Poker people on twitter/ cool blogs
  1. @SavePluto9
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  2. @TristanCre8ive
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  3. I do quite a bit of tweeting about my journey through the micros/low stakes - @kevframe
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  4. @kidduke10
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  5. @SquidPoker
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  6. @ruperte
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  7. @UnreaLJamiL
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  8. @_alee24
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  9. not skimming thru 4 pages but lil daves blog is the abs nuts
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    If anyone is interested in following the ramblings of a guy who goes to West Point, please feel free to follow me as I continue to blog my journey. I admit that I don't talk about poker very often simply because I don't play enough to make this feasible (although, trust me, I'm a huge PLO enthusiast and try to grind out 20 hour sessions whenever I find the opportunity), but if you're intrigued, I'd love to include you amongst my audience. I'm an aspiring writer (and poker player, someday), looking to expand the number of readers I have. Thanks.
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  11. @UNCGPoker I could use more poker players to follow/follow myself. I tweet every now and then about poker and general life as a newly married man looking to start a new life post black friday
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    Originally Posted by kevlar View Post

    I do quite a bit of tweeting about my journey through the micros/low stakes - @kevframe

    Def this. I followed you, and everyone else on this page.

    Me @Rich_Rodrigo

    Need more poker discussion on my timeline.
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  13. @4to1dog
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  14. @omahoff311

    Withered merge and Lock tweets
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  15. @willy_bolda if you wanna see moaning/tilting tweets and learn when I have the occasional deep run in something like MM, also a big sports fan so plenty of that to

    @MITHPoker @OnTheMac can be pretty interesting as well, Matts grinding his way up well and tweets lots about poker and has a blog, Jesse has some big runs live and online
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  16. Hey guys,

    I recently started blogging about poker initially to keep a journal and help keep me motivated about my poker challenge from $30 in January to being able to live off my earnings in poker. But alot of my readers had no interest or understanding in poker and I'd very much like to share ideas and opinions with like minded poker players. So please read and leave a comment.
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    Originally Posted by MakeMeMaster View Post

    WHOA! Where the hell have you been?! Are you still playing online at all?
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    Originally Posted by MakeMeMaster View Post

    How to go from super happy to crushed in 5seconds :(

    Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!

    Thanks for noticing—we're going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon.
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    Originally Posted by WEC View Post

    Hey old friend.

    One of the best 'under the radar' poker players out there. Also one of the nicest guys in the poker community.

    Best guy ever and the very reason i started playing mtt poker!!!!

    My blogs: Includes some 2008 stuff when i really had not a clue!
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  20. Meh, rarely use it but @supra1988t
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  21. twitter @cracker76


    Also I have a blog here on P5s.
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  22. @adzizzy
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    follow for rants on sports and some poker analysis
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  24. I am writing a blog that combines my love of poker with my weight loss journey after having weight loss surgery. I hope you enjoy it.

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  25. @Farrellb89
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    Thought I would share an interview with a buddy of mine who's done pretty well playing in the $300 - $600 Deepstack Tourneys. He started from nowhere and now hits Vegas nearly every month with good results. Finishes ahead consistently.
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  27. @C7tweetz
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    My apologies if this belongs in another forum,
    especially the one which no one seems to visit anymore.
    This commentary (by me) concerns a general approach to games, poker included,
    along with their significance to understanding life.
    Responses can be made to the link above,
    or here.
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  29. Hey guys I just opened up a new you tube channel to help players improve there game.

    Now you might be wondering why I am doing this. Last year I was robbed being robbed by a close "friend" I met here on p5s who lived in my city. I trusted him and a few other people who were life drainers. My health and finances quickly depleted. I went from hero to zero.

    Instead of giving up and letting this pain define me I want to turn it into my power.

    If any of my videos provide you value, please drop a comment, like and subscribe.

    Thank you & have a wonderful day.
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  30. Good morning all,

    I'm a full-time MTT grinder from Wirral in the UK, mainly playing on Party Poker. I've recently started creating highlight videos but i've not yet plugged them as it were. Could someone kindly guide me as to the best way to gain maximum exposure from these?

    Having only 13 subs I haven't been able to personalise the address yet but it's:

    Many thanks in advance,

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