1. Pokerstars.ES forced me to change my username, I can't update it on my profile page though, I get a message saying I should e-mail to support@pocketfives.com.
    I e-mailed them twice in the past two weeks but they keep on ignoring me, any ideas what I can do?
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  2. Yea I got bounce backs from that email address as well. Trying sending a message to Kevin Mathers.
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  3. I don't get bounce backs, they just ignore my e-mails. Thanks for reaching out to Kevin Mathers.
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  4. Sorry for missing the email, I've made that change to your PokerStars.es screenname.
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  5. No worries, thanks a lot! :)
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  6. Hi Kevin,

    I am facing the same problem and I have emailed twice about the same. Can you please check?
    Additionally, there is an error regarding PLB scores that has been detailed in my email. Can you please look into this?

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