1. I am normally a $5 tournament player and had a lot of recent luck. Went on a 6 day streak where I either got 1st, chopped at final table, made final table or cashed for $100 or more. I unfortunately had to cash out most of my money but wanted to give a bigger tournament a try. I tried to win my way in using satellites but haven't had any success other than the Big $55. That is my situation... here are my Q's:

    1)what do you think are the best satellites to the big tournaments?
    2)which tournament would you suggest as far as value and competition goes?

    I would really like to try just one if for no other reason than just to see what it's like and how much better the competition is. I do realize that I am not ready to play them consistently (unless I win my 1st try)
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  2. The competition will be better, you will probably play scared due to higher buy in and more perceived risk, not trying to be a dick just being factual. GL no matter what you do.
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  3. Yes, I realize that! That's why I want to get in using a satellite... I think I am going to wait until the SCOOP and enter a tournament with slow-normal blind structures are 10k starting stack. I tend to do much better in Deepstack events!
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  4. Play the Big 22 it is getting over 10k to first with the new 2hr late reg, The Big 55 is a great tourney too...dont play scared just play normal, tight pre ante, open up more when antes come in and try to not call anything in the SB or BB ( OOP)
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  5. i you play better deep stacked then id suggest playing the 22 1r 1a rebuy straight away and always add on.....it will cost you $62 but it plays alot deeper than the big $55 and although its tougher than the big $55 its still very weak...most players cant play well deep stacked

    also the $5 2r 1a tourneys are really really weak and pay like $3k ftw and like $5.5k ftw in the later one...i would suggest playing them instead and always double rebuy straight away and add on. thats just my 4.8 cents
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  6. thank you for the suggestions... the big 55 I had TERRIBLE luck with AA first hand vs. KK sucked out on and something similar second time.... thank you for the advice with the rebuys... the do play deeper and it is something I never consider. Are the players in the $10-$20 rebuys less likely to open shove every hand than the 1-5 rebuys? Because it is annoying watching people blow through 50 bucks going all in every hand until they hit 30k in chips.... is that not happening in the higher ones?

    just noticed the 2R 1A part... ya they cant keep rebuying..got it
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  7. the $11.70 double shootout satellites to the Sunday Million are pretty good value, especially when the 1st table can be 5, or maybe 6 players, and then the 2nd table pays top 2 to the milly!
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  8. ya that is the one I bubbled in!!! thanks
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  9. dont play daily mid-high stakes tourneys. def ok to sat into the milly every week! for the daily tourneys, with all the huge prize pools in low buy in tourneys there's really no need to start playing the big 55 without being able to afford it.
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  10. disagree with redicerap aka mr false , the mid stake daily tourneys are a great way to show your skillz and improve your game
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  11. He's a $5 player u moron. Honestly P5s it's about time to ban that moron forever! Just look at all the other posts he makes. Guess it's just a stupid attempt to be funny or something.

    And i dont rly talk about this post, i talk about opening all the threads im interested in and seeing stupid replies from that guy. Cant u troll in some other forum? Sure u think it's entertaining but it really isnt for the most part. I mean OP wants to hear answers and i gave him one. How can u say he should improve his skills by jumping from $5 tourneys into $50 tourneys? Mr false... Come on man u really destroying these threads because people start talking to u and a normal thread becomes a thread about ur trolling.
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  12. Satellites with 1 entrance are a suckers game. 9 man satellites aren't great either assuming theres only 1 entrance.
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  13. I like the ones where like 1/5 1/10 get in... I can usually make it to that point.
    I think I have solved my problem and thank everyone who posted again.
    I am selling % of the buy in to friends and I am going to represent us in the tournament and then split the winnings (if any) according to what everyone put up. I forget what you call that... boy I sound like a rookie (cause I am one!). Anyways, that will give me a chance to play it and see how I like it and not spend too too much money! Problem solved!
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  14. your selling action?
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  15. the nightly 30K is def the softest

    if a fish like me can almost bink it, anyone can
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  16. I used to grind the 11.70 double shootouts late at night. There full of donks if you can pay good short handed making the ft is really easy.
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  17. i think you should play as high as you can during the week

    only way to learn imo
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    Originally Posted by random.chu View Post

    i think you should play as high as you can during the week

    only way to learn imo

    thats what i did deposit $600 empty it on $50-$200's busto it redeposit, repeat until credit card maxed, then week to week after every paycheck repeat again, get lucky bink something u have no place being in, repeat 1 more time, now learn to play and steady ship, easy imo.

    in all seriousness, if u wanna take shots at $50 freezeouts, ur better off doing it on ongame or partypoker, Smaller fields still 3kish to ship generally which i still assume is quite a bit for the level your currently at, Better than trying to compete in a minefield and discouraging yourself as it is likely you wont go deep due to the variance in big field tournies.
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  19. I tried first option but not THAT crazy about 4 years ago... I have smartened up big time. What I did was to get a feeling I sold pieces of myself and played the Sunday Million. I didn't cash and found myself busto since it was 3/4 of my bankroll at the time and my stakers paid me in cash. I guess I cashed out which was good. I have since decided that I am not going to bother taking any shots at the tournaments that are way above my bankroll... it is stupid... If I am going to win I can win low stakes and move up slowly. I am sticking with $11 and under or maybe $5.50 2R1A (won one yesterday) until proper bankroll management allows me to play the big ones... Variance is a bitch but its just so tough to win enough money to live off of playing the micros!!!!
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  20. weird enough i find 5$ mtts much harder than the big tournaments, noones scared in low mtts, its one big minefield. Respect for whom ever won the big 5,50 on this site
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