1. Well, after 6 years, 1 month and 6 days of being a professional poker and making this post : http://www.pocketfives.com/f7/taking-plunge-68155/
    I am likely going to accept a position at a ''real job''. I am retiring from poker I suppose.
    It was a wild ride that started with me quitting my job with far less $ in the bank than I needed. Getting very very very lucky to final table my first two WPT events I ever played (still a record I believe :) ) and not look back until..well until now.

    I just wanted to formally say thanks to anyone/everyone that gave me advice way back in the day and along the way. It truly has been a strange journey that has taken me all across the globe, getting to see and do things not many under 25 year olds got to do. I am now 28 and feel ancient in this game. I have nothing but respect for the ''old guard'' for being able to stay in the game as long as they have. 6 years felt like an eternity at some point, and at others it flew by.

    I hope that the U.S government eventually recognizes this great game as ''legit'' and it gets regulated and there is another boom. I might be able to justify a return when that happens.. Yes, When.

    I'm going to miss the freedom of not answering to a boss. I'm going to miss not needing an alarm clock. I'm going to miss the pure adrenaline rush of wielding a big stack late in a mtt. I won't however miss the stress.

    Special thanks to Adam and Cal.

    Big thanks to Jeff Williams also.

    Good luck everyone. We (poker players) are a very special yet interesting little sub-culture. I will miss it.
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  2. GL with the job, hopefully one day you will feel comfortable playing poker as a hobby again from the comfort of your own home.
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  3. Best of luck in whatever you pursue... I watched a bunch of your vids back in the day and learned a lot of new things that helped me with my game. You are the man kid, hope to someday see you on the virtual felt in the future!
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  4. Good luck with life
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  5. Good luck with the job, what type of job did you get?
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  6. Best of luck in the real world, TC. After I graduate next summer I will more than likely follow suit. It has been a great ride indeed.
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  7. Gl Devin. What type of job did you end up getting? I am at a similar crossroads where I am debating on getting a "real job as well. I am pretty worried about my resume. How has the interview process gone when you told potential employers that you have been playing poker for the last 6 years?
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  8. I think ill be accepting two jobs actually.. one is a boring office drone. The other will be for "fun", filming local sports games
    for coaches to use for watching film in practice and stuff.

    I was actually pleasantly suprised with how well the interview process went in regards to explaining poker. When asked if I could self motivate and multi task I was able to explain my dual monitor set up and how after 20 tabling grinding this would be a breeze to multi task. Or, when asked if I could handle pressure.. LOL ...

    I think the important thing is that they know you actually treated it like a job and took it serious. Make it known you've supported yourself and family exclusively through poker. And, make it a point to show how the skills required to be successful in poker, really do relate to whatever job field you're entering
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    3 Hours Ago (7/26/2011 4:19pm) in reply to iLLNuGWichee
    Gl Devin. What type of job did you end up getting? I am at a similar crossroads where I am debating on getting a "real job as well. I am pretty worried about my resume. How has the interview process gone when you told potential employers that you have been playing poker for the last 6 years?
    4211 just wondering how someone with 5m in online winnings would ever need to consider getting a different job.
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  10. One of my original heros...

    good luck.
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  11. One other thing I forgot.. It's a fantastic ice breaker. Also, you definitely stand out in the hiring process.
    It's almost guaranteed they've never interviewed a professional poker player before and they will certainly remember you. As opposed to the same old ''mold of businessman'' they encounter on a daily basis
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  12. Because $5MM in winning is what he grossed. Don't know his situation but plenty of HS mtt'ers could easily have bought into $500k-$600k of online mtts in a year, and I think that could be on the relatively conservative end of the spectrum.
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  13. Heros die but legends will live forever. Thank you and please remember you were apart of something that nobody can ever take back from you. Hold these years in your heart and remember the times you had and the things that you saw over the last 6 years. I took my time for granted, didn't go on many trips, didn't make more money due to laziness and thinking it will always be there and now a lot of us sit in limbo with what to do. Congrats on the job and best of luck to you in life.
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  14. best of luck, probably a wise decision long-term. maybe we'll be back in a few years.
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  15. Gl, Exactly what the_snail said. hope it works out and I guess if online gets back up and running cash games are always an option :)
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  16. GL sir one of the nicest people I ever met in poker. I also am likely going to the real job and going to play as a hobby.
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  17. GL OP, I've always been a fan of yours.
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  18. GL in RL for you and all the americans victim of their governements craziness
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