1. Thanks Mike, unfortunately the tournament was about a week ago and I don't believe the reported to P5s correctly.
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    Originally Posted by ceddy View Post

    Thanks Mike, unfortunately the tournament was about a week ago and I don't believe the reported to P5s correctly.

    Still possible that PocketFives hasn't posted from the feed yeat (WPN feeds have been slow at times) but if you want to do your best to make certain this score is posted, you should contact PocketFives support (link below).

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  3. Thanks again Mike. I went ahead and sent them a message.
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    Originally Posted by EA2USN View Post

    WPN Results for 2/25 & 2/26 do not appear? Specifically the Saturday 12 Pack -*$1,000 GTD tourny Id # 7020534

    Still has not posted. These just posted to sharkscope after a long delay there also. Any chance we can get them or get them from shark scope?
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  5. Is anyone interested in creating a petition asking Carbon to send feeds again? I know it will most likely be ineffective, but, would like to have some sort of organized movement to show Carbon that our results info is important to us. Personally, I feel that if they are simply done with feeds (and won't reinstate their note taking feature on players at the virtual felt) that removing funds from Carbon would be justified, and impactful if many players followed suit. Any interest? Players? Moderators?
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  6. Looking like a dead issue huh?
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  7. ive been waiting nearly 3 weeks for a couple of 888 scores to show including a win, also emailed P5's twice and scores not showing and no response yet from p5's :(
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  8. Not seeing scores from BetVictor on the Microgaming network, from a few days ago.
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  9. If anyone is still missing any tournaments that are at least three business days old, please shoot me a PM, email support@pocketfives.com or click on the Contact Us button.

    For New Jersey tournaments, the date, site and tournament name are important (if you have your place finished and how much, this might help as well).

    For the rest of the world, the date, site and tournament ID are the key pieces of information we ask for.
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  10. Withdrew all funds from Carbon. On to ACR full time!
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  11. I sent 3 e mails weeks ago about something and never got a response. Also what day do rankings update as it doesn't seem to have happened this week?
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  12. wpn scores non existant?
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  13. Anyone work here now? Have used contact us and direct e-mail + PM's about missing scores and not had a reply.
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