NJ Poker - centrfieldr's 50k in 10 day challenge
  1. 13,948.21... Horribly below my avg ROI and obvious pace needed to win the bet. At this point the bet is pretty much impossible to win within the NJ schedule. Super disappointing to have this bad of a week this week (by far my worst week in NJ online ever (profit wise)). Going into today knew the chances were slim, but I was still very much live in the bet.

    Even with running pretty horrendous throughout the session I kept firing (as I normally would if I have to) and around 9pm was in a really good spot to make a run at a huge Sunday. Had top 5 stacks in the WSOP 40k, WSOP 30k (big deal), Stars High Roller, Stars 5 Card PLO, above avg in the Stars 75k, Party 40k, Second chance, and just about everything else. Misplayed one huge hand in the WSOP 40k (called off a river bet in a pretty polarizing spot, but where I blocked most of the semi-bluffs I was beating) that left me with crumbs, ran QQ into KK semi-deep in the Stars 75k for a decent stack and everything else just crumbled from there.

    Not sure if I'm playing tomorrow night or not, I'll have to look at the numbers to see if it's even mathematically possible for me to win at this point, if not then I'll probably be taking tomorrow off and then just playing my normal Tuesday schedule and making sure bets are returned on Wednesday.
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  2. Bet is officially over. Ended at 21,420.37. Not so close lol. Took Monday off as it was impossible for me to get to the 50k, and just played my normal Tuesday session. Felt good to actually have a profitable session to close out this disaster of a bet haha. Only played 6 mtts tonight, final tabled 5 of them but one of them bubbled the WSOP Tuesday which is a huge bubble $1650, siiiiiigh. Put myself in a good spot to win the other 4 mtts, holding the CL at the final tables for periods of time... but ultimately fizzled out in a few. Chopped the Stars Tuesday, taking the most.

    Congrats on the people who bet against me, I hate you all :) I will contact Dennis and have him return your $ tomorrow. For those that chose to escrow directly with me I will ship you the funds first thing in the morning.
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  3. All monies has been distributed on my end. Let me know if you did not receive your funds. Congrats to all.

    Sorry Dan, good effort. Maybe next time..
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  4. Yep, just recieved my money.

    I thought about talking shit, but you just had your ass handed to you lol, so i dont think we need to rub it in anymore.

    Hell of a bet tho... more heart than me.
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  5. Received money. GG Dan, kinda unfortunate you ran this poorly, but props on the heart for taking a difficult bet, was interested to see that you could get over 25k in buyins in a 10 day span in NJ. Also didn't realize how drastic the Sunday schedule is compared to a weekday, IMO the bet came down to the two Sundays, if you ran good on both you'd have a pretty decent shot.

    Anyway, thanks for the quick sent of money and making this easy to follow along, hope you get out of this DS quick!

    Also thanks to Dennis for holding the money!
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  6. Received. Gg
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  7. Damn, wish I heard about this. Anything in the future let me know
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  8. Legend.
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