1. So I haven't played on-line poker in a couple of years after cashing out due to a string of bad luck and paranoid about not getting large amounts of cash out. In my junk e-mail I saw an advertisement from ignition about a freeroll tournament last Tuesday. I played it and won $1.31. On ignition there aren't very many games to choose to build a freeroll so I played the 0.05/0.10 limit cash game. I got as low as 50 cents and got my money all in and it held up. Currently I am sitting at $11.04 just playing the low limit game and taking a couple of shots at a $1 SNG. Playing mostly stronger hands and suited connectors in position. I know the complaint in years past is that all low limit players do is chase and get lucky. This is still true but they are still easy to read for the most part and can get away from hands without sacrificing two "big" bets to see it. Since I now have 110 BB's going to try to get to 300 BB's and practice proper bankroll management since it is extremely difficult to try to get money on any poker sites from the US. This is actually a lot more fun to do than the days of 1/2 or 2/4 NL and getting into a hole quickly if you have a string of bad luck. I will let you know how it goes. I will try to get to the 20K goal that Chris Ferguson had back in the day. Might take a while (hopefully not years) but we shall see how it goes. Have a great week everyone.
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  2. Thanks, matthew30!
    Can I find out which freeroll tournament you played? And how it goes now?
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