1. Happy new year...

    I did a diary/rail thread here near the end of last year, going from $800 at the end of September to a little over $13,000 on December 5th. The old thread is here:


    Seeing as it's a new year I am going to try and start fresh, but with a slightly bigger challenge this time. In keeping with the theme of the last thread, this really isn't a challenge so to speak...Failing in poker is always a very real possibility. Either way this will be a rail thread, that will be updated whether winning or losing, and I hope to try and turn $5000 into $20,000 this time round (number suggested at the end of the old thread).

    Seeing as I am going for a bigger goal this time around, I hope you guys won't mind if I cheat just a little bit by saying this 'challenge' started on January 15th. I had taken a week or two off prior to that, with the odd game here or there. If we get freakishly lucky and reach the goal too soon, I may consider increasing the goal amount...No point getting wishfully far ahead yet, though.

    The first update is this:

    Played a few $20 spin & gos on Stars, managed to spin a $1000 TCOOP ticket first go, and won it. I cannot unregister to get $T so I have no other choice but to play the event, which is the $1000 main event $2.5 million GTD. I also won two $82 TCOOP tickets that I plan to use over the coming days!

    Yesterday I final tabled two $22 games on ACR, the $20,000 GTD and the $7500 gtd, winning $900+ for 6th in the 20k and $1600+ for 1st in the 7.5k.

    Starting roll: $5000

    Total roll today: $7851 + $1164 worth of TCOOP tickets (total $9015).

    Might have a game right now actually...GL!
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  2. My SharkScope group...Should be public, let me know if it isn't:

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  3. I feel bad for 'cheating' already...New target is $25,000 to make up for the 'cheating' + extra as punishment LOL. Whatever it's not really a challenge anyway, and I'd love 25k more than 20k :D

    GLGL. Play time.

    EDIT: had to put quotation marks around the word 'cheating' in case people thought I was actually cheating...Couldn't have that now lol. Cheers.
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  4. Great challenge, I look forward to following your progress.

    Well done on your recents wins, a great start.

    Looking at your chart you obviously could play well before the last challenge in Sept. But, you made that last challenge without breaking sweat it seems & these recent runs are quite impressive.

    So please give me a little insight:

    Have you made any strategy changes to your game since you started these challenges?

    You mentioned in a previous post you are part of a skype group? Does this help your game?

    Do you review your game, what review is the most helpful?


    I´m always up for ways in which I can improve how I improve.....so any thoughts you care to share will be appreciated.

    Cheers. Sam
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  5. The very best of luck be keeping an eye on you SHIP SHIP SHIP
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  6. Make it $100 000 and you got yourself a deal.
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  7. Hey sam, keith and cage. Cheers for coming through!

    @samj that skype group has since dissolved (if that's the word lol) and I'm not really in one anymore except very small ones with two other people in them. That said it did provide some value, for example I met joey86bu there. His knowledge on game selection particularly is something that I took on board, eventually, and still think is incredibly important.

    I was talking with a friend earlier and felt that perhaps the foundations of poker could be thought of as a pyramid, where bank roll management forms the very bottom layer (the foundation), and game selection then sits just above that layer as the secondary foundation...And then built on top of that strong foundation is the actual game itself and how to play in all of the different spots.

    Not sure if that is a valid analogy or not, just something I randomly threw out there, and maybe it has even been said before. It seems logical to me...Once those foundations are in place, I think coaching sites are really important (be careful which coaches on those sites you listen to, some aren't worth your time, ask solid winning players which ones to watch), as well as reviewing your own tournaments & taking days off to study each week. I have found Tonka's highlight videos on YouTube very informative as well, not to mention enjoyable to watch. I also have had hours from 3 different coaches over the years, and these have been almost exclusively all hand history review sessions. Be critical and ask why a person says you should take a given line, and if you can't understand the reason ask more questions until you either do understand or confidently don't accept their reasoning. I should review my own hand histories far more often, to be honest its something I need to work on.

    I did start watching a lot of tonka highlight videos before the last challenge...And I feel like this on top of all the other study on forums, coaching sites etc. really helped boost me into a good frame of mind, then had some run good and the rest was history.

    @keith, ty for the good luck bro! Appreciate it.

    @cage, lol I wish I was good enough and had enough time to make 100k in a year playing poker...Don't you worry though bro, I'll keep your 100k target in the back of my mind every time I am grinding lol.

    About to start a session now glglgl!
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  8. @samj

    Here is a screenshot of my results from all accounts since 2010, and also another screenshot of all my accounts since september 23/ 24th, 2016, when the challenge started. In case you wanted to compare.

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  9. Thanks for taking the time, appreciate it.

    I´ll check out Tonka.

    I def made some BIG mistakes regards bankroll and although I do study and review hands, I still feel like I´m missing a piece of the puzzle in game. My volume is low which doesn´t help. I booked some hrs with John "drew" who is great and he helped identify leaks and keeps me on track. He generously said I´m on the "cusp". Next time I´ll just check he didn´t mean cusp of a cliff with a big drop off!!!

    Your graphs look great. I´ve every confidence you can do this challenge! Go get em´!
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  10. Cheers! Just to note, I did make significant changes to my game just before starting that challenge and although the sample size isn't massive I think it has helped. Avg profit is double, avg ROI% is higher, avg buy in slightly higher etc. But I still suck and have a lot of work to do on my game! Just find whatever study works best for you and do that.
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  11. Goodluck mate.
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    Originally Posted by EireStyle View Post

    Goodluck mate.

    Cheers bro!

    Spent the other two $82 TCOOP tickets last couple of days and did not min cash in either. Saving that run good for the main :D

    Here's the graph just to update today/yesterday...Few deep runs but no run good in the end stages yet unfortunately. Might just start posting at end of every Sunday session after this. Will probably update tomorrow, but here for now anyways:

    Total roll: $7551 + $1000 TCOOP ticket (total $8551).
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  13. I want to sell some last minute action for today's Sunday grind, anyone know where I should post that and what the protocol is when posting?
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  14. staking market place - sites/times/split/mark up.
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  15. http://www.pocketfives.com/f20013/la...2/#post8807395

    Edit: Thanks cage, just posted this.
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  16. gl man, don't let the thread die
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    Originally Posted by PositivusLV View Post

    gl man, don't let the thread die

    Thanks bro! I shall do my best.
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  18. Selling 50% of my action in this Sundays TCOOP main event $1000 buy in!

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  19. http://www.boomplayer.com/en/poker-h...986_837595942C

    Hitting 2 outers in $1000 buy ins, it aint no thing... Lol
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  20. http://www.boomplayer.com/en/poker-h...688_DA07F86478

    Winning flips...I guess that's my share of flips won over now?
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  21. No, never.
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    Originally Posted by CheapTorque View Post


    Winning flips...I guess that's my share of flips won over now?

    Nice, keep it up!
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  23. Unfortunately jammed A8o on the button into big blinds AA (and small blinds A8o so was pretty dead lol). Busted 500 and somethingth I think, not reallllly far off the money, but just wasn't meant to be my tourney.
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  24. http://www.sharkscope.com/#Player-St...600~1958122799

    Nearly ran deep in the TCOOP main event but it was not meant to be. The $1000 ticket put a dent in my sharkscope graph that's for sure.

    Taking off the $1000 and ~$400 I won on an non-tracked site, I am up $2600 so far for the duration of the challenge.

    Down $300 this week so far & will update again next Sunday/Monday. Cheers!
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  25. Oh, it was a ticket, I thought it was a hell of a stab!
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    Originally Posted by samj123 View Post

    Oh, it was a ticket, I thought it was a hell of a stab!

    Yep satellited in lol...I would be crazy (and stupid) to have bought in direct!

    Managed to win a 10 euro r&a for around 413 euro after my last post, and lost a bit again. Haven't been playing much this week (or all year really...). Need to pick my game up, I have been very busy with unrelated work & struggling to pick up motivation when I do play now.

    Time to make this month a big one I think. GLGL.
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  27. You had a busy end of year with poker though. Just out of interest what is your schedule like? Do you know how many MTT´s you play roughly per week? Just wondering how "off" mine is.
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  28. I like to try and aim in the ballpark of 600 games per month. I don't think it's necessarily bad to do less or more than that, but that's the number that works best for me. If I do any less, either I don't make as much money per week on average, or I risk getting tilted or losing confidence because I haven't won anything decent for too long of a time period (even though the same number of games played in a shorter time period wouldn't be a problem).
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  29. This weeks update:

    Yesterday came 1st in the 5 euro r&a on ipoker for a little over 500 euro, then 2nd in the 3k gtd phoenix for 423 euro, and ran deepish in the $22 mini sunday million for around $288, plus a few other wins.

    Roll started at $5000 on January 15th, sitting now at $8679
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