New To Pocket 5's and have a question on P5's promotion.
  1. I am new to Pocket Fives. I just used the provided link to download and sign up and reg for WSOP. But I have NOT deposited the 35.00 and played a hand yet as I see no way of P5's knowing I did so and honoring the promo (since there is NO promo code given). I did use my exact P5's username. But I am hesitant to deposit my first 35.00 until I know how this deal actually works. Also can I still use a WSOP promo code as well? Any and all info would be MUCH appreciated as I would love to cash in on this promotion and will deposit the 35.00 ASAP. I have taken some screen shots etc. So I am just waiting for a reply. Again I did use the CLICK THROUGH from this promotion:


    PocketFives members can take their poker game to the next level with a free lifetime license of PokerTracker 4 - a $99 value - and two free months of access to one of the leading online poker training sites, - an $80 value and we'll include a PocketFives T-shirt or hoodie - valued at $20.

    PokerTracker is the #1 analysis, tracking and HUD software used by most of the world's best online poker players. PokerTracker 4 includes a robust HUD, NoteTracker, custom stats and reports, ICM and equity calculator, LeakTracker as well as advanced charts and stats.

    Check out this post on PocketFives, which has all of the details.

    As soon as I know I will deposit. I already play on Poker Stars and would love to check out WSOP and this deal.


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  2. where is the post about how to get it?
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    Originally Posted by dstrubs23 View Post

    where is the post about how to get it?

    It posted in the New Jersey Community
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  4. Thanks for posting the link for him! =)

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  5. Btw Kevmath and a few others answered my questions in the NJ section. You DO NOT use a promo code. The 100% Welcome (using click through) is the promotion so do NOT use a code. I have satsified all of the P5's conditions and have sent an e-mail (with screen shots). I haven't gotten reply yet but it's the weekend. Multiple players have vouched that P5's ALWAYS honors their promos. Can't wait to hear from them.

    Thanks guys and Pocket Fices!!!
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  6. sounds good
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  7. glad to see you are enjoying TPE my man. Look forward to seeing the results follow!
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