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    I have up to 1800 on Lock (MikeKmetz)

    Looking for $1700

    Will take: Wells Fargo Bank, Regions Banks, Hancock Bank, Navy Federal Credit Union,

    Will also take bank to bank wire, western union, and money gram

    Please contact me if interested:

    Have about 900 now! PM for offers/info
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  2. HI- Looking for Lock (BOBLOBLAW1373) for GDMP. $30 only. PM if you can do it!
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  3. I have $420.00 on cake poker (iloveunicorns)

    LF 400 (obo) will take western union, moneygram
    ...pm me thanks
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  4. Have BoA/Wells/Chase or Bankwire to any bank Want Carbon(qittyqat), BlackChip(betsielarkin), Hero(youareintrouble), overbet(mitska)

    up to $20k (Min of 1k please) pm please, thanks
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  5. Have: BOA, wire, cash in vegas during wsop

    Want: stars, monebookers + vig (skllzdatklls)

    Happy to confirm my identity on 2p2, have 1.5M+ successful trades there. Prefer these trades to be completed by Thursday night, pm for info.
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  6. Was recently scammed by "LavaHands" on 2+2

    I sent 245 bcp(mrklout) to his bcp(RakedToDeath from GDMP

    He logged in ignoring my pms, beware of this guy

    *Posting per Rainbow Warriors request
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  7. Have: Cash/Wire etc

    Want: Lock $ (Powderfinger1976)

    Looking for 200-400 most likely.

    PM with offers, will check back this afternoon.


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  8. Hey all,
    Looking for up to $200 on Stars - nick "4time2warp0" - for up to $200 on Party Poker - nick "shredderfred"
    pm me if interested

    I have no trades on P5s or 2p2 so I'd probably be willing to send first to a respectable trader on P5s. Pm me if interested, thanks.
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  9. FYI:

    Looks like I got scammed by XSOUCOT on 2+2 for 65$ on 888.
    I trades 888 for PStars and today I got the info that my 888 account was closed because I received a transfer from a fraudulent account.

    His 888 sn:delicioscim
    His Stars sn: xzepelin
    His Skype: alexxxppxx

    Be cautious...
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  10. Have: Up to $500 Lock (ScoopsCallahan)
    Want: Up to $500 Overbet (FlyYouFools)

    Willing to send first if you have a reputable trade history.
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  11. I have up to 2000 on Lock (MikeKmetz)

    Looking for $1750: Will do smaller deals at .88-.90 depending on the amount;

    Will take: Wells Fargo Bank, Regions Banks, Hancock Bank, Navy Federal Credit Union,

    Will also take bank to bank wire, western union, and money gram

    Please contact me if interested:
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  12. Sent Fitz006 $535 for his $500;

    Sent to unknownalias6 (Fitz006) from mikekmetz (Kteller8) on lock!~
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    Originally Posted by kteller8 View Post

    Sent Fitz006 $535 for his $500;

    Sent to unknownalias6 (Fitz006) from mikekmetz (Kteller8) on lock!~

    Confirmed, good trade...sn's correct.....Looking for more lock, pm if interested
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  14. Have 330 lock (Sheggy3746)
    Want 300 boa

    pm me, have a very clean history
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  15. I have $350 on RPM (poopc0rn)
    I need atleast $300+ netSpend

    PM me, will do Smaller amounts.
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  16. Buying up to 10k Lock(IRunLikeGod)/Bcp(JustAnotherPipeDream) at 88c/$1. Can send bankwire/ Ps(M@D@M@D@D@ne)/Ecocard/Mb and possibly other methods as well. Have many successful trades ITT and can provide additional references but def. need you to send first. Pm me if interested. Thanks.
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  17. Bump, buying cake funds for GDMP and Amazon once again. Thank you.

    ***Most transactions have 24 hour turn around time, will not send first unless SUPER REPUTABLE*** Thank you.

    CAKE (JaysonWerth)
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  18. Need BOA have ~4k Lock(unknownalias6)
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    Originally Posted by Fitz006 View Post

    Need BOA have ~4k Lock(unknownalias6)

    PM'd, cool1993 on Lock.
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  20. selling 500 carbon (welovetilt)
    want Netspend

    Pm me offers

    will ship first to reputable members of the community
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  21. Trading with LTUFlawless

    My 790.00 hero (Bseg23) to his hero (directoriusHero)

    for his 600.00 moneygram
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  22. Have Overbet (Cake Network) - FlyYouFools1
    Need Overbet (Merge Network) - FlyYouFools

    Looking to swap up to $800. PM with offers. Thanks.
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  23. Have 300 Carbon (TallyLiving)
    Want 270 BOA, GDMP

    Willing to do smaller amounts. I have been a longtime upstanding member on 2p2 since 2006 where I have done lots of trades over 1k in the transfer thread there. I have no problem sending first to people more reputable than myself.

    PM me if interested
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  24. Have Chase, BoA, Netspend, GD Money Pack
    Buying up to $5000 on Carbon (LTUFlawless), Lock (LTUFearless), RPM (LTUFearlesss) or BCP (Directorius)

    Can do smaller amounts.!m

    Numerous smooth trades. sharkscope my carbon name LTUFlawless


    Also I can do some transfers from merge to merge.

    PM if interested
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  25. Have 3k lock p1n1she45
    need stars pinishe45

    pm me offers
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  26. have 5-600ish black chip poker (urm0msadictator: the O in mom is a zero) for pokerstars (get-raised21)

    also have 250ish+ on americascardroom (fancysaucej9s) for stars also

    PM me w/ offers, will send 1st to the regs and ppl w/ rep if not you will have to send 1st. have lotta swaps w/ 2p2 regs and reputable roommates in community
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  27. Have 25 on Cake (Devin Hester) or RPM (Buy1Get1)
    Want 20 on netspend.
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  28. transfered with pokerlvlup(meggawarrior p5) on lock with no problem, quick n easy
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  29. Have $25 Amazon.

    Looking for $25 Carbon(momentumdeferred) OBO.

    Reputable traders only, plz.
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  30. Have $25 Lock (JackKingOfff)
    Want Stars (DOPEBOAT) Netherlands

    Paying vig
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