1. Have Bank Wire, Wells Fargo/Chase/BofA
    Looking for Lock (turboskyline) up to 2k

    Unless you have outstanding references
    I wont be sending first. Too much Highway robbery going on.

    Pm me we can make a deal :D
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    Originally Posted by xCloud View Post

    Have Bank Wire, Wells Fargo/Chase/BofA
    Looking for Lock (turboskyline) up to 2k

    Unless you have outstanding references
    I wont be sending first. Too much Highway robbery going on.

    Pm me we can make a deal :D

    Would be careful today.

    1) 1 post on this site.
    2) Join date today
    3) Doesn't want to send first, probably to even people that have established many trades ITT.

    I am not saying its definitely someone that would scam, but the red flags are here.
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  3. I have Bank Of America $$ and would like to trade to a merge skin for 80 cents on the dollar. Have not yet made a merge account so I am willing to work with you.

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  4. Have $400 Wells Fargo
    Want $470 Lock (bozonebum)
    or $470 Carbon (ColdSmokeSurfer)
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  5. confirming trade with bearcleezy

    my(bozonebum) $400 wells fargo for his $470 lock (Bearcleezy)

    smooth and easy trade
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  6. Have up to 5k party (Dridge125)
    Want up to 5k stars (Dhustler15)
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  7. Have up to $300 Everleaf (R1VERMEN123)
    Need Carbon (rivermen123)

    I have no problem sending first to proven trustworthy individuals.
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    Originally Posted by wackyJaxon View Post

    He keeps creating new accounts and making up stories about having trades on other sites. Here is a sample of his names from 2+2

    I can confirm that with username dexzy from another forum, real name and story made up as "gaming pro" from Norway = Jonas Graber and the email was younes.az@hotmail.no
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  9. Have: $30 Carbon (ak7062)
    Want: $25 Bank of America

    Have: $40 Cake (MNtr77)
    Want: $30 Bank of America

    I've done one trade ITT; I'm a longtime trader in the 2+2 zoo thread with history sending both first and second. I will send first only to reputable traders. PM if interested.
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  10. I have $100 on cake poker sn: UcantSeeMeho will like to trade for $100 on carbon poker sn: mrdollarbill
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    Originally Posted by LTUFlawless View Post

    Have Chase, BoA, Amazon gift card, Bank Wire, Netspend, GD Money Pack
    Buying up to $1000 on Carbon (LTUFlawless)
    $2000 Lock (LTUFearless)
    $1000 RPM (LTUFearlesss)

    Can do smaller amounts. Buying at 0.8 depending on Payment method and poker site

    Numerous smooth trades. sharkscope my carbon name LTUFlawless to see if I am legit

    PM if interested

    my $500 Lock (TheKeymaker) for his $400 BOA. Trade went very smoothly and I highly recommend LTUflawless for any trades ITT. He was able to send $$ instantly after receiving, despite being mid-sesh in many high stakes MTTs like the $215 high roller and others. Comminication was excellent throughout and I highly recommend him for future swaps.
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  12. Have $200 Wells Fargo

    Want $230 Lock (bozonebum)

    I have 1 recent trade ITT, a couple in zoo xfer thread at 2p2. PM if interested
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    Reason: forgot to post lock sn
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  13. Have: 200 lock (nxtwrldchamp)
    Want: 170 Wells fargo

    pm please
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  14. Hey guys,

    Here is some friendly advice:

    When you are going to do a trade, before trading, look at posters join date, and post count. If less than 6 months, and 200 posts. Have them send first. No reason at all they should object, unless you yourself are new.

    If it is a big transaction, still have them send first, but also do it in increments. Makes them feel more comfortable, and for a easier trade.

    If they PM you, but have no posts in this thread. Have them send first.

    Take a minute, and google their name. Be amazed what you can find.

    Ask if they have any trade history besides here. If so, where, and verify.

    Trading is a big part of our poker community, and a shame so many get scammed. When it can be prevented.

    If someone is new, and does not have a valid reason to send first. Just move on. Do not put yourself in a position to be taken advantage of.

    85% of all trade scams, could be avoided just following these simple steps.

    Hope you read, and use.


    Need $50 on Carbon(BluMeanie)

    Have $60 on Cake(lempiremaker)

    Will send first to established posters here.

    Staker, and tons of trades on 2P2.

    If interested, please post in thread, or PM me.

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  15. Looking for 1k on Party (letsgambool)
    Have 1k on stars (Scarypooper5)

    Also I would like to note that this transfer is for my roommate (hoodskier) and he will be receiving the money on partypoker.
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  16. want up to 7k on bcp (tcrowley2)
    Have Wells Fargo or bank wire

    will pay .9/1 and willing to send first to reputable poster
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  17. Have 130$ boa
    Want 150$ Lock (Sheggy3746)

    pm me
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  18. I have $150 Lock (DaniellePaul) to trade

    Want Green Dot, Gift Card, Suntrust. 1.0/.9

    Also would be willing to trade $120 on Lock (DaniellePaul) for $120 on my brothers RPM(Terribleplyr).

    Have many sucessfull trades on other sites.

    PM me if interested.
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  19. Have $50 Carbon (ak7062)
    Want $40 Bank of America / Wells Fargo

    One past trade ITT, lots of history sending both first and second on 2+2 (same names). Will send first only to reputable traders. PM me!
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  20. Have $100 on 888 (mrx122)
    Want $110 $T on pokerstars (ronnieb122) or just a straight swap
    pm if interested ill send 1st
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  21. Have 1k on the overbet Merge Skin (d0nkiman)
    Want 900 Credit Union

    I would like to do 10k+ but prefer 1k increments to protect both parties. I am willing to do smaller amounts to anyone interested.
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  22. Have Hero Poker Money (jdbx0713)------- $130

    Want Netspend or GDMP --------------------$100
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  23. Have $100 - $200 on Cake (Greedy284186)
    Want $100 - $200 on Lock (Greedy284186)

    I would like to trade in small increments first and am willing to send first if you have a good rep. PM me if interested.
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  24. Want: $100 on Carbon(waynep1321)

    Have: $90 Suntrust

    Have traded with thechemist83, ol'craig, chris777444.
    PM Me!
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  25. Have $100 on Cake (Tips501)
    Need $80 on Lock (BTip501)

    I'm a new member. Will ship first in good faith.
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  26. Just signed up for Luvin Poker, my username there is sourtwist.

    have $40 GDMP
    want $40 Luvin Poker (sourtwist)

    after checking your references, i will send first
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  27. have 100 - 400 on titan/ ipoker mrx1222
    want 100 - 400 on pokerstars ronnieb122
    happy to send 1st if you have good rep
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  28. have 500 lock(letsdosthis1267). want 400$ bank of america
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  29. I have $1,000 on Cake Poker (next5E)

    Asking for $700 for Minted Poker (next5E) or Bodog (annyong5E) or Bank of America transfer or Gift Card to WalMart or Staples.
    Minimum $100 transfer and I will give $1 for every $0.70.
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  30. I have 40 on 888 (djdood0o0o)
    I want 40 on stars (djdood0o0o)

    PM if interested. Not interested in doing a 50/40 deal or something similar.
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