again. Looking back now I think that was inevitable, it just wasn't going to be near enough to cover the variance for the buy ins I've been playing.

    Hopefully if the stable does take me on, they will be okay with me continuing to update this rail thread. If so I'll definitely keep it going and make damn sure that I turn this boat around.

    "Sometimes you win. Sometimes you learn".


    "Nobody cares. Work harder".

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  2. Cooool! Let us know how you get on.
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