NJ Poker - centrfieldr's 50k in 10 day challenge
  1. Hey Guys,

    Per the NJ Forum Thread… Here is the official 50k in 10 days NJ Online MTT challenge. I thought of the idea as I was approaching the 1 Million Badge on P5’s and thought it might be a fun challenge while chasing the badge.


    Start Date: Sunday 7/23/17
    End Date: Following the completion of the Tuesday 8/1/17 session

    - In order to win the bet I need to cash for $50k during these 10 days
    - This isn’t 50k profit, it is 50k in MTT cashes
    - Minimum $1 profit at the end of the bet
    - Chops/Bounties will be confirmed with Tournament Lobby screenshots & Poker Pro Labs Data and shown accordingly on the Google Drive Page if that information is not provided via the PocketFives feed.
    - I don’t plan on chopping much but in the event that I do; I will only chop based upon chip count, will not request additional $ to avoid any notion of collusion
    - Only legal NJ sites count
    - There is no cap on the # of cashes
    - This bet was intended for the NJ Forum Community first and foremost… I will take alternates if there are any.

    ODDS: 5:1 (your $500 to my $100)
    MINIMUM BET: $50
    MINIMUM ACTION NEEDED: $1000 against my $200
    CAPPED ACTION: $15,000 against my $3000
    Once minimum action has been confirmed all bets will need to be escrowed by 2pm on Sunday 7/23/17. The escrow information will be provided once minimum has been met.

    GOOGLE DRIVE LINK: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?usp=sharing
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  2. my $5k to your $1k, assuming 888, wsop, stars, borg/party networks only, and sns listed in your profile. gl
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  3. all SNs are listed in my profile, and no Pala poker confirmed. Haven't even opened their software yet :(
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  4. Alvaro Holquin (smashmouthpoker) confirmed in for $200 to my $40
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  5. My 1k to win $200, good luck
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  6. $2000 to win $400 please
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  7. Mergulas / bbissick confirmed... Thanks for the action, will be a fun bet! Sending PMs for escrow info now. Dennis Lopez / dlorican (p5's affiliate/NJ community reg) will be escrowing the funds
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  8. Okay, im in.

    $1500 to your $300.

    I only have one suggestion. Can we get some kind of payout for the family emergency clause if it happens after 5 days?

    Like if your 30k away on day 7, can we get some of extrapolated payout?

    I dont think you will scam, but i want to cover all bases in case a fmily emergency happens while you are massively failing lol.
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  9. Jaybone I believe the "family emergency"is not included in the bet per Dans last post in the nj forum thread and not seeing anything in the rules here.
    I'll take 400 to win 80.
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  10. Ya the family emergency clause was removed from the rules. I'll pm you guys with the escrow info
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  11. Good luck!
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  12. I was a little buzzed when reading this last night lol. So my bad on missing the emergency thing.

    Anyway, im confirmed in for 1500 to your 300.
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  13. Alvaro Holquin (smashmouthpoker) is in for $500 / $100 (not $200 / $40)
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  14. Interesting challenge. Best of luck to you!
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  15. I'll take another 1k to your 200, so 2k to win 400 total
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  16. Confirmed in for 2k total for smaulerggresmaullaumserg
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    - Gags30 - Bet 5000 to win 1000
    - Smaulerg - Bet 2000 to win 400
    - bbissick - Bet 2000 to win 400
    - Jaybone - Bet 1500 to win 300
    - Smashmouthpoker - Bet 500 to win 100
    - MikeDB57 - Bet 400 to win 80

    Dennis please confirm when you receive the escrow funds today.
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  18. Last minute entry to close out the action!

    Jberg in for 3600 to win 720
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  19. ha, ty Katie
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  20. sorry for the delay on the day 1 update... dealing with a household of sick kids and now parents! ughhhhhh

    So yesterday wasn't the smoothest session in the world. I did not play optimally later on in the evening, made a highly unnecessary call deep in the Stars $15k in a weird spot. And then after getting lucky deep in the WSOP 50k I couldn't capitalize and called off a late position shove with AJ off when should have waited for a better spot. Besides that I ran poorly deep in quite a few MTT's and bubbled like half a dozen which never helps. Not the start I was looking for, but hopefully we got that outta the way :)

    Pretty disappointed to see the Stars 10k not running due to the 4 max event tonight. In the past I thought they would only cancel a nightly if it mirrored a similar Series event.. Siiiiiiiiiiigh.

    After 1 day at $1583.31 in cashes. Only need 30 more days in the challenge at this rate to win it :) Hopefully we can make a nice lil run in the 4 max tonight to get the ball rolling :)
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  21. ugh... made a run in the 4 max tonight, but couldn't win flips late and then at a 4 handed table somehow ran 99 into QQ & AA ha. Was a really solid turnout in that MTT closing in on a 30k prizepool.
    2 cashes tonight on a very light schedule for peanuts. Didn't realize Stars was going to be eliminating their 10k tonight :( and neither WSOP $100 HR was available. High levels of sadness, lol.

    After 2 days of the 4 month challenge to get to 50k I'm at 2269.70. Tuesday schedule is a big one tomorrow, hopefully can run and play better! Night
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  22. Pretty ballsy bet. Enjoyed the updates, keep doing them. If you have some great scores this could be a fun sweat.
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  23. Can we get an update on the spreadsheet. I think my biggest enjoyment so far is seeing how many bullets you are firing off in these things lol
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  24. Na standard bulleting for me so far Jay :) hahaha has little to do with the bet. I basically will keep re-entering until I can't any more if necessary. Most of the time I am late regging everything anyway because of my life schedule. So I inevitably end up jumping into a lot of flip situations, not ideal... but has become standard since the twins were born. Although the 11 entries in the Stars Sunday Storm was a new record for me :) With that structure late reg basically ends with Starting stacks being at like 4 bbs I think, thank god it's only $10 a clip ha.
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  25. thanks threeven... ya this bet is very dependent on making multiple 5k scores over the next 8 days, which I knew going in. There simply isn't enough mtt's with 1k-2k up top that are going off to be able to rely solely on volume. So if I'm not able to pick up a few of those scores, it won't even be close with the final number regardless of how many cashes I get haha. But I'm hoping to make these guys sweat a bit cause even tho I love a tough challenge I don't particularly enjoy lighting too much $ on fire ha.
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  26. just win the 1k tonight

    sorry to hear about the sick kids...our 2 year old has been sick every month for the past 4 months, and we both got it 3/4 times. Really really SUCKS.
    makes your job and this bet inf harder.

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  27. ha tell me about it Katie! my twins are 20m old and since starting day care they just alternate who is sicker... near the end of my session Sunday night my son spiked a +104 fever and I had to give him a tubby times (lol, that's what we call it) to bring his temp down, got a few texts from friends asking my dumb ass if I fell asleep at the keyboard again lol cause I was timing out of MTTs. As a reward I spiked a fever myself the next morning and had to call outta work on Monday. But ya, I tried really hard to win that 1k... but like the majority of the mtt's during this I bubbled the fuck outta it. Had heaps, ran one triple barrel vs SgtTibbs in a pretty great spot, he used every second of his timebank to max tilt me as he called with 1 pair with 3 seconds left haha, was a great call. But after that the poker gods punished me... went nearly 80 hands only winning a single hand (new levels of card-deaddom), ultimately losing 2 flips to finish in 14th or something like a champ. Full update after I finish this WSOP 5k mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
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  28. bleh! so thought I was on pace for a 20k Tuesday. Had heaps in everyyyyyyyything tonight during the mid/late stages. Could not run well/play well enough late. Bubbled the majority of the MTT's I played. The $1k and the WSOP Tuesday hurt a ton, went super card dead in them as we got deep at obviously tough tables. Managed to string together 5 cashes including a ship in the WSOP 8k. Was hoping to also ship the Stars midnight express, but ran JJ into AA with 4 left in that Hyper for the overwhelming chip lead. Took 3rd in the WSOP $5k R&A, was in a really good position to ship that as well, but was playing vs an unknown who was doing some really weird things that was making life difficult and my lack of patience probably got the best of me.

    At a disappointing $6,006.88 in cashes after 3 sessions. Def thought today was gonna put up a minimum 10k session, siiiigh. Looking forward, again really disappointed that Stars is not running their nightly 10k tomorrow night and basically replacing it with a 50 R&A 10k. Wasn't anticipating these mtt's missing nightly from the schedule. :(... Till tomorrow
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  29. Whats your total at now?
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