1. This month's featured guest on the PocketFives Podcast will be Chris Big Huni Hunichen, who took down the pokerstars Sunday 500 over the weekend for $68,780 (his second career victory in that event). At the time of this post, Chris is ranked #21 worldwide in online tournament play.

    Our interview will take place Thursday, February 16th. We will focus on Big Huni's online poker career, his tournament cashes and life in Costa Rica. If you would like to submit a question for Chris, please do so by posting in this thread by Wednesday, February 15th.
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  2. 1- What is your favorite non-premium hand to 3bet with?

    2- What kind of internet hook up do ya'll have in Coco?

    2- Why did you never respond to my PM reply back in 2010? :(
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  3. how is his time schedule in Costa Rica ? at what hour does he start grinding etc etc and with what players does he hang out/grind there
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  4. What size of bankroll did he start with?

    Did he start by grinding the micros & sngs or did he deposit a substantial sum of money to play the mid / high levels?
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  5. Congrats on one of the sickest runs ever lately!

    What do u feel u do different compared to other HSMTT-regs? Its pretty insane how u just crush everything/everyone right now.
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  6. Who is the best furniture assembly person in Raleigh, NC?

    What effect will the arrival of The Lab Rat have on your BAC on a daily basis?

    Which do you miss more...Tommy's Sunday breakfast sammiches or Bojangles?
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  7. What is your favorite bankroll builder?

    Pepsi or Coke?
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  8. How many mtt's have you shipped lifetime?
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  9. Why do you ball so hard motha fuckas want to find you (in Costa Rica)?
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  10. wug average bac while playing birds?
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  11. How many times/ session does Otter complain about the runbad?

    How is the nightlife/ food there?

    What do you think is the new movement in MTT play? ie. 3betting light a few years back
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  12. Are you backed by Daize? If not, who backs you? What's the biggest change in your game since moving that allows for so much success (or is it just the ease of fields post BF)? Do you think grinding tourneys online from the US is really worth it anymore, or players should focus on cash games more?...or, is it pretty impossible to even consider either option?
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  13. Old Friend here, probably have grinded with Huni more then anyone else. I have one question. Do you intend on putting the Volume in to take a serious run at the #1 spot on P5s?

    I know you got it in you!
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  14. Wug thoughts on Tisha S. game, have a feeling moving to costa has been one of the best time/decisions of your life, and with such a sick crew both off and on the tbls, is there been one thing that huss/dave that you mite have picked up that they do diff, Ps congrats on getting lemke for vegas house he is the fucking man and one of my fav ppl on earth even the few times weve chilled ...anyways imma try to get down there before wsop, if not see you nigs out in vegas.
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  15. congratz on the sick run!
    what did u do with the 100$ u won from my prop bet?
    seems like since I shipped the $$$ you started to win everything.
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  16. 1. Did you miss the 3-4-5+ bet battles we used to have before you fell in love :)

    2. If you had to vote off everyone from the Costa Rican island except one grizzly who do you keep and why?

    3. Kill one, Back one, Lose HU to one in WSOP ME..From the CR crew..Go

    Still randomly check up on how people are doing and happy to see you doing well. Wish we could've chatted more before BF.

    Oh and the Saturday $300 run is redic, keep up the crush
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  17. who will reach #1 first, you or ImDaNuts?

    when do you plan to stop drinking alcohol if you ever do? what effect will stopping have on your bird game?

    do you think you would ever have this success if you didnt bring dog kali girl with you everywhere you go?

    hussshussss you da best. keep crushing bro
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  18. 1) What changes to your game have you made since moving to Costa Rica?
    2) How many times on average per session do you still try to "Huni shove" someone?
    3) Name 3 regs that give you the hardest time at your tables?
    4) if you could grind a sunday session with one reg that you havent grinded with before who would it be and why?
    5) Average bar tab per night out in Costa Rica? Highest bar tab for one night in your life?
    6) Your favorite drunk moment involving me after all these years?

    Thanks for everything Chris you've been the most helpful and influental person in my poker career. keep the scores coming
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  19. When you aren't playing poker in Costa Rica, what are you doing? Are you playing any golf down there?
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  20. What is your favorite memory since moving to Costa Rica?
    Who is the most laxxed out of all the bears?
    How long can you hold out before you open the door, Huuunnnniii?
    Where do you see yourself living after the series?
    Hows it feel to be the best?
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    Originally Posted by The Lab Rat View Post

    6) Your favorite drunk moment involving me after all these years?

    you throwing up on yourself while railing
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  22. What part of your game did you think you adjusted the most to become elite.. Early game Mid game End game, All of it?
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  23. How have you adjusted to life in Costa Rica?

    How has the online game changed since Black Friday? Do you find it easier, harder and why?

    What advice can you give to someone that wants to make the move outside of the US to get back online?

    Are you planning to return to the US if online poker becomes legal again?

    Good luck in Brazil, I saw you won a package!!!

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