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    also have 550 gukpt seat for sale

    realistic offers please

    What sort of price are you willing to accept?
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  2. 470

    but we would have to meet in person as Grosvenor doesn't get involved in the money side of things

    when I have the money, I call them and they transfer the token
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  3. Have $200 on 888
    Want $200 for PartyPoker
    I_Race_Cards on both sites.
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  4. have 40$ on 888
    want 40$ on pstars

    dydyx- 888
    dydyx- pstars
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  5. Have 300 on Acr ( Cronk123 ) looking for any other us poker site swamp that have p2p transfers.
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  6. have 100$ on 888
    want 100$ on pstars

    H8tdbtr8td- 888
    Boston_<3x- pstars

    Not sure how the process works as im new here. but thanks in advance :)
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  7. have upto $5k on partypoker (BIGMICKG1) for pokerstars (BIGMICKG) will take smaller amounts on 888 (BIGMICKG)
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  8. Have 1k on Party (GetRivered94)
    Need 1k on Stars (7riverboat2)

    would prefer to do transfer in increments unless you are a well known HS reg
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  9. Have around 100 Juicy Stakes (supershaun80)

    Want ACR (supershaun80), BCP (BCP-supershaunzo80), Intertops (jack2os) or BoA.
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  10. can you send $ on partypoker? if so I would like to.

    $20 on fulltilt (vT_TeMpAh)

    for $20 on party (OMGTempah)
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  11. ye u can m8
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  12. Cheers mate. you interested in the swap mate?
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  13. $100-$150 on Pokerstars - CharlieW@rli

    want Party - CharlieWarley
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  14. Need $200 True poker (makinulooksilly) (ACR is showmeyourtds)

    Have $ 200 USAA, Wells Fargo, or BOA.
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  15. Hi Guys,

    I am looking for a transfer (within the next hour) to my Pokerstars account

    Username: WhiteVapore
    Required: $200 - $500
    Trade: Happy to negotiate a fee

    Anyone interested?
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  16. Hi!

    Im selling credits on full flush poker. Can do up to $5k at a rate 0.6 for the dollar. My username is Toni10. Accepting almost all e-wallets/wire/btc and some poker sites.

    Since im new here I'll be sending first. Have quite some successful trades on 2+2(username: Antonio10).

    Post in the thread if interested
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  17. Has Full Flush paid out any players in 2016? Seems like a Lock Poker situation all over again from how I understand it.
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  18. Hey! Well its not just like that...you probably already know they changed management back in december. And since january they are providing quite a lot of payments. But mostly MG and WU. Its easy to get 2-3 of those a month. But i have quite a lot stuck there, so those small ammounts doesnt really mean much. They say they are working also on wires and checks. Skrill is getting thru also, someone claimed yesterday that he recived $1k requested in march. I have longer pending but still havent recived. So things are changing on better i guess...
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  19. From what I read there are still plenty of players waiting for cashouts for months and months. The signs are there for another Lock Poker as they have a huge backlog (which hasn't come close to happening with a SMALL handful of players getting paid with the majority still waiting). At a minimum I wouldn't feel right about letting a post trading on this site go on without warning people that the current situation is far worse than even other grey-market sites which already have a warning on P5s.
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  20. About to trade $6k USD ACR +vig with


    for my BoA
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  21. Is there anybody who can vouch for KellyKip? Trades in the past?
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  22. Just got scammed for 1k by KellyKip.

    Everyone please be careful, ugh just when you think it'll never happen to you.
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  23. It looks like his account was hacked. He is very reputable in general. This person also didn't list screennames in his post and there are other issues here.
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    Originally Posted by wackyJaxon View Post

    It looks like his account was hacked. He is very reputable in general. This person also didn't list screennames in his post and there are other issues here.

    Yeah, just found out about all this shit late yesterday via email with wackyJaxon. That above post from my account was not me obviously, and really sucks that someone got scammed. I've never even had an account on ACR, and haven't been on 2+2 in years.
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  25. Yeah this certainly blows. It was solely the post from the p5s account that got me to go forward with the transfer. Luckily as i w as stil skeptical i broke the 6k into 6 1k payments, so it could have been a lot worse. But still.
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  26. I am looking for some PokerStars funds. I have bitcoins in the amount of ~$120 and Entropay in the amount of ~$140. If anyone wants them in exchange for money on Pokerstars then please let me know.

    PokerStars screenname: justalurker
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    Reason: added PokerStars screennames per first post in this thread
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  27. Have ACR- MrCashIsBACK
    want- moneygram/WU
    pm me work out how much/etc
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  28. have up to 2500$ BCP for venmo (preferred) BOFA cash app username jasonr93
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    My player name there is AADYNASTY.

    I can send you the money on skrill.

    I have over 650k in cashes....I will send .
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  30. have: 800$ on 888 (armendnasufi)
    want: 800$ on stars (struga555)

    willing to send first to reputable member/trader
    also willing to negotiate a vig if done within today
    pm me if interested
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