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  1. I love twitter. Realkidpoker and Fakegushansen fav to read.!/nutbreakerLA
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  2. Really just started up with this twitter phenomenon. Figured why the hell not. Pretty blah right but if you feel like checking it out I will be keeping a regular update of the live poker scene here in Florida. Also leaving for The Borgata tomorrow and playing the 6max and WPT Main Event. Hopefully a nice run of hands to be posted :)!/JustinLBMerrill
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  3. @dwainphoenix
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  4. Twitter- @RonMorandini
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  5. I follow sites...I follow pokernews and betcruise on twitter
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  6. Follow me on my journey to 2nd place finishes in live tourneys!
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  7. I'm looking for players who blog there live poker stats, so post links to blog if you are or know anyone.

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  8. already posted my twitter ITT, but recently committed to blogging
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    Originally Posted by random.chu View Post

    already posted my twitter ITT, but recently committed to blogging

    into ... not in to ... into.
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  10.!/WywrotX - Mostly non-poker related tweeting
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  11. Twitter
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  12. @pokerlifejax
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  13. New Stable Blog run by Jambeyang and Thawright:

    Team JambeWright
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  14. Link to my poker blog: Contains Trip Reports and Online updates

    Catch up! new blog post coming soon :)

    Spraggs's Poker Blog
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  15. @ DapperDan - fun blog, bookmarked it, and good luck ;)
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    @ DapperDan - fun blog, bookmarked it, and good luck ;)

    Thanx m8 :)
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  17. I know this was a thread a while back but I thought I'd make an update thread for everyone who tweets about live events, bad beats, or whatever else poker related.

    Whats your username, and what poker players do you follow?
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  19. @azegallo
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  20. Yesterday = 500th follower at

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  21. arzcardzfan@twitter
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    Hey old friend.

    One of the best 'under the radar' poker players out there. Also one of the nicest guys in the poker community.
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  23. @constantcolorup

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  24. @Hollisterb22_IC
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