PocketFives Open on 9/17 - NJ only - $1,500+ Added!
  1. The PocketFives Open is back this week for our New Jersey members and anyone else who happens to be in the state this weekend.

    The latest installment of our long-running series will, as usual, net a profile badge to the winner. It also features $1,000 in added cash at the final table, $500 in bounties, and loads of P5s gear and Tournament Poker Edge memberships!

    Here are the details:

    Date: Sunday, September 17th, 2017
    Time: 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time
    Buy In: $10
    Password: PALA55

    PocketFives users can get an extra FREE $25 in cash at Pala Poker, on top of the standard $50 welcome package and 100% first deposit bonus up to $500.

    Sign up for Pala Poker here, and enter promotional code P5BETA to take advantage of this extra $25 offer - details are in this thread.

    Five P5ers will have bounties on their heads in this event (P5s name - Pala Poker name):

    jaybone2315 - covfefe
    JohnnnyDrama - JohnnyBananas
    RicanPhenom - Shoryuken
    No_Xcape - Chilly Willy
    RedSoxNets5 - RedsoxNets5

    Knock any of these 5 players out and you'll get $50 in cash, $50 in tournament dollars, a P5s gear item of your choice (t-shirt or hoodie) and a free month at Tournament Poker Edge!

    Additionally, all players who reach the final table and/or have a finishing position in the tournament with a 5 in it (15th, 25th, 52nd, etc.) will receive a P5s gear item of their choice and a free month of Tournament Poker Edge!

    Don't forget to enter promo code P5BETA if you're making a new account to get an extra free $25 in cash after completing your first 1,250 in status points ($25 in rake).

    Sign up for Pala Poker and play the P5s Open!

    • P5s gear is limited to one item per tournament entrant
    • Tournament Poker Edge is limited to one free month per tournament entrant
    • P5s gear preferences are subject to availability
    • Pala Poker is only available to players who are physically in New Jersey throughout the duration of their play on the site
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  2. Can't wait! Should be fun
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  3. Excellent!-- look forward to playing if I can.
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  4. Guess I'll have to reinstall Pala this weekend. Did they sync breaks on the :55s yet?
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    Originally Posted by odi420 View Post

    Guess I'll have to reinstall Pala this weekend. Did they sync breaks on the :55s yet?

    Not yet. hopefully soon. Kills me when I have 6+ MTTs going that all go on break and the Pala MTT is still runninng. I just end up sitting out..lol
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  6. ill be there
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  7. Please tell your friends, guys! We want as many players as possible, and it will encourage Pala to invest more in these kinds of promotions! We're hoping to do live tournament seats and things like that in the future
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  8. Just tried to register Adam. No form of PALA55 as the password will let me register.
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  9. Let me correct that. the password is definetly case sensitive on their paradise poker circa 1999 software. It's (Pala55) not PALA55 not pala55 it has to be "Pala55". No offense but the fact that _ wasnt an accepeted password symbol but / was shoulda told me something. Im gonna play just for you Adam, but their software is fuckn straight up garbage.
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  10. They're fixing it to PALA55. Sorry about that and thanks for letting me know.

    Re: software, they just had a release and I've heard it's much improved

    And thanks Odi - appreciate you!
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  11. Hey all - the password issue is fixed. Can someone register and let me know it worked?

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  12. Please let us know if you have any issues registering
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  13. About 4:50 pm booted and cant find lobby....cry
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  14. Unfortunately, the tournament has been cancelled due to technical issues. Players will be refunded their buy-in based on their tournament cancellation policy:


    If a tournament is cancelled PalaPoker.com will refund each remaining player their tournament fee, and then divide up the prize pool based on the following formula:

    50% of the award pool is distributed evenly among all remaining players
    50% of the award pool is distributed proportionally according to the chip count

    We're working with Pala to determine how to distribute the $1,500 and hope to have an answer shortly.
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  15. Hey everyone. Here is an update on the P5s Open.

    First off, we're really sorry about the tournament being cancelled. Obviously this wasn't something P5s could control, but we were really excited about the event and bummed out that it didn't get to play out. We want to make it right!

    Here are a few things that are being done to resolve the situation, and thanks to everyone for your patience the last day or so.

    1. Everyone who got knocked out before the tourney was cancelled is getting their entry refunded.

    2. The prize pool - not including added money - was distributed per Pala's policy on this kind of situation. 50% was distributed evenly among all remaining players, and 50% was distributed based on chip counts.

    3. Pala is giving every person who entered this tournament an additional $20 in tournament dollars on the site.

    4. We'll be rescheduling this tournament for a date to be announced soon. When it's rescheduled, it will have an additional $500 in added tournament dollars on top of everything else that was added for the original. So there will be $1,000 in cash added to the prize pool, $500 in extra added tournament dollars and $500 in bounties. This tournament's date will be announced soon, once we're assured the bug has been fixed that caused the issue this time around. I'd expect to run it in the next few weeks though, and we'll give everyone ample notice.
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  16. Thanks for everything that P5s does Adam! Guys, lets try and get 200 in for the next time they run this!
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  17. 200, now that would be something :)

    Hope to be able to announce a date soon
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