1. 10 min now in several mitts. Anybody else?
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  2. same here
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  3. down for me aswell..
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  4. Me too, I had 8 mtt including a WCOOP Phase 1, Recently I can enter (not play) and I'm alive only at 6.
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  5. Same here.
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  6. down for over 1hr for me
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  7. Of course it happens on a Sunday when there are tons of players online and tons of major MTTs. Shame.
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  8. same here. do they refund based on chip chop or the full buy in?
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  9. They put the tournaments in pause like an hour later of having problems
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  10. yes.. and i suddenly am out of 2 mtt wihtouth playing a hand and I had am avg stack (not posible for me to have blinded out)
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