P5s Exclusive Series on PokerStars - $12k Cash Added!
  1. P5ers,

    It's been a long time since we've had an event like this, and we're excited to be going live with it.

    We're going to be running a series of six private tournaments on PokerStars over the next few months, exclusively for P5s members, and a corresponding leaderboard. The total added prizes will amount to $12k!

    If you don't yet have an account on PokerStars, please sign one up through P5s link to help support this kind of contest:

    Get $30 free and a $600 deposit bonus - Play Now

    The first tournament will be on June 27th. Here is the full schedule, along with buy ins and added prizes:

    June 27th: $5.50 buy in, $1,000 added
    August 1st: $5.50 buy in, $1,000 added
    Sept 5th: $5.50 buy in, $1,500 added
    Oct. 3rd: $11 buy in, $2,000 added
    Nov. 7th: $1k FREEROLL - Only members who've played in each of the first four tournaments will be invited
    Nov. 14th: $11 buy in FINAL, $2,500 added

    In addition, we will have a $3,000 leaderboard for this competition, which will be based on the PocketFives Leaderboard formula and based solely on the results of these tournaments (freeroll not included). Anyone who is a P5s member and has their PokerStars (ROW) screen name in their profile will automatically be eligible for this leaderboard by playing in the series.

    Leaderboard payouts will be:

    1st - $1,000
    2nd - $600
    3rd - $400
    4th - $250
    5th - $150
    6th - $150
    7th - $150
    8th - $100
    9th - $100
    10th - $100

    Sign up for PokerStars and get $30 free

    The winner of the leaderboard and the final event will each get a custom forum badge in addition to their winnings!

    Passwords for each tournament will be emailed to our members 2 days before the tournament is played.

    Looking forward to the series.


    See the leaderboard: https://www.pocketfives.com/contest/...rstars/signup/
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  2. good news)
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    Originally Posted by slimxl View Post

    good news)

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  4. Hey 1SBINLET1, sorry but I removed the video. I really don't want that in the middle of this thread, and it's not germane to the topic. That kind of stuff is fine for OT though.

    Understand about wanting more in the US, believe me we want that more than anything
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  5. TY , I will play them all.
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  6. Hi,
    I joined PocketFives yesterday. Can I still receive password for 1st event?
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  7. HY, can i get email with password? Thanks
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  8. Hi, can i get email with password? Thanks!
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  9. Can someone post the password here? I have unsubcribed to pocketfives a while back..
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  10. what´s the password?
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  11. Hey all - we're not allowing the password to be posted in the forums. We'll try to get in touch with everyone directly who asks for it here, but you can also email support@pocketfives.com or PM kevmath for the password
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  13. Hi, I am new here in the community and therefore didn't have a chance to get the password by e-mail. Could you send me the password also? Thanks.
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  14. Can I get the password?
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  15. Where is the password?
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  16. Can I get the password? Thanks!
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  17. Hey Adam, will you be updating Leaderboard in this thread during the series?
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  18. Hi, yes, and we have a leaderboard page set up that we need to get filled in today. I will link it as soon as it's ready!

    Thanks to everyone who played in the first event!
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  19. Can I be eligible for this leaderboard without adding my PokerStars screen name (buldos) to profile?
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    Originally Posted by ololo View Post

    Can I be eligible for this leaderboard without adding my PokerStars screen name (buldos) to profile?

    You'd need to add it in order to be eligible for prizes at the end.
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  21. I won the first, gl all ;) !
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  22. Will we have a page to follow the leaderboard?
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  23. Yes, sorry, we've been a little behind on getting that up but will have it up very soon. The page is actually there, just gotta get the content in there and get the tournament result inputted into the system. Probably tomorrow
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  26. can you pls email me the pass word. thx
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  27. can you pls send me a email with pass word thx.
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  28. An email with the password will be emailed to members a few days before the August 1 tournament.
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  29. Emails went out yesterday with the password. If you didn't get one, feel free to post here and the password will be sent to you in private message.

    The second event is tomorrow, make sure you get in!

    Also, for those of you who played event 1, don't forget that there's a $1,000 freeroll in November for anyone who plays in all of the first 4 events. It should be a pretty small player pool and great value, so make sure you play all four events to get your entry!
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  30. This is really cool. Good luck to all those participating!
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